World War 1: When the Lights Went Out in Europe By Rod Smith

The lights are going out all over Europe. War has begun. The year is 1914.

Time travellers Liam OMalley, aged 12, and his sister Aoife are transported back in time and embark on another epic adventure in the midst of the Great War. Their mission: to protect their 15 year old great grandfather Tom, who has volunteered to fight.

Assisted by their friends Seamus and Phelim and a magical horse called Ferdia, they encounter real life heroes Captain Arthur O'Sullivan, Nurse Edith Cavell, the poet Frances Ledwidge and the mysterious one handed, one eyed soldier who could not be killed: the Belgian/Irish Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart.

Follow the group as they witness the horrors of war in France and Belgium and attempt to help the wounded. Experience the chance meeting they have with a young German soldier which sets off a chain of unexpected events in the future.

But first things first: they must protect Tom and let the future take care of itself World War 1: When the Lights Went Out in Europe

Rod Smith õ 7 characters