Yoga for Depression A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga By Amy Weintraub


Take the natural path to mental wellness More than 25 million Americans are treated with antidepressants each year at a cost in excess of 50 billion But the side effects of popular prescription drugs may seem nearly as depressing as the symptoms they’re meant to treat Veteran yoga instructor Amy Weintraub offers a better solution—one that taps the scientifically proven link between yoga and emotional well being as well as the beauty of ancient approaches to inner peaceAddressing a range of diagnoses including dysthymia anxiety based depression and bipolar disorder Yoga for Depression reveals why specific postures breathing practices and meditation techniues can ease suffering and release life’s traumas and losses Weintraub also reflects on her own experience with severe depression from which she recovered through immersing herself in a daily yoga routine Yoga for Depression is the first yoga book devoted exclusively to the treatment of these debilitating conditions Amy Weintraub will help readers see their suffering and themselves in a vibrant new light Yoga for Depression A Compassionate Guide to Relieve Suffering Through Yoga

This is good Very good The I reflect the I genuinely believe that there is a very fine line between depressionfibromyalgiaME I can already feel that this book is going to make a big impact on both my yoga practice and my day to day thought patterns It is not one of those flaky yoga books that tells you to heal yourself and flush your meds down the loo but instead works on balance the balance of medstherapyyogameditation Learning to stop being your depression or your fibro or your ME and to just be And to come to a place where a daily yoga practice maintains your physical and mental healthI do wish Americans wouldn't go on about bloody Freud so much though English A decent overview There is not much practical information She encourages people to find a ualified teacher or therapist One confusing point She spends a whole chapter on The Art of Living's sudharshan kriya calling it the breath that heals But she never describes what it is After a little research online it seems this techniue is super secret can only be taught by Art of Living and you can't teach it to anyone else So as someone in the healing profession it doesn't make sense to me why this is included I would not be able to use this with clients Perhaps only for oneself I'm not attracted to things that are super secret Seems a little culty English My doctor told me that I should do yoga to help with some of the symptoms of depression that I have The exercises in this book are supposed to help relieve some of these symptoms I have been doing yoga now for about a year and I have been doing some of these exercises and I believe that they do work A lot of the exercises are geared towards getting blood circulating to the head The ones I really like are the balance poses Those poses take a lot of concentration and I feel that learning to concentrate while doing poses can teach one to concentrate in life This book is a must read for anyone who wants to find another way of relieving depression English This took me a long time to get through as I have been reading a lot of other things at the same time I've definitely read books that helped me learn about yoga This was of a generalized book about different types of yoga with a handful of case examples of people with various conditions like depression PTSD etc than a practical guide to actual yoga poses She also mentioned a few breathing and yoga techniues but did not describe them and kept saying people just needed to find a ualified teacher that wasn't terribly helpful I was also a bit put off when in the very beginning of the book she is overly anti meds Meds CAN be over prescribed but they can also help many people with depression lead functional lives Many people can benefit from a well rounded approach that uses medications yogameditation techniues talk therapy AND a variety of other things diet exercise etc It doesn't have to be one or the other and there should be NO shame in using medications to treat your depression if that helps you Personal disclaimer I did at one point take prescriptions for both anxiety and depression I am not currently taking any meds but I would not hesitate to use them again if necessaryalong with other non medical approaches that work for me English This book is awesome Read it when I was struggling with anxiety on the reccommendation of a yoga teacher friend of mine This book dives into the ayurvedic buddhist breakdowns of our make up Im a pitta vata at times now know exactly why I feel anxiety at times Vata imbalance or sluggish kapha imabalance or pissed off PITTA imbalance what the heck to do to balance it all out It is highly interesting each person even the most balanced person can benefit from the knowledge in this book It is shocking the accuracy how differently you experience things with the background knowledge of why English

full of great information not a book you want to race through but it shines a light on an area that's much needing it English This is a wonderful and complete book by a wonderful woman and yoga teacher I have met Amy and taken Yoga workshops with her that are amazing She knows her stuff and has extensive research to back her up Great books if you like yoga or are looking to get yourself out of a slight depression without medication and use yoga to enhance your life English This book is an awesome guide for people who suffer from depression and anxiety and want to be empowered to change the way they feel I attended Amy's workshop at a conference last year and she is just amazing English Great resource for yoga and depression She tells stories from her own experience and from people she knows and has worked with She also cites some case studies It is and easy and compassionate read It is well balanced between information and story practice and practical suggestions English chose this book to do my final paper for Yoga school This non fiction story is one of strength determination and will power Great read English