Texas BIG Beer Brewery

Texas BIG Beer Brewery

400 Country Rd 3136

Buna, TX 77612 

 The Texas BIG BEER Brewery is a small brewery located in Southeast Texas out in the woods just South of the Big Thicket. Owned and operated by John & Tammy McKissack, our goal is to start up a small debt free brewery with no pressure to brew more beer, just to make more money to pay to some bank! Brewing great beer is a craft, which should be appreciated, enjoyed and savored. We believe that if we live a simple life, make wise decisions, put in an honest days work and brew the best craft beer we can, the bottom line should take care of itself.  We hope you will visit our brewery when we are up and running, so we can let you sample our beer and tell us what you think. And depending on how busy we are at the time, maybe we can kick back and chew the fat and shoot the breeze. If we are busy, we may put you to work brewing great craft beer and sample the finished product.

Big Ass Blonde; 9%ABV

The Dominator 12.5% ABV

Texas Wildfire