Independent Ale Works Company

Independent Ales
Independent Ale Works Company

11155 US Hwy 380

Suite # 209

Krum, TX  76249

(972) 207-3453

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Founded in 2010 by Stefen Windham and David Miller, The Independent Ale Works
Co. was started with the objective of making quality craft beers, suitable for
everyday drinking.

Like the founders, our beers are unpretentious.

Classic styles with a focus on distinctive quality and flavor, our beers will
pair with a bacon cheeseburger and fries or a steak and baked potato equally

After a combined 40+ years in the healthcare audit and management fields, we
decided to turn our love of great beer and homebrewing into our new careers.
After 2 years of planning, licensing and recipe development, the dream has
become a reality.

The brewery was named Independent as a testament to our resolve to build the
business under our own resources.  While this resulted in a slower start in some
ways, it also strengthened our resolve to bring our beers to the public.

Amber 3.0; 5.5% ABV

Blonde Ale; 5.4% ABV

Dark Intentions