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Kickstarting A Brewery

Posted on 23 April 2012 by Admin - Mike Cortez

A few years ago websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo took the web by storm. The premise of the websites was to give people the platform to talk about their projects and ask for help funding their start up. From artists to philanthropist, people would post videos and talk about what makes their project different than others and why you should invest in their start up. Users would create a window of time to raise the money for their start up and if they did not meet their goal amount then all of the money would be returned to the investors. Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have helped so many people fund their start ups so why wouldn’t it work for a brewer? Borrowing money from the bank to start up a brewery isn’t the easiest thing to do and there isn’t much support currently to help brewers live their dream. That’s why they have turned to the internet to help make their beer brewing dreams a reality.

Last week the deadline on the Scar’s & Stripes Brewing Company based out of Waco ran out of time and they did not meet their goal of $12,500 but just because they didn’t raise the money doesn’t mean they are down and out. A great example of this is Rogness Brewing from Austin. Last year they started their Kickstarter campaign hoping to raise $60,000 but ran out of time raising only $9,465. A few months later they were back on Kickstarter and this time they reached their goal of $12,000. The Whip In, in Austin formed a Kickstarter campaign and didn’t reach their goal but found other means and are expected to be selling their own brews this summer. So to everyone thinking they have what it takes to start their own brewery, maybe it is a great time to start working on that business plan along with a clever video to upload online and begin pressing your startup on every form of social media.

If you are not ready to start your own brewery then maybe you can give some support to a few local brewers that need your help and some of your beer money. For your investment you could get some nice swag along with knowing that you helped the Texas craft beer movement. These two breweries only have 30 days left to reach their deadline. Will they reach their deadline? Only time will tell.


Good Libations Brewing Company – Austin, TX


Good Libations Brewing Company is a dream being realized by two great friends. When we started down this road we had no idea what this really entailed. We just knew we made great beer and wanted to share it. We want to share our growing experience with all of you and get you some cool gear and experiences as a keepsake. This project is an invitation to be part of our journey. The more people the merrier. We invite you to know what it’s about to be a part of Good Libations Brewing Company. Join us in our pursuit of Good People, Good Times, and Good Beer™!


Down Easy Brewing Company – Houston, TX


We appreciate you taking the time to view and consider our pilot brewery project. This has been a labor of love for the past few years, and we are excited to launch our funding drive!

As part of this pilot brewery project we are seeking to raise $25,000 for some equipment and a licensing reserve. Since this fund raiser is for a pilot operation our licensing reserve will be held in escrow until we have increased funding to lease a building long-term. There are some TABC requirements for licensing that make this escrow necessary until we build the pilot system and move it to our operating location. You can read about TABC licensing here and see a current fee chart here if you would like. However, we may be able to license and conduct small operations in a temporary location until we gain more funding.

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