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The Brew 7/23

Posted on 24 July 2015 by Admin - Mike Cortez

This week in, The Brew! We talk about a great event that supports a very special cause, we let you know how you can help a local brewery stay cool and then we give you the heads up about a couple new beer releases. Next week we have a bunch of events to announce and the list keeps on growing. Until then, enjoy this weeks edition of, The Brew!


Austin – Austin based Hops & Grain Brewery are hosting the Bike Affair Fiesta Part II this weekend to raise funds and awareness for the 1400 Miles organization. The 1400 Miles is a nonprofit organization that aims to spark the difficult conversation with stubborn men about prostate health and members annually ride their bicycles from Austin to Denver, Colorado leading up to the Great American Beer Festival. The Bike Affair Fiesta Part II is just one of the many events leading up to the ride. The Bike Affair is a 4-part series that will be held at the Hops & Grain Brewery. Tickets are $15 and get you a half-pint Hops & Grain glass along with 4 tickets for your choice of fills. Half of the proceeds from ticket sales will benefit 1400 Miles, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Click here for tickets and more information.


Richmond – If you know anything about Texas it is that the summer temps are scorching. Sometimes it feels nearly impossible to beat the heat and it is even worse for many breweries. On brew days the temps inside of the brewery can really become unbearable. Texian Brewing Company in Richmond is looking for help to fund their new Big Ass Fan to help keep them and their guests cool during the summer months. They have setup a GoFund me page to help cover the cost of the new fan and you can score some nice stuff for helping them out and supporting their brewery. For more information and to make a contribution. Please click here.

Adelberts beer

New Beer – With summer in full swing, it is time for the release of new beers that pair with the warmer seasoned temperatures. Lucky for you, we have the heads up about some great new beers you should check out.

  • Adelbert’sCastaway Blonde Ale – Belgian Blonde Ale (6.7%)
    This crisp, refreshing blonde ale is the perfect beer for summer sipping. Hints of honey and peach blend with Sladek hops to bring forth a bright and balanced Belgian ale. It pairs well with caprese salad, grilled shrimp, spicy Thai, and french fries.


  • New Braunfels Brewing Company Spread Eagle – Dark Farmhouse Table Beer
    Spread Eagle makes use of a centuries old brewing technique known as Parti-gyle brewing, still used regularly in Europe. Essentially, instead of using all of our mash run-off from our weizenbock, Shiva’s Tears, we use the ‘last runnings’ to create a smaller, lower alcohol beer. This is a more efficient use of our grains and results in two distinctly different beers. Spread Eagle is bottle-conditioned with freshly-brewed wort and allowed time to condition in the bottle prior to release. The resulting beer is very dry with nuances of dark malts presented in a light, flavorful blend of tart acidity and toasted chocolate.

As always, if you’re looking to get out this weekend we suggest you visit a local brewery, don’t forget that we have a list of all of the breweries near you so head over to the Breweries and Brewpubs page and go support your local brewers.

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