World History Biographies: Gandhi: The Young Protester Who Founded a Nation By Philip Wilkinson

A shy, serious boy, Mahatma Gandhi would later lead India to nationhood and change the course of history. After studying law in London, he championed Indian rights in South Africa for two decades. He returned to India in 1914, leading a campaign of nonviolent protest and civil disobedience against British rule. Philip Wilkinson's lively narrative takes us through his remarkable life, up to India's independence in 1947, and the tragic conclusion; in 1948 Gandhi was assassinated by a fanatic opposed to his program of tolerance for all creeds and religions. World History Biographies: Gandhi: The Young Protester Who Founded a Nation


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Lots of photographs and easy to follow for kids. Highly recommend this book to be read aloud or independently. 64 pagine ok 64 pagine A very good book on Gandhi, a summary of only 65 pages, richly illustrated with photos and an enticing page layout. He chose well the high points of Gandhi’s life to present this incredible individual to a young audience. 64 pagine Good book for a 9 year old's book report for historical figures. 64 pagine I ordered this little book for my sixth grader son he is working on a school project on his favorite personality. I am pleased to state that he knows about Gandhi and he has a better understanding of what Gandhi's life was about after reading the book than he had before. We had a discussion on the topic and he proved it to me.The Gandhi's life narrative is placed within some context with lots of illustrations and there is a 'chronology' that runs at the bottom of each page, placing the events in Gandhi's life within the context of other important world events. The narration is very much chronological. Someone could complain that this biography is a bit superficial but, let's not forget that the target is the 9 12 year olds. On the positive side, the narration of Gandhi's life story appears to be quite factual and objective with little if any ideological bias.Overall, after reading the book myself, I find it to be adequate for the targeted age group. The many references to 'strange' customs and religions, exotic locales, unfamiliar historical events might arouse a young student's curiosity and motivate him/her to learn .The book earns 5 stars for the factual/unbiased presentation, clear narrative, beautiful and to the point illustrations and the relatively high quality of materials (heavy, glossy paper). 64 pagine