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The Year of Texas Beer Festivals!

Posted on 13 March 2012 by Admin - Mike Cortez

Spring time is here in Texas. Bluebonnets are blooming and people are coming out from their winter hibernation. With spring time comes old Texas festivals and small town bazaars but this year Texas is going to see a huge wave of beer festivals. No more kiddy carnival rides and funnel cakes, ok well maybe there might be some funnel cakes but these festivals are only for the adults. What is better than sipping on delicious craft beer as the Texas temperatures begin to rise? From March till June there is a beer festival going on every month. The best part is the different beer festivals are in different areas of Texas for the most part, so it gives attendees a chance to sample some great beer without having to travel a long distance. Beer festivals were almost nonexistent a few years ago and with a big movement and demand for craft beer people have decided they were tired of wasting their money on flavorless fizzy beer. The demand for new beers has been a big reason beer festivals are starting to pop up across the state and to the people that are dedicating their time to support the craft of good beer we salute you.


Austin Beer Festival- March 31st (Austin, TX)


Big Texas Beer Fest- April 14th (Dallas, TX)


Texas Beer Festival- April 28th (Houston, TX)


North Texas Beer Festival- May 12th (Irving, TX)


Houston Beer Fest- June 9th (Houston, TX)


Brewmasters International Beer Festival- August 31st – September 2nd (Galveston, TX)

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