You Don’t Miss A Good Thing, Until It's Gone: Standalone By Nikki Nicole


Lucky is a selfish mofo and I am so glad a real man stepped up and showed out. Yirah got was coming to her and if she thinks he will be faithful to her think again.The same way you got him is the same way you will lose him.Mr. Khalid Mulsane showed up and showed out. I am so happy Kaniya finally got her happily ever after. I feel a story coming on how their life continues for forever after hint hint. Ms. Nikki you did not disappoint thank you for the journey. Nikki Nicole Overall Good read 👍

The storyline was a bit confusing, but I love the message of women being able to move on despite countless heartbreaks. Kaniya don't play no games. Khalid was such a gentlemen. Overall good read, I just wished it was but more clarity. Nikki Nicole Yes you did that!!!!

Omg I just loved this book kaniya is crazy as hell and I love her so sad to see her go, Lucky got just what he deserved with his pussy ass he didn't deserve kaniya cs she was too loyal him and he just shitted on her but it's all good cs she got the man of her dreams with Khalid he's a king I love him for kaniya.. I'm was happy as hell that lucky mom and yirah got that ass handed to them I was weak when kaniya burned her crusty ass lips. When kaniya made yirah watch her sit on Lucky's face omg I died laughing karma's a bitch and her name is Kaniya Mulsane.. I wish her and khalids story didn't have to end but it was a great ending. Nikki you are a true Pen Goddess I love your work and you will forever be my favorite authoress, I can't wait for the next book love ya Chic Nikki Nicole This book was very good it shows that you can change someone that's rough to someone that is good. All it took was a little love to bring her out.

I would recommend this book to all my friends that read, it had a lot of suspense and drama to it. I like that Khalid took control of the situation between Lucky and his wife and made the divorce happen so she can go on and live the happy ever after. Lucky was selfish he wanted to do what he wanted to do. He wanted to have no cake and eat it too. Nikki Nicole Amazing amazing

Wow when I say this was a good read lucky drive me crazy he was so selfish and his mother was the worst but when she bet ghee her up I was drying laughing.I so glad she was about to find happiness Nikki Nicole

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Baby I Play for keeps was the beginning, all turn up with no PRE-NUP. You got a small glimpse of what's to come in Giselle and Dro, that was the warm up. Kaniya and Lucky have been through it all together murders and plenty of mayhem. They've weathered so many storms, I've lost count. They’ve caught plenty of bodies together they don’t even know the amount. No matter what they went through, they've always found their way back to each other. Their love was strong enough, to rise above all the drama. Is love enough to keep the fire blazing and lots of females hating? It’s a lot of things going on that I won’t speak on, but when a woman is fed up, it’s nothing her husband can do about it. Trouble finds itself on The William’s doorsteps on a few occasions. Not early mornings, but a lot of late nights. Little do they know Mrs.Williams, is always on go. She lives for the drama, and she’s ready for Lucky’s moms. Her guns are always cocked and ready, to set it off at any given moment.
On the outside looking in Kaniya and Lucky have it all. Married with three beautiful children. Nice home and a slew of luxury cars. Their relationship was built off love and loyalty in the beginning. It’s whole lot of drama in this saga. As of lately a few lies have started to arise. Baby, let’s not mention the babies, are they Lucky’s maybe? Take a ride with these two, to see if their love will survive this heart wrenching ending depending on where their hearts lie. You don’t miss a good thing, until it’s gone.
You Don’t Miss A Good Thing, Until It's Gone: Standalone


This story was so good. I thought I wasn’t gone like Khalid, but I’m in love. This story had me crying laughing. The characters and the words that would come out their mouth were limitless. I can’t wait to read who story comes next. Great job!! Nikki Nicole Ayeeee 🔥🔥🔥

I’m so happy my baby Kaniya got her happy ending she deserve it she has been through it all!!
I swear I hate Lucky happy Ali put him in his place! All I can say is Nikki Baby you did it again 💯🔥
Your #1 Trap Queen Toy 😘 Nikki Nicole The end of an era 😭😭

I never thought I’d see the day Lucky & Kaniya really called it quits. I was holding out hope for them but by the end I could see it really was too for them. They’ve been through so much and I was rooting for them but that darn Lucky wouldn’t get it together to save his life 🙄. He realized in the end you really don’t miss a food thing until it’s gone because now, he has to watch Kaniya stunt with the next man 🤷🏽‍♀️. This was a bomb ending to their story and I can’t wait to see what you’re working on next! Nikki Nicole Love conquers all!

I truly enjoyed the journey. So happy they found their way! Just when you think you can’t weather the storm, a rainbow appears! Nikki Nicole Loved it

This standalone was the sh**. Khalid was the better man Lucky and Tariq messed up and lost out. Kaniya is still crazy azz heck. She always kept it lit. Cant wait till the next one. Nikki u always do yo thang i definitely would have gave this 10🌟 Nikki Nicole