Date for Hire (Companions for Hire, #0.5) By Noelle Adams

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This book is a prequel for the series Companions for Hire about a company that offers dates for women in several occasions that are needed. Aurora and her brother Weston are in charge of this company and she is a 34-year-old woman who was married before and is jadded for relationships.
However, she always had a soft spot for Mike, one of her employees and a college professor. She needs a date to take her to NYC for a banquet and take the opportunity.

Little did they know that it would change their life forever! Their chemistry is undeniable but Aurora is still afraid of her emotions. Mike is super in love and it is so lovely to see him head over hells for Aurora.

The book is almost a novella, short but sweet.

I love it! Romance, Contemporary **My thanks to the author for providing me with a free copy for an honest review**

This is a sweet prequel novella to a new series and focuses on one of the partners of a companion agency needing a date for an awards ceremony she is going to. She therefore needs to ask on of her employees, one she has happened to have liked since he started at the agency three years ago.

Mike has also liked Aurora for the last three years and is stoked that he may finally get his chance with Aurora, however after getting close together Aurora gets scared and Mike backs off. It is only with the help of her brother and business partner that Aurora finally sees sense that she really does want a relationship with Mike.

We get a good epilogue of six months later and the scene is certainly set up for the first character in the new series as he is asked to accept a booking for six months with will pay him handsomly. Romance, Contemporary I enjoyed this friends to lovers romance! Aurora and her brother run a 'companions for hire' business and one of their regulars is Mike, a down to earth, regular guy whom Aurora has a crush on. When she needs a date for an awards banquet where she is the beneficiary she hires Mike to be her date for the event, but while they are away on the weekend the sparks fly and they share some sexy times. But they have to own up to their mutual attraction to get their well deserved HEA. It's a sweet and sexy romance with likable, friendly characters - just what I expect from this author.

Note: a copy of this story was provided by the author. Romance, Contemporary Short and sweet.

Note: Ends at 90% and the rest is an excerpt. Romance, Contemporary I enjoy all Noelle's books. This is a short, simply written novella, but she manages to fit in a lot of feels and great characters. Romance, Contemporary


I gobbled up this escort-to-lovers novella. They both secretly had feelings for each other all along! Gets me every time.

Characters: Aurora is the 34 year old white co-founder of Companions for Hire. Mike is a white escort working on his PhD in wildlife conservation science in his 30s. This is set in Atlanta and NYC.

Content notes: anxiety, past divorce (FMC), FMC’s ex-husband was fatphobic, MMC’s ex-girlfriend cheated, on page sex, alcohol, ableist language, mention of past dieting Romance, Contemporary A very charming friends to lovers short story with a fake dating/hired companion trope... looking forward to this series Romance, Contemporary 2 stars

I love Noelle Adams but this just wasn't it.

I read it a while ago and from what I remember it didn't work for me because the guy was too shy and too boring.

And I wasn't a big fan of the girl and I think I paused somewhere in the middle with the intention of finishing it later but I never did.
And I don't feel like doing it now.
Maybe in some distant future.

Hence the 2 stars. Romance, Contemporary ReRead:
This was a fast reread but still just as enjoyable as before. Perfect for a few minutes of free time or when you just need a fix for this particular trope.

Original Review:
Loved this quick little look at the beginning of a new series. Anything to do with marriage/engagement/relationships that are based on convenience and an exchange of cash is totally my thing. Aurora has had a thing for Mike and when the situation arises, she hires him for a trip with hopes that something more will come of it.

This doesn’t have Mike’s point of view, but as all of Ms. Adams’ single point of view books do, this one is more than capable of getting his feelings across to the reader. I love that about this author.

This is very short so there isn’t really any plot here but with just a few scenes we learn quite a bit about these characters. I would love to have more but I’m hoping we’ll see them in the future series. Despite being short in length, this is long on sizzle without consuming the story. I absolutely loved everything about this!

Heroine POV
Triggers Romance, Contemporary This is too short to make anything out of it. Still, I spend a few enjoyable hours reading it. Romance, Contemporary

Aurora might run a successful business with her brother that offers companions for hire, but she's never used the service herself--until she needs an easy date for an important banquet in New York. She fortunately knows just the man for the job. Mike O'Dell. He's cute and smart and funny and good-hearted, and she's been into him for all the years he's worked for her company. Now's the time to make her move. What could go wrong with hiring him as her date for the weekend?

An early version of Date for Hire was published in the AUSTRALIA charity anthology. It has since been expanded by 45%. Date for Hire (Companions for Hire, #0.5)