Worship Author Jack Harbon By Jack Harbon

Oak Ridge High School’s ten-year reunion was the last place Arden Hale ever expected to see Spencer Gaines.

After graduation, she left town and started a cushy new life in New York. It felt like she outgrew the small community. Now that she’s back, he can finally fill the void he’s spent years trying to fit other women into.

The truth is, it’s always been Spencer.

It’s been her in all his fantasies.

Her on his mind when he finishes.

She’s the one that he’s pined after for over a decade. And she’s back. All he has to do is make her his.

Worship is a steamy reunited friends-to-lovers romance about the ex-popular girl whose life is now in shambles and the ex-nerd who still pines after the woman he crushed on all throughout his adolescence. This novella is intended for readers 18 years and older. Worship Author Jack Harbon


Jack Harbon ó 2 Summary

maybe I should consider school reunions from now on🤔🤔🤔🤭 English THIS BOOK WAS SO GOOD. Thank you to the author for offering a download of the ARC from Booksprout. I can’t wait to write this review I highlighted damn near the whole book✨ English PROS:
The one that got away. He really made up for the 12 years he was pining after her 🔥👀 The PINING. The closure of the Heroine’s relationship with her ex.

The “other” woman was textbook mean. Low angst, this had the makings of a whole lotta angst but it missed the opportunity. English Give me friends to lovers with pining and second chance romance or give me death

(And strangely I didn't mind the 'popular girl x nerdy boy who loves her' trope here??)

Content warning: depression, on page sex, mentions of past bullying (not graphic) English jack harbon continues to charm me IMMENSELY with his books! worship was pure bliss with two people who meet again during a high school reunion and because of circumstances, find themselves showering in the school's showers. it just goes up from there tbh and every single new chapter filled me up with joy!

the hero has been pining for the heroine for twelve years I mean since high school! she was his lab partner who completely captures his heart and soul without even knowing it. they reunite and start this really great relationship that has so much communication, understanding and steam. i really wish I could find my own Arden because damn. there is this scene where he has his hands around her throat and she's like make me come arden earn it and you literally will die reading it.

cw: mentions of depression English

3.5 stars
This story follows Spencer, former high school queen bee and her nerdy lab partner from high school biology who reunite during their ten year high school reunion and things take a steamy turn. This story was a really short, sweet friends to lovers read, full of pining and minimal angst. Also the steamy scenes realllyyyy did slap I must admit Jack Harbon never misses in that arena. I enjoyed seeing these two rekindle their connection and the support and affection they found within each other. My favorite part of this book is actually Spencer's journey of reclaiming her life after a hard break up, re-affirming her boundaries and setting herself up for a life that makes her happy. That was so compelling and Harbon interwove that emotional journey with the romance very well! However, I can't say that I loved this. There's nothing wrong with it, in fact I think that as Jack Harbon continues to publish, his writing only grows stronger and I absolutely love seeing his growth as an author. For me personally the whole I've been pining for you for 12 years thing between Arden and Spencer was just a trope that didn't 100% work for me and I just didn't feel super invested in them which diminished my enjoyment of the romance. So definitely a personal thing and not necessarily a fault of the book. If you're a fan of steamy reads and a bit pining I would definitely recommend giving this a try it's a quick and fun read.

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review. English I didn’t quite love this one like I wanted to, but it was cute and sweet! The hero has had a crush on the heroine since high school and they reunite at their high school reunion. English I am pleasantly surprised with this, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, and I’m glad I didn’t read the blurb.

Despite it having some steamy scenes, it wasn’t a smutty novella. It dealt with issues such as depression, hinted an abortion or loss of a child and, the main couple wasn’t insta lust, real love with fireworks which cures about anything, but it was a more realistic relationship development.

It was a good novella.

Thanks Champagne for the rec!! English 4 stars.

The shy friend from high-school who used to be secretly in love with you, turns out ten years later being a hot successful man with a naughty, naughty month but STILL obsessed and in love with you is my new favorite kind of romances.😋 English 3.5 stars

This was such a fun romance with a hero who worships the heroine! Arden has liked Spencer since they were in high school and it's now their 10 year high school reunion. Spencer's long-time boyfriend cheats on her and gets her best friend pregnant and her boutique in New York is failing, so she's not in a good place. She runs into trouble at the reunion and Arden is there to rescue her. I loved Arden's character so much. I do wish we got a little more from Spencer and why Arden was so obsessed with her in high school beyond her looks. A flashback to high school would have been fun! But this was short and steamy and a great book where the hero worships the heroine! English