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Summer Beer Cocktails

Posted on 03 May 2013 by Admin - Mike Cortez

Beer snobs read no further. This article is sure to turn a few stomachs but for others it’s pure brilliance.

With the Texas heat wave quickly approaching there’s no better time to relax on a patio with a cold beer. Thankfully being in Texas we have so many great breweries crafting out some great light seasonal beers to enjoy in the upcoming sweltering weather. Today a great article posted on BuzzFeed offers suggestions for making beer cocktails. While none of the recipes call for Texas beers, there’s no reason why we can’t improvise.

I can hear the beer snobs cursing me for the idea of mixing anything with a beer but why not? Sometimes it’s nice to try something different plus you can use some of the recipes to make a punch and use less of your good beer during parties. Check out the link below for the recipes.


Click above for the article

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