Working Late: A Cheating Wife Tale By Manus Dare

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Size matters in this steamy sex tale, a lot even. Ashley needs a bigger boss than her husband and finds it at work. Her lust for sizeable fulfilment is larger than her marital guilt. In the end she gets it all, big and small. Working Late: A Cheating Wife Tale Greg has been married to shapely Ashley for 6 months.

Greg is working flat out as an intern at a law firm.

Ashley starts working for Malachi the boss of an investment company, to help make ends meet in the short term.

Malachi is an older, fat, balding, lecherous man.

Ashley knows she is beautiful and has always used this to get what she wanted. She is aware that this is partly why she got the job.

The plan is that as soon as Greg gets his imminent promotion she will resign and concentrate on starting the family they have planned.

The pressure that Greg is under affects his libido. Ashley finds this hard to fathom as she has always been able to get the attention she needs from men.

Suddenly, despite being disgusted by Malachi’s attention, she finds herself also strangely turned on.

When she notices Malachi’s impressive ‘package’, she decides to dress more provocatively to draw more of the lustful attention she has been denied.

The question is where this will lead?

Suffice to say that this is a story of a cheating size queen, who puts her need for hard submissive sex above everything else.
Working Late: A Cheating Wife Tale Ashley and Greg almost have the perfect marriage.
Except for Ashley having to work for big, alpha, nasty Morton.
Her boss is a male chauvinist!
However, he is also a very big man.
Which little thin Greg isn’t.
Ashley does discover the difference.
A beautiful plot.
Great characters.
Manus has hit the nail on the head with this must read!
Five pulsing shooting white hot stars!
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Working Late: A Cheating Wife Tale

Working Late: A Cheating Wife Tale