Seize Me from Darkness (Pierced Hearts, #4) By Cari Silverwood

This book is part of a dark kinky fiction series and may disturb some readers.

In this dirty, bloody world we live in, the answers to prayers aren't always pretty angels.

Retaken by human traffickers, Jazmine's one hope is ex-cop, ex-mercenary, Pieter, a man with a glower that stops lesser men in their tracks.

She prays he can save her.

But this savior is far from perfect and his flaws may prove as devastating to Jazmine as the torture of her captors.

The fire of dominance never dies. Seize Me from Darkness (Pierced Hearts, #4)

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Seize me From Darkness by Cari Silverwood is a Dark Erotic reader’s absolute paradise! This will provoke so many emotions out of you it���s ridiculous! It played out like a sensual horror movie in my mind, having me cringe at one point, and biting my lip the next. I was conflicted at the beginning and after finishing the book, I have to say, I’m still fucking conflicted! Oh Ms. Silverwood knows how to mess with my mind so good! She consistently delivers in this genre, and even though, in my mind, there was only a smidgen of romance in this read, it still stimulated my senses to the core.

A woman in grave danger, and a man who pulled her out of HELL, only to stick her in HIS version of HELL. Intriguing isn’t it? There are bad people in this world. Bad people who thrive on hurting other people. Pieter is the lesser evil, or so you think. There are two sides to Pieter’s dominance. On one side, he is protective, caring, and somewhat gentle. On the other side, the side that eventually gains complete control, is cold and domineering to no end. One minutes you are swooning over this man, and the next, you just want to kick the ever-living shit out of him. Some of the words that he spewed, had me flinching and steaming at the same time. See what I mean about being conflicted? But in the end, I find myself yearning for that kind of dominance, that kind of control over my mind and body. I can’t explain it. It just is.

Jazmine is the victim of this story, right? Not entirely. Of course you feel sick for her, for what she has been through, but she has secrets too. Those secrets led her to where she is now. She can deny her feelings and her cravings for dominance all she wants, but deep down, she knows, what Pieter is offering her, is exactly what she needs.

These two took my heart and my mind on a freaking joy ride! I still have thoughts running through my head that I can’t quite put together. But a story that can make my head spin, my heart clench, and my cheeks blush, well let’s just say it deserves no less than 5 fucking stars!

With pain comes pleasure, and with pleasure comes pain. They can both deny it all they want. Make excuses for their behaviors, blame it on the ugliness that is in this world and what they have been through. But in the end, it is what they both need, what they both hunger for, and what they both ache for. While they were both held as prisoners, even with all the ugliness, all the torture, all the pain, Pieter tried to bring in some beauty, helping Jazmine to escape reality and use her imagination to take them to a better place. Keep that man, that savior, that version of him in the back of your mind at all times while reading this book. That man who constantly told her to ‘Never give up. Never give in.’ THAT is the man you will fall in love with.

*Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Review will post on Shayna Renee's Spicy Reads closer to release date! 9781310777097 From the beginning of this story, I was immediately sucked in. The world I was thrown into was dark and left me desperate to turn the pages to see what would happen next. And I wasn't disappointed.

I loved Pieter almost immediately. He's a sadist (my favorite!)and a damn good one at that. He does have a tender side, which I enjoyed reading about, too, and it leveled him out perfectly. I couldn't stop myself from wanting to know how he'd bring Jazmine around. He had quite the battle, but there's nothing he can't handle.

Jazmine's character I was able to relate to very well. She's strong, and endures things most women would have crumbled from. To see how she is at the very end and how they grow throughout was amazing.

Oh, did I mention the erotica and BDSM is off the charts HOT! Yeah, Cari Silverwood did a smoking job. I was left fanning myself more times than I can count.

If you're looking for a dark romance, this is it right here. I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

*I was provided an ARC for an honest review.* --Alaska Angelini
9781310777097 Jazmine & Pieter are captured trying to escape human traffickers (which occurred at the end of Make Me Yours Evermore) and brought to Papua, New Guinea where an even more psychotic sadistic jailer awaits. Their fates were sealed until a mysterious 'client' decides otherwise making use of Pieter's skills as a sadist Dom. They are allowed to live as long as Pieter entertains him using Jazmine as his muse though 'The Client' makes it known that once the entertainment factor runs it's course they'll be retired, in a permanent way.

* * * *

Warning: this is a dark BDSM erotica read that features scenes by a sadist Dom. It includes elements including extreme impact play, blood play, emotional play, dub-non consent, violence, and WILL be a trigger for those who are sensitive to non-con sadomasochism. Consider yourself warned.

This is a standalone installment that picks up where Make Me Yours Evermore left off but with a totally independent story line. It's likely if you're a fan of Deadly Captive, you'll probably enjoy this book as it has the same flavor to it. That actually concerned me until I saw a quoted recommendation by Bianca Sommerland herself at the beginning of Seize Me From Darkness praising it.

While the majority of focus is on the BDSM/erotica scenes, there is a degree of suspense and mystery that challenges the reader to figure out the who/what/when/where that are going on behind the scenes. So I guess I'd classify this in the erotica suspense thriller category.

I can't stress enough that this is a book for fans of dark fantasy capture reads who can appreciate dub/non-con elements. It's not a fairy tale romance featuring a white knight sort of hero. Pieter is a sadist Dom who is forced to make difficult decisions if he and Jazmine are to live But, unlike the 'others' in this book, he does have core principles and needs that satisfied my inner conscious when it screamed out in fury. Never give Up. Never give in.

I do have to say that what I thought would be a capture/release/HEA-HFN story surprised me when the author included an additional surprise twist that added more suspense any mystery to things though I'm sure part of that was to set the stage for the next installment in the series Own Me Until Forever. Regardless, I totally appreciated that secondary story wave though it frustrated the heck out of me as I thought I had things all figured out. Sneaky sneaky Ms. Author.

As I'm one who loves dark and the more erotic the better reads I totally enjoyed myself (though squirming and wincing were more the norm) though I'd never ever want to be in Jasmine's shoes but YKINMKBYKIOK.


Never give up. Never give in.

The Pierced Hearts series is one of my all time favorites! I love that in each installment the characters have different dynamics in their relationships... no two submissive and Dominant are the same! Seize Me from Darkness definitely has the most frustrating couple out of the series but a whole new dynamic to explore.

After a failed escape in Make Me Yours Evermore Jazmine and Pieter are back and this time they're both held captive. The man orchestrating everything, Gregor, is sadistic and brutal and makes Pieter perform shows in front of The Client. Pieter is extremely fond of Jazmine and struggles to keep them both as safe as possible in an impossible situation. As time passes Pieter cannot stomach ever letting Jazmine go...will he get to keep her? Or is she just too strong-willed to break?


I enjoyed Pieter's character but he's not one of my favorites in the series. He's strong, powerful, and dominating- yet in his own words...obsessive. Obsessive to the point of making the reader cringe and you just want to yell at him

Definition of a BRAT. She's stubborn, distrusting, and a very self-centered individual as we learned how she got where she was. I became exasperated in her at times as she wouldn't let Pieter in at all. The hopeless romantic in me wanted her to at least swoon a little for the man who would kill for her, protect her, and always looks out for her.

The best part of the book! I don't know why...I usually don't like the overly sadistic Dominant characters but for some crazy reason I loved Gregor. I just FELT there was a good story behind he got to where he was...the why...and whether or not he could be softened. I wanted book five to be all about him *stomps foot*

Overall, a solid five star read for me- steamy scenes, a little angst, gore, and romance- everything a dark erotic fan could ask for! I highly recommend this book and it can be read as a standalone but if you start earlier in the Pierced Hearts series I'd recommend reading #1-3 in order. And now I will patiently wait for the last installment! 9781310777097 This is the story of Pieter and Jazmine. Its dark erotica, and I wouldn't class it as BDSM, even though bondage, dominance, submission, sadism and masochism all occur in the book.

Lets talk about the characters first. Pieter is a bad, bad man. He's cold, calculating, domineering, murderous and speaks with an afrikaaner accent. I am not a normal girl, obviously, and it shouldn't surprise anyone that I loved Pieter. I would have submitted fully and completely to him instantly, unlike Jazmine. He was great. I am not all for the tortured hero thing, but Pieter is pretty ok with who he is, outside of a few musings here and there.

Jazmine is a bad, bad girl. She's a liar, a bitch, a manipulator, and a tease. She's cold, in many of the same ways Pieter is, too. Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, it flows through her, also, and she spends a good portion of the book denying herself, and her feelings. I still liked her, though I honestly couldn't understand a lot of things about her. As I said above, I'd have happily submitted to Pieter immediately, even more so in the circumstances, but she made things harder for both of them, for modesty? Societal mores? I'm not even sure. Still, she was not just your normal cookie cutter BDSM/Dark Erotica heroine and for that I am more than grateful!

The plot picks up where the previous novel, Make Me Yours Evermore left off. It was pretty straightforward in what was happening, but it definitely added dramatic tension, and I really liked it.

The sex in Cari Silverwood's work is always smoking hot, and this was no exception. Even though I wished Jazmine submitted much earlier, the D/s was almost as hot as the sex, and that is equally important to me, if not more so.

This whole series has been excellent, but this was one of the better entries, in my opinion.

***ARC received in return for an honest review***


Holy heck this really fell into the darkest depths of all that is bad and wrong but somehow right too. It's pitch black and really shouldn't manage to be sexy but it totally does. I think barbed wire is still a hard limit for me though 😂. I really liked Jazmine, she was such a complex individual with her inner turmoil, her conflicting feelings, her growth and eventually her serene acceptance of what brought her joy and peace. I think she's mad - but it worked for her!

As many others have mentioned the book has two parts. One where both Jazmine and Pieter are captives, the other where he is the captor and she his confused captive. Whilst Pieter did (and enjoyed doing) some very bad things to Jazmine when they were both held captive, those actions could almost be justified. The little we heard/saw of him in Make Me Yours Evermore had endeared him to me and, even though he enjoyed the torture he was forced into inflicting on Jazmine during the first part of the book, he still felt like a knight in tarnished armour.

When he and Jazmine are alone on the island I found him harder to like, any morals he may have had seemed to wash away with the tide and burn up in the heat of the sun. There were occasions during this time period when I really didn't want him to get the girl. He's also very much a sadist, and even though Jazmine was obviously a masochist, personally I found some of the punishments more horrifying than sexy. That's me though, and another day I'd probably feel totally different about it.

I found the part of the story involving the fisherman particularly hard to read, though it was important in revealing the true extent of just how far he would go to keep Jazmine. And somehow the author managed to redeem him a little bit by the end, and leave me content that he DID get his HEA with Jazmine. 9781310777097 Available here :~

9781310777097 (It is recommended that you read the series in order if you want to get the whole picture, the characters and events in Seize Me from Darkness are first introduced in book 3).

I didn't want to write a review, I just wanted to start reading book 5 because...Moghul and Glass, but I need to pay homage to Pieter.

Pieter, you magnificent beast, you are the true Punisher.

In order to avoid spoilers I can just say that in the first part of the book Pieter and Jazmine are prisoners of human traffickers lead by a terrifying monster, Gregor. Although Pieter has a past of killing and he's a sadist, Gregor is soulless, he tortures, maims and kills without remorse.

Now Pieter...he is a man obsessed. The small bit of conscience he had gets obliterated by his obsession with Jazmine. He won't stop until he makes her completely his. His punishments go past edgy, the edge here is at the top of a bottomless cliff with a dollop of non-con and dub-con. The saving element is that Jazmine is apparently a masochist although she didn't know it, otherwise the sadism involved would have been cringe-worthy.

All the MMCs in the series go through a transition where their choice takes them to do unthinkable things motivated by their relentless desire to possess the heroines. Pieter just takes it a step further in his savagery, he bulldozes his way into Jazmine's heart in the way of ruthless punishments.

I've heard most fans of this series have chosen Klaus as their favorite but for me Pieter is my idol so far. Am I a masochist at heart? Because he made me pant when he was at his worst. This book should come with a red alert warning due to the hotness of the sex scenes (the read alert claxon from Star Trek TNG). Ms Silverwood sure has a talent to create the most deliciously sadistic monsters.

Be advised that this is no chocolate and flowers romance, this is more like I'm-going-to -make- you-bleed-because-you-are-mine-and-you-will-take-it/ PC rules get nuked and obliterated kind of story.

Ah, there's a HEA. 😄 Pieter, I love you! ❤😍 9781310777097

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Well, this is yet another deliciously dark Cari Silverwood mindfuck.and probably the darkest story to date of the Pierced Hearts series. I’ve spent the last week in Cari’s twisted, perverted little world and I have to confess that I have loved every freaking second of it. I know that there are a lot of dark erotica junkies out there and, trust me, this series is going to help satiate that burning hunger you all have. You will love this – seriously deviant kink. very dubious consent, real asshole ‘heroes’ and it definitely pushes my boundaries.

I confess that, a week ago, I was just going to read this one book not having read the rest of the series. I was assured that this one works perfectly well as a standalone and I have to agree that it does but the minute I picked up the book, I knew I was going to love it and I felt like I’d started watching a really great film having missed the first hour. My curiosity really got the better of me and I was delighted to find I already had book one in the Make Me Anthology and off I went, never to be quite the same. Ever again!

Seize Me From Darkness, picks up pretty much where book 3 left off. Pieter, the south African guard has freed some girls from sex slavery before they could be caught because he has a thing for one of them, Jazmine but they were rapidly recaptured, shackled and shipped off to Papua New Guinea. They’re thrown together but a Client has already put in an order for Jazmine and now Pieter has to torture her for show for this client otherwise they will do it themselves. And far worse.

I shook her head with my fist. “I have to pretend to be hard on you. Trust me. I’m going to...” Not fuck, don’t say that to her youdomkop. “To make love to you. No matter what I say or do, remember, I care.”

I felt so sorry for Pieter – despite definitely not being a good man, the man has more than just skeletons in his closet, he is being forced and coerced into being the villain he so doesn’t want to be. He’s forced to commit extreme and perverted acts of violence on the woman he has come to care for to save her from a far worse fate. But he’s also a sadist dom and can’t help but be aroused by what he is doing too,

If I got off on this, I’d be one step closer to the gutter.

He is forced to subject Jazmine to ever more sadistic torture and he disgusts himself by becoming so aroused by it. It calls to his natural sadist, his basest desires even though it abhors him to hurt her and harm her on the command of their captors. It’s a curious juxtaposition as Pieter both hates and loves what he has to do. He knows it’s wrong but is it all something he wouldn’t have done himself to his own submissive masochistic slave if he had one?

And, just when I thought Cari Silverwood had finally served us up a truly noble hero in Pieter, he does after all risk life and limb for her, he unleashes his asshole tendencies in full force in the second half of the book which takes a decidedly different direction from the first. I definitely didn’t expect the story to take this turn but, holy smokes, it’s HOT when it does as Pieter is given the opportunity to fully command Jazmine’s submission.

It’s easy to see Jazmine as the victim in this story and, for the most part she is, but she’s definitely no innocent. Something she has done in the past has definitely contributed to the situation she now finds herself in and she will lie and cheat to try and keep that hidden. She first appears as a lost kitten but she’s much more of a tigress as you get to know more about her. Her submission will not be easily given.

This was just pure complicated brilliance. I know this is definitely nowhere near a traditional love story but there is love to be found here – it’s a dark, twisted and painful love but it is there. Throughout their time in captivity, I just adored Pieter and how he used his considerable dom skills to calm and reassure Jazmine despite her instinctive terror at the violence and torture she has endured.

Cari Silverwood has a new fan in me – she’s another author that I’m going to be watching for in the future when I need that fix of dark erotica to ease that wicked desire in me that craves this genre. She repeatedly threw out the big guns with her complicated disturbed and flawed characters. No one is truly good or pure and everyone has a dark side just waiting to be unleashed. I feel like I’ve definitely taken a journey with her with this series. I wonder, after the S&M style theme of book 1 if she really knew at the time just how dark she was going to take this or whether or not the whole series just evolved out of her imagination. What a wicked place that must be and I can’t wait to see what she’s cooking up next and there is to be a book 5, Own Me Until Forever. Can’t bloody wait!

This whole series has been completely consuming and I couldn’t put this down once I had started and, as always, I chastise myself for it but, I just have to accept that dark erotica really does work for me even though I know it probably shouldn’t. I have a mantra that I repeat to myself when a book delves so dark I find myself deeply disturbed – it’s only fiction!

4.5 deliciously dark stars

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9781310777097 Be still my beating heart....damn beating might not be the correct word to use here!!

This is one of my absolute favorite series. I highly recommend it to all lovers of wonderfully crafted, delightfully dark, slightly disturbing, erotic reads.

Be warned though, this story is NOT for the faint of heart, it contains some very dark elements. I would NOT recommend it to anyone with an aversion to stories containing dubious consent.