Wrecked (Shadow Sentinels, #1) By Karen Tomlinson

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You'll never know how strong you are—until you have your heart wrecked.

Four years ago I made a terrible mistake; I trusted the Supernatural Bureau of Investigation. And they destroyed everything.

They killed Connor, the only man I have ever loved. They ruined the alpha who had given us both a home when we were nothing but kids trying to survive on the streets of London. And to save my own life, they left me no choice but to run.

Now I am reduced to a drug-dealing wolf-shifter; a link between the criminals of our world and Faerie. But through that link, I seek the only thing left to me; vengeance on the fae who betrayed us.

Until I get caught.

Thrown into a brutal prison, I come face to face with the pain of my past—in the shape of a powerful alpha Prime; the king of the Were prisoners. The moment our paths cross he makes it perfectly clear; my life is now his to control.

Now survival takes on a new meaning. For in this violent supernatural world, protecting my deepest secret is by far the most important thing of all.

For Hell is coming to Earth...and I think it’s looking for me.

Welcome to BOOK ONE in the Shadow Sentinels PARANORMAL ROMANCE and URBAN FANTASY world. If you love J R Ward, K. F. Breene, Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh and Dannika Dark, you’ll fall right into this exciting and addictive supernatural ride~PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR HEART WRECKED AND YOUR MORALS RUINED! >>>BUY IT NOW!>>>

*This series is for 18+ readers only. Please only read if you enjoy sexy alphas, kick-arse heroines who can bring them to their knees, love hot and sexy scenes, have no issues with bad language; and adore a good supernatural story. If you do then dive in and hold onto your knickers (I’m British!) or any other item of clothing. You’re in for a ride!

Read BEGINNINGS (THE PREQUEL) and WRECKED (BOOK ONE) now to find out without delay what forces Ember and Connor have to battle to stay alive in this hot world of the supernatural, where the women are strong, the males are powerful and everyone must fight for redemption.

Reading order:
Book one: Wrecked
Book Two: Ruin spring 2021
Book Three: Redemption summer 2021 Wrecked (Shadow Sentinels, #1)

DNF @47%
English DNF At 37%

Urgh. The prequel kicked this series off so well and then we're left with this follow up. For starters, this had a much slower pace and I can't say I loved it. There was so much filler and unnecessary drama in between a very, very interesting story. The last straw for me, you ask? Well, it's a spoiler:

On a positive note, the world-building was complex and had the makings of a great beginning. The characters were ok. The big-bad on the other hand was SO good at being bad. It made the story even better. Most though weren't all that memorable. Overall, I'm feeling bitter about how an amazing story was soured with one scene/decision. This is going on my DNF pile, unfortunately. English Omg this book was amazing and ended waayyy too soon!! Shifters, fae, demons, romance, phenomenally written sexy scenes, it's got it all. Had me laughing, tearing up, getting pissed and so many emotions. Can't wait for the next book!! Btw, editing was phenomenal too but I expected that from my mom 😊 English

English This is the perfect title for this book. Now that I finished this book my life is wrecked until I get the next book!
Ember is working for a fae selling drugs to other fae since that fateful night 4 years ago when she lost everyone she loved, Connor her mate, Rawson the man who became her father figure when he rescued her from the streets after her parents were killed in a fire and her beloved wolf. Her new wolf and her are adjusting until she and Blue are trapped between a Fae and the hateful Doherty who is responsible for the loss of her loved ones. A deal is struck between the Fae and Doherty. The Fae takes Blue and Ember is taken by Doherty who doesn’t recognize her due to a glamour.
Connor is thrust into a prison (undercover) and is the Alpha Prime. He has had to do some unthinkable things but since he lost Ember he is a different person and let’s his wolf lead.
Guess what happens next 😉.
This book is amazing and like I started this review I am wrecked wanting more. English

Every so often an author I already love pops up with a new series that just blows me away. Shadow Sentinels is one of those series

We meet Ember and Connor in the prequel, Beginnings, and got to know them by watching them grow up together, in a sense. Well, they're all grown up now, and what a pair they are. In Beginnings we knew we were in for some wild times with them, but in the end, we found those times were put on hold...

For Wrecked. Now we really have to buckle up because this time the world is even more dangerous, even more deadly, and even more emotional. Holy Moly is it emotional. With every emotion imaginable in every situation imaginable...and some that are not.

Ember ends up in a prison for the supernatural, but as a lone wolf, she's constantly in danger of being attacked. Being a beautiful woman isn't helping her cause either. But, this is Ember. She doesn't intimidate easily so we know she's going to hold her own. All the way up until she comes face to face with...

Well, let's just say the prison's Prime Alpha who is going to control her or make sure no one else does. He knows there's something about her that sets her apart and he's going to make sure no one else gets their hooks into her. She is good for getting herself into these kinds of fixes.

Connor has been through his own hell, and it shows. I love watching him, learning about how he deals with things, seeing him with his particular pack, and their interactions. Connor will always be a favorite of mine. And the things he's put through in this book...my god, they're intense.

There are so many surprises in this book. No question you were set up for some when you read Beginnings. But I guarantee you don't know what you're in for with this one. It's so deep, so emotionally and physically violent, so intense, loving, heart-wrenching...I could go on and on and on, but too much will spoil it. Just know, this book was written as if Karen herself was a part of that world, a member of the group, and experiencing everything they are right alongside them. Because that would have to be the only way she could be so deep into the characters, know them so well, describe them to us so well. And she must be going through all the trauma, happiness, love, hate, and heartache they all are to have us feeling it so intensely that our own emotions explode. Basically, damn this woman can write!

I am so on edge from reading Wrecked, and so anxious for Ruin. That doesn't happen to me too often. But this one, this series, grabs from the get, and grabs so tight that there's no letting go until the series is done. So I'm anxious for the next book so I can get to the finale! Only, I don't really want it to end. I just want Ruin to come out already! And I'm sure I'll want Redemption immediately after that. That's how attached I've become to this series.

Once again, and always, Excellently done, Karen Tomlinson! So very Excellently Done indeed! I want the whole world to know about this amazing new PNR/UF series and its amazing creator! English I finished this a bit ago but was struggling on how to rate it, I still don't know how much I liked it. I will say I powered through this pretty quickly but overall I don't really like how this author has chosen to push the storyline forward.
On the fence on whether I will read the next book English Living up to its namesake, this book totally wrecked me! Wow! What a crazy emotional ride full of so many ups and downs. This book certainly doesn’t disappoint but be prepared to be wrecked by the end! English Wow, talk about intense in every sense of the word and in every detail of the story! This book doesn't give you one moment to catch your breath and that is awesome!!! Ember and Connor go so great together, love the way their relationship moves and how she never lets him go alpha on her. This book lifts you up and then shatters you and leaves you picking up the pieces and waiting for the next book!! English This book has everything! Badass alpha male - check; sassy heroine with a quick wit who relies on no one - check; super evil villain you want to die horribly - there's two! There's also romance, a bit of a mystery, adventure, jeopardy, hilarity, tragedy and a set of secondary characters so engaging I want every one of them to have their own story now.
I'd advise reading the prequel, Shadow Sentinels: the Beginning, before reading this as many references will be lost on new readers but it's worth the read.
This was the perfect weekend escape during lockdown and I cant wait for the next one.

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review., which wasn't a chore since it's brilliant! 😊 English