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The Brew 1/15

Posted on 16 January 2015 by Admin - Mike Cortez

This week in The Brew! We have a lot of news coming from all across Texas. First up, we see what brewery’s recipe is going to be featured by a popular homebrewing line, we see what brewery is being use at a national chain restaurant, we see who is jumping on the canning bandwagon, we see what brewery is looking update their taproom and tell you how you can help. Lastly, we have a quick rundown of new beers hitting the market. Just a quick reminder, due to bad weather last week, Branchline Brewing Co. in San Antonio has rescheduled their 2yr anniversary for this weekend. We recommend getting your tickets now if you plan on attending by clicking here.


Sherman – If you aren’t familiar with 903 Brewers then there is a good chance that you don’t live in north Texas. They are located in the small town of Sherman close to the Texas-Oklahoma border and they have been brewing since 2013. Owners, Jeremy and Natalie Roberts have been putting out some great beers like Crackin’ Up Pecan Porter and Sasquatch Chocolate Milk Stout for the last couple of years but due to their size, they keep their distribution centered around north Texas. Soon however, many will come to know 903 Brewers because they signed a deal with Mr. Beer, the “world’s #1 beer kit”. Mr. Beer is releasing a Craft Beer Series of recipes and they will be releasing a clone for Sugar on Top IPA. If you are looking to get into home brewing, this is a great chance to brew and see if your beer comes out as good as 903 Brewers. The kits are set to be released nationwide within the next couple of weeks. Let’s hope we can get 903’s beers across the state just as soon.


Fort Worth – As the north Texas beer scene continues to explode, news broke this weekend that Rahr & Son Brewing Co. is being featured by national chain restaurant Chili’s. The Dallas-based restaurant is launching a new “Fresh Tex” menu which will feature dishes that are truly Texan. The one that has us most excited is their baby back ribs slathered in a sauce made with Rahr & Sons summer seasonal, Summertime Wheat. The new menu will debut nation-wide at Chili’s locations starting January 19th. I hope this will eventually result in more Texas beer being featured at chain restaurants.


AustinIndependence Brewing Company has come a long way since their start in 2001 and after their brewery expansion last year along with a larger brewhouse, they neglected to update their old tap room. With the new year in full swing, Independence Brewing is looking to make their taproom a more enjoyable place for their patrons and they are reaching out to the community for help. On Tuesday, they put out the word on their Facebook page that they are raising funds using the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo and giving donors the opportunity to snag some great stuff for their support. They have until the stroke of midnight on February 10th to raise their goal of $35K so head over to their IndieGoGo page to show your support for this great brewery!


HoustonSaint Arnold has long been a brewing force in the Texas craft beer scene. Last year they celebrated their 20th anniversary and they are starting off this year with a changeup. Today, owner Brock Wagner unveiled the plans for their new packaging. By the end of February you will be able to pick up 12oz six-pack cans of their Fancy Lawnmower and Santo. Southern Star Brewing Co was the first brewery in Texas to package their beer in cans and it has quickly become a popular means of packaging that many other breweries have followed. While many will go back and forth on their opinions about cans, I personally find it to be great for summers at the beach, backyard pool or even for floating the river.


New Beer – Since last week’s edition of The Brew, a lot of breweries have announced their upcoming new releases. Here is a short breakdown of what’s hitting the market soon. Be sure to spread the word once you see them on shelves and taps across Texas.

  • 5 Stones Artisan Brewery
    • Back From Bridge City – It is a 6.3% ABV, 60 IBU White IPA brewed with grapefruit juice, zest and coriander.
    • Heavens To Murgatroid – American Wheat Ale brewed with Texas Prickly Pear
    • Reserva Piña – They take their roasted jalapeno and pineapple blonde ale and aged it in tequila soaked wood chips for 45 days.
  • Saint Arnold Brewing Company
    • Bishop’s Barrel No. 8 – The beer was originally released as Divine Reserve No. 5 back in 2007. The Russian Imperial Stout for the Bishop’s Barrel No. 8 was brewed back in 2013 and has been aging in Woodford Reserve bourbon barrels since.
    • Divine Reserve No. 15 – Marked to be released on Monday January 26th, the Divine Reserve No. 15 will be the same Russian Imperial Stout as the Bishop’s Barrel No. 8 but will not be barrel aged.
  • Jester King Brewery
    • World’s Worst Twin – In a collaboration with Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø of Evil Twin Brewing. It is a 5.5% ABV oak barrel fermented farmhouse ale re-fermented with blueberries. It will be released Friday 1/16 at the brewery.


    • Guadalupe Brewing Co.
      • Apple Pie Texas Honey Ale – They used their popular Texas Honey Ale and threw in some apples and spices to make this delicious 8.54% ABV treat.
      • Rye IPA – The 6.11% ABV Rye IPA is brewed using Rye and crystal malt with a blend of spicy hops.
  • Revolver Brewing
    • Fracker Barrel One – Revolver has taken their beloved winter stout, Mothers Little Fracker, and aged it in red wine barrels for over a year then blended it with a younger stout to create Fracker Barrel One.


  • Martin House Brewing
    • Kafkaesque – It is a 10.3% ABV Imperial Smoked Black Rye Oaked Raspberry IPA. According to Martin House, this beer started off as an imperial IPA then they took it a step further to create this beast of a beer.

As always, if you’re looking to get out this weekend we suggest you visit a local brewery, don’t forget that we have a list of all of the breweries near you so head over to the Breweries and Brewpubs page and go support your local brewers.

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