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The Brew 1/23

Posted on 24 January 2014 by Admin - Mike Cortez

This week in The Brew, We put a spotlight on Austin for an article I wrote for the Trillist. We say goodbye to a fairly new brewpub and lastly, we see what new beer is hitting the market and keeping fans guessing.

Whip In

Austin – Craft beer, as you may have heard (because you are so trend savvy), it’s everywhere and it’s delicious. But one of the biggest downsides to the whole craft thing is that fledgling breweries don’t always have the funds for bottling and canning their beers, so they opt for the cheaper route of kegging. So, how do you get your favorite new brew to take home? Growlers, obviously! From a modest 750ml to a mighty 66oz, they’re there to help you transport that brew in bulk to share with friends and family. Actually, who are we kidding, you probably aren’t sharing. Nonetheless, here are the prime spots in Austin to get your literal fill. Check out the rest of the article here:


Bastop – Just after the horrific wild fires that ravaged the city of Bastrop in 2011, construction began on the Bastrop Brewhouse. They officially opened the summer of 2012 offering a great selection of craft beer, good food and live music. Unfortunately, just shy of two years the Bastrop Brewhouse has closed their doors. While it’s always sad to lose a local watering hole, owner Michael Candelario plans to change the game and focus only on beer. While there is nothing solid in the works as of yet, Candelario does plan to get back to brewing soon. For now we can only wait for the news and wish all of his staff at the Bastrop Brewhouse the best.


Austin – Award winning brewers, Hops and Grain are releasing their Greenhouse IPA. Events have been going on all week in Austin for the release of the new beer which is going to keep their fans on their toes. The 7.6% ABV IPA is going to be a tongue twister because Hops and Grain has 18 different recipes along with a different varity of hops they will use to dry hop the beer. They plan to release a different one every month and a half under the same name and label. So what’s different? According to their website…

           ” After brewing over 18 different versions of the Greenhouse IPA on our Greenhouse 3bbl pilot system, we decided upon the canned version, a light copper-hued IPA grain bill that delivers a hefty, lasting foam head and just a hint of malt flavor to balance out the generous hopping. This IPA, however, is unlike any other, as every month we will release the brew to the marketplace with a very noticeable change in aroma and flavor. This is strictly due to the fact that we will utilize different hop varieties for each release of the Greenhouse IPA, but with the same grain bill, water profile, yeast strain and kettle hop additions. One release per month, 300 cases per year,12 releases per year with each smelling and tasting different from the last.”

Be sure to head over to their website for more information about the beer and the release parties going on this week in Austin,

As always, if you’re looking to get out this weekend we suggest you visit a local brewery, don’t forget that we have a list of all of the breweries near you so head over to the Breweries and Brewpubs page and go support your local brewers.


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