Professional Development (Benchmarks, #1) By Kate Canterbary

I like a good hate to love, but the hero in this was just so mean to the heroine and I would NEVER be able to deal with that. Maybe it's because this is contemporary about two people who work in education and I couldn't help but think of myself in that situation. It was the cliche he hates her because he's so into her thing, which I didn't love. And it turned so insta-love so quickly, but I guess you need that in such a short book. I just had a hard time enjoying this one. 2940162811831 3.5 Full Spectrum of Hate Stars ⭐

Oh, the pain because I didn’t love this. Professional Development could’ve been awesome but just missed the mark. If this story had time for a plot development, it would’ve been as great as one of my all-time favourites book, The Hating Game. I’m not one to compare, but these two characters sincerely hated each other. Not dislike, more move out of my way before I go to prison hate…

I'd wanted to unload the fires of hell upon this douche canoe every day for the past two years.

Two years of working together and sharing the role as co-deans at Bayside School, Drew and Tara aren’t any closer to even tolerating one another. They can barely look at each other and working in the same proximity is driving them both to extreme pettiness and madness. After a forced intervention, they are sent to a conference together.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't live in a simple world.

I lived in a world where I wanted my colleague so much, I plowed all the way through lust and came out the other side in the deep end of resentment.

Deep down Drew knows he’s in over his head. It’s easier for him to hold onto his animosity than admit he likes Tara. So instead he acts out, which in turn gets the same reaction from Tara. And let me assure you, the hate was believable.

The premise of this story was fab, and the dialogue sharp and witty as expected. Unfortunately, it just resolved itself too quickly. The good news is that I did enjoy Tara dishing out retribution, especially in the bedroom and Drew maintaining his shitty personality even once they got together. Cos once a grump, always a grump!

If you want me—

That is not a question, I murmured with a pointed glance at the tent in my trousers.

—then you need to earn me.

You're talking to a classic overachiever. You better believe I can earn you.
2940162811831 4 stars!

Originally published in the Holiday Ever After anthology – now with additional content

A delicious enemies-to-lovers romance between two work colleagues, this short story is fun with lots of chemistry.

Drew and Tara are the co-deans at an elementary school (the same school run by Lauren from The Walshes series - book #1, Underneath It All). Their constant bickering and blatant animosity has become too much for their boss, and they are sent away to attend a seminar together with an ultimatum to get their professional relationship straightened out.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't live in a simple world.
I lived in a world where I wanted my colleague so much, I plowed all the way through lust and came out the other side in the deep end of resentment.

An awkward road trip leads to all sorts of hilarious monologing as the two enemies lament their situation, and we begin to see that not all is as it seems.

The entire situation was bad enough but after we’d stopped at a sandwich shop for a quick meal, he’d rolled his shirtsleeves up to his elbows and drove the remainder of the distance with bare forearms.
The audacity of that fucker. Really.

A blizzard, a one-bed cabin in the snow and an emotional breakthrough later, and they find themselves coming to an unexpected, exciting and most welcome breakthrough together.

“I don't want to think about the terrible things I've said to you and the inexcusable way I've behaved. I know what I've done. I want to pretend I'm allowed to love you and maybe, in some wild version of my life, you love me too.

I loved this little story. It’s short and fast-moving, but Canterbary still manages to create two wonderful characters and pack in loads of chemistry, emotion and passion.

4 stars.

An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

2940162811831 A cute novella. Introducing a new series - about teachers, maybe? This first one is anyway. It's connected to the Walsh series because it's two teachers from the school Lauren Walsh started. I quite like the idea of the story, but it suffers from the typical novella difficulties of feeling a little rushed and insta-lovey and lacking sufficient character development. A quick, easy read, but I would rather have read a novel-length version. 2940162811831 Rivals to lovers and very spicy 2940162811831

Tara Treloff and Drew Larsen hate each other.

They really hate each other.

This would be fine except for the issue of them sharing a job title
...and an office
...and now a five-hour-long drive to a conference their boss has made mandatory to resolve their issues.

And they would've been able to muddle through all of those matters but a major snowstorm is heading their way
...and there's only one bed. Professional Development (Benchmarks, #1)

I lived in a world where I wanted my colleague so much, I plowed all the way through lust and came out the other side in the deep end of resentment.

If you loved The Hating Game, then you are going to love this!! Even tho this is a short novella, it really developed their relationship well. The banter was immaculate and the PINING!! This was such a fun read.

Tropes include:
- enemies to lovers but really I've been in love with you since I saw you
- one bed
- pining
- grumpy sunshine
- office romance 2940162811831 That Thin Line Between Love and Hate

Professional Development is a sharp, salty, steamy read. Tara and Drew share a title and an office and a contentious relationship. Yet, everything is not as it seems between these two. Then Lauren Walsh and mother nature intervene. Stranded during a blizzard, both tempers and passion flare. The heat between Tara and Drew is like a bonfire. It's intense and mesmerizing. As always, Ms. Walsh brought vulnerability, passion, and emotions to a head. This is a robust love story that left my heart full. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book in The Benchmark Series! 2940162811831 The saying there's a fine line between love and hate is so very true in the story of Drew and Tara. To say they are rival coworkers is putting it mildly. The banter between these two is smart, sharp, and witty. You can feel the passion (both love and hate) leap off the page. There's a lot packed into this novella. These characters are captivating from the start. You just know there is more to them from the first few pages. It is a quick read and so very worth it. Since this is the beginning of The Benchmark Series, we are introduced to several new characters at the Bayside School. This tiny taste already has me excited for what's to come! Another fabulous book by this author. 2940162811831 I thought this was a really well developed novella. For such a short length I really bought into the hate to love arc, and it truly felt like hate to love not just dislike to love. For me though the first half was 5 stars but the second half was 3 stars. Once the h and H got together everything happened so fast, and then there was a big time jump. That being said for a novella I thought the author was able to pack in a lot. 2940162811831 Short and sweet, I was hoping for a bit more than that, it had no sooner started than it was all over. Still ok, but not as good as the Walsh series.
Complete story, available on ku. 2940162811831

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