YO-KAI WATCH, Vol. 7 By Noriyuki Konishi

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I am a huge fan of yo kai watch and all, and the manga is good, but Nate is always leaning on Jibanyan like his only crutch, even though Jibanyan is CLEARLY just a running gag! I mean, why cant Venoct come out for just 1 SCENE?! Kindle & comiXology I prefer to buy things in sets, but with this one, we had to buy them separately. Kindle & comiXology Book arrived in perfect condition and we love the story Kindle & comiXology There's a chapter missing from this version that's present in the original and Shogakukan Asia versions that involves a Yo kai named Leggly. Why it was removed I'm unsure but apparently it has something to do with a grotesque scene in that chapter. I don't like purchasing incomplete/censored material and I'm wary about buying future volumes now. Kindle & comiXology My 8 year old daughter is obsessed with these books! She's read the whole series a number of times. Kindle & comiXology

my daughter loves it Kindle & comiXology I LIKE YOKAI Kindle & comiXology This book is great for people who like yokai watch and manga. just so you know, this book reads back to front. Thats just how manga books are. Kindle & comiXology My son loves the Yokai mangas! :) Kindle & comiXology

Nate Adams was your regular, everyday kid, until he received the Yo kai Watch, which allows him to seeYo kaithat are normally invisible to the naked eye! YO-KAI WATCH, Vol. 7