Pecan Street Brewing

Pecan Street Brewing

106 East Pecan Dr.

Johnson City, TX 78636



Welcome to Pecan Street Brewing, the newest Brew Pub in the heart of the Texas hill county.  Pecan Street Brewing is the vision of Tim & Patty Elliott, who purchased the building in 2008 with the dream of giving the Johnson City icon new life.  Tim & Patty met at the Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, where Patty was a barmaid and Tim the house handyman.  There they fell in love through their shared appreciation for the finer things in life- good food, live music, and a nice cold beer to wash it all down.  I guess you could say not much has changed…

Tim & Patty decided to return to the hill country after living in Houston  where they ran a successful blending and packaging company.  They are still blending, but this time it is artisanal beers, hand-crafted by their Brewer, Sean Elliott.  Sean honed his craft studying in Europe as well as the US, and of course through much experimenting and “testing.”  He never seemed to be at a loss for beer testers though, proof that his “trial and error” period was a lot more trial and very little error.  Sean is joined by John Yachimski, the Head Chef for Pecan Street Brewing and mastermind behind the ever-changing menu of brick-oven pizzas, fresh salads, and burgers loaded with fresh and local ingredients.

Pecan Street Brewing is a place where you can meet and make friends while relaxing in a casual atmosphere, just like they did in the old days.  It is located in the center of town in the old Blanco County Supply building, which was established in the early 50’s.  Originally it was a hardware and supply store and unofficially the gathering place where folks would get together, drink coffee and swap stories about the goings-on about town.  Now the gathering continues but the beverage of choice is a nice cold one, to be enjoyed in the restaurant, beer garden or while dancing to one of the many live bands featured every weekend.

We hope you will make Pecan Street Brewing your new “Third Place”- a place for you to go other than work or home, where you can gather, connect and get loose with friends.  Just want to shoot the breeze?  No problem- just come on in, make yourself at home and indulge in a game of dominos or pool because this is your “Third Place.”

Holiday Ale

Screw Loose Blonde

Ten Penny Nail

Judge & Jury Stout

Catcher In The Wheat

County Jail Pale Ale

Jackalope Brown Ale

Ladybird’s Wit