The Finance Book: Understand the numbers even if youre not a finance professional : Stuart, Warner, Si, Hussain By Warner Stuart


Shortlisted in the 'Practical Manager' category for the 2018 Management Book of the Year prize by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and the British Library. Translated into three languages. Continual Best Seller () ‘Business Book of the Month’ on publication (WH Smith). No knowledge required The book is purposefully designed to be quick and easy to use with no previous knowledge required to comprehend the concepts. We “tell you what you need to know” to quickly “get up to speed” in core finance concepts. A key feature of this book is that you do not have read it from cover to cover to make sense of finance. Each chapter is written as a “standalone” topic. This enables you to dip in and dip out of chapters. Further, we have taken otherwise complex topics and broken them down into key concepts that are explained in concise, easy to read sections. Practitioners not academics Whilst not an academic book, it is also not a “simplistic” book. It is a practical book because it has been written by practitioners. We include throughout this book our first hand personal experiences gained from working in businesses across many industries and sectors, rather than replicating knowledge from academia. In addition, the authors have spent countless hours instructing, teaching and training thousands of professionals from disciplines including marketing, sales, production, administration, HR and legal. Focused on business application The overwhelming majority of finance books available are better suited to trainee accountants because they take an academic approach to finance. Whilst necessary for accountants, they immerse the reader in the “detail”. The Finance Book is written for non finance people like you. It is aimed at those who work or aspire to work in business. It will help professionals in business or thinking about a career in business including board directors, business managers, MBA students, graduates and undergraduates. Your book, your journey To make the book easy to read, we have used a consistent format across chapters. Within each chapter there are multiple cross references (and links) to other relevant chapters as they occur. This will enable you to review chapters and make connections relevant to you. Allow your curiosity to determine your path through the book. THE KNOWLEDGE AND TOOLS EVERY PROFESSIONAL NEEDS, TO MAKE BETTER DECISIONS FOR THEIR BUSINESS 'Essential reading for any non finance ‭professional. This is an easy to read and ‭practical guide to the world of finance.’ ‭Paul Herman, Group CEO, Bluebox ‭Corporate Finance ‭‘A really helpful, well organised and easy to ‭understand primer and reference book for ‭those who aren’t accountants but still need ‭to understand the accounts.’ ‭Roger Siddle, Chairman, Cordium Group ‘A great book. At last, a guide that ‭demystifies and encourages business ‭owners to practically understand financial ‭matters. A must read.’ ‭Gordon Vater CEO, RiiG Limited The Finance Book: Understand the numbers even if youre not a finance professional : Stuart, Warner, Si, Hussain

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What a great book, simple, concise but covers everything I can think of about finance and book keeping for managers.I haven't done book keeping for awhile and bought it to bring me up to date and as a revision for a course. I'm super impressed that it seems to cover everything and then some. Young adult fantasy This book is perfect for people in a general management job and needing to sharpen up on their financial understanding. It explains all the fundamentals in a clear and easy to understand way, using examples and highlighting what to look out for to enable decision making. A great book that will live on my desk for easy reference. Young adult fantasy I bought this book to help me with my MBA and with work.I’m not someone who enjoys reading equations and finance, but this book is such an easy read and makes everything so simple.The writing is great and the layout is perfect.Highly recommend. Young adult fantasy I found this book incredibly helpful. I am studying towards my CAT qualification, and I found this information helped to recap areas covered by BPP and online lectures. It’s also helping me in my current job looking into financial statements and areas which could be risky. I think this will be referred to frequently Young adult fantasy A well sequenced overview of the complex mechanisms / terms of corporate finance. Si Hussain has distilled the confusing behemoth into neat, digestible chunks of precise information for anyone who wants clarity, step by step, from the bottom up. And made things even accessible because the short, precise chapters are levelled sloping swimming pool stylie:(Shallow) Each chapter begins with a five second nutshell definition for the the drop in artiste / recapper.(Medium) Brief but clear five minute extension of relevant details follows. For businessfolk who have ten minutes to clarify exactly what key terms mean – and what effects them for that important meeting after lunch.(Deep) Further Short extension of real world examples, complexities and historical details for the necessary situation for in depth planners.A potent and well ordered dictionary that you can drop into lazer tailored to the reader's desires; I am sure that were I a business professional I would want this book to hand as a dictionary for frequent dipping into. Young adult fantasy