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craft beer week

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American Craft Beer Week

Posted on 11 May 2013 by Admin - Mike Cortez

craft beer week

The 2013 American Craft Beer Week officially kicks off on Monday May 13- 19th. The event is to promote the craft breweries across the nation that have worked hard to give us options when it comes to beer. It also spotlights the art and the craft of beer and the people that brew it. No matter what state you are in you will find events all week long celebrating craft beer and here in Texas the list seems to be growing. Be sure to get out and support your local brewers and raise a pint to those that honor the long tradition of brewing. Click the link below and find an event near you.


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Summer Beer Cocktails

Posted on 03 May 2013 by Admin - Mike Cortez

Beer snobs read no further. This article is sure to turn a few stomachs but for others it’s pure brilliance.

With the Texas heat wave quickly approaching there’s no better time to relax on a patio with a cold beer. Thankfully being in Texas we have so many great breweries crafting out some great light seasonal beers to enjoy in the upcoming sweltering weather. Today a great article posted on BuzzFeed offers suggestions for making beer cocktails. While none of the recipes call for Texas beers, there’s no reason why we can’t improvise.

I can hear the beer snobs cursing me for the idea of mixing anything with a beer but why not? Sometimes it’s nice to try something different plus you can use some of the recipes to make a punch and use less of your good beer during parties. Check out the link below for the recipes.


Click above for the article

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