You Got To Pay To Play By Meisha J. Camm

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After seven years of being someone else's toy, a gold-digging woman wonders whether she should settle for the simple life with just one man and seeks out true love. You Got To Pay To Play

in this book (you got to pay to play )the book is mostly about these people they sell drugs and in order to play with them you have to pay them .this book is very interesting it talks about life and living in the ghetto and how to survive Meisha J. Camm This book was like reading nothing but drama. As much as I tried to tell myself Izzy is a disrespectful little bitoch I loved reading about her. She grew up yes she did and I’m glad. I did not like the Izzy with Bruce or how she treated her mom early on. I was ok of the Izzy with Opal but I couldn’t be mad cause Opal taught her a lot. I do love her once Opal passed because she was determined to stand on her own 2 feet and want for nothing. I did not want her to return to Eric but I digress. I do like this book. Meisha J. Camm Isabel really went through some trauma in her life with the men in her life. From her father to her boyfriends, and everything in between. I am glad that with all that she had going on she was able to get her life on track and find love. Meisha J. Camm DNF.. dragged on and wasn't interesting enough to continue with Meisha J. Camm I loved this book because it taught me alittle about the glamorous life . It was very good and hope yall can also read it . I think that Meisha Camm is a good book writer and love her books . im going to continue reading them . Meisha J. Camm

It was a cool story line just a lot of misspellings. Meisha J. Camm The book is a good read. Meisha J. Camm