Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) By Toby Neal

Sophie needs a happy vacation without men, just dogs and girlfriends. Seriously, she has three men of different strengthens and caliber craving her attention. Aside from her love life she is working a dangerous case along with WITSEC and is also considered a witness. Her mother asked for her help and just adds to more stress for Sophie. She knows her limitations but seems drawn to dangerous situations. This series gets better with each book as we follow Sophie and her crime fighting quirky ways. I caution you to start at the first book to understand Sophie and the other recurring characters, the storyline is continuous. I received an early copy and wrote my review voluntarily. Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) Once again Toby Neal has done it again with the 7th installment of her series featuring Sophie Ang. This fast-paced story filled with intrigue, suspense, love, tears had me glued to my iPad from beginning to end. Neal does a great job of laying out a clear plot but adding enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing throughout the story. And then there are the characters - some new and others returning from previous books. You won't want to miss Wired Secret to find out the fate of Sophie Ang! Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) Where to even begin?! I love Sophie and the adventures she finds herself in. But my heart breaks every time I think of the isolated life she led. Sometimes I just want to grab a hold of Sophie and just hug her long and hard. Sure she had her dad and her computers but she only longed for one thing and that was the love of her mother. But she gets the raw end of the deal with that as the only thing she gets from her mother is her overwhelming bouts of deep depression. We get a better look into Sophie’s life as she led it and why she’s so socially awkward yet strong and fiercely independent. Now her heart is another matter. Sophie has such a big open heart full of love to give which she gives freely to her lovable lab Ginger. Having three guys yearning for her attention, I believe she’s slowly figuring it out what it means to be truly loved by another person and I can’t wait until she finds the one to hold her heart but most of all heal her soul. I look forward to following Sophie along on her many journeys as it seems trouble isn’t far from finding her either. Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) Toby continues to amaze me! Very few authors can continue a series of books where the reader is still engrossed in the books, but Toby definitely is one! Sophie’s story continues stronger in each book! She can’t stay away from trouble! It always seems to find her. I love how we see the highs in her life, yet we also see her at her lowest. I was so involved in this addition. What was going to happen in her love life? Would it be Conner, Jake or Alika? What about her finding out the truth about her mother? There wasn’t a moment that I lost interest in Sophie’s story! Now I’m looking forward to the next installment. Thanks Toby, for letting me be a part of this journey!! Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) I just cannot believe how Toby Neal's stories just keep getting better and better! And I thought 'Blood Orchids', her very first and excellent book, was about as good as an author could get! LOL! Little did I know! Wired Secret is about her 25th full novel; I've read all of them. Each one has taken me on a 'right there' journey and each one is better than the last. Wired Secret is chock-full of bad and dangerous people, each of which present a unique danger to Sophie. AND - her own personal demon, depression, rears its ugly head to new heights in this one. Add her total confusion over the men in her life who love her, a mother who seems not to be as everyone thought, well, this is not a sweet 'cozy' mystery! It's deep and dark at times. Strap yourself down, hang on and be ready for a rough and twisting ride! You'll love it! Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7)

Toby Neal ½ 2 Read

Paradise is filled with deadly secrets.

What would you do if you were a killer’s loose end?

Palm trees, volcanoes, and black sand beaches are the backdrop for murder as security specialist Sophie Ang, and her dog Ginger, are swept up in a multi-layered case on the Big Island of Hawaii working with a US Marshal to protect an important witness. A ghost from Sophie’s past returns to haunt her, and a love triangle tears at her heart. Sophie will need all of her friends, lovers, tech-savvy, and skills to stay alive...and that’s just her day job. Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7)

First off, I am so thrilled that the Wired series has continued so long. Originally, it sounded like a 3 installment series, then 5, but like Lei, the Sophie story has not ended. In this installment, the story of Sophie gets more interesting and darker. In this book we really get to see and feel how debilitating Sophie Ang’s depression is. We also get to delve into Sophie’s Love Quadrangle, and Connor/the Ghost makes a solid reappearance as does Alika. By the end of the book, we get some closure with this, but the Chang family saga is just heating up. What I really found interesting in this book is the more detailed study of Pim Wat, Sophie’s mysterious mom. We should not underestimate her or the secret organization trying to recruit Sophie. This book is full of the lovely Hawaiian flora and fauna that gives the setting life, it is well-written, and the characters are well-drawn, even some of the villains. Nothing is as simple as it seems. And of course, we have Sophie’s wonderful Ginger to warm the heart. If you have never read Toby Neal, I suggest starting with the first Wired book or one of the early Lei crime series. You could also read either stand-alone book about Agent Marcella or Dr. Wilson. These characters overlap in this Hawaiian world. If you prefer romance, Toby also writes some heart-warming modern romances. I enjoy all her genres. Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) OLD SECRETS + NEW SECRETS = ALL TYPES OF DEEP DARK SECRETS!

Sophie Ang is back and she thinks she’s ready to handle any problem she may have to face. If she knew several of her worst nemeses were already planning her takedown, she’d be stepping up her practice of “hiding in plain sight”. She has been tested many times before (her ex-husband possibly being the worst!) but this time, the hits will come from many different directions. Sophie finds herself in one of the deepest, darkest spots she has been in and uses her beloved technology to call for help. She is desperate to reach out for help from an unlikely source. The secrets continue to build and so does the intensity. There are secrets among her family members, secrets in a huge trial that she’s involved in, secrets in Security Solutions, secrets in her feelings for two men, secrets in her personal life and secrets in her cyber working collaboration with the Ghost in the name of justice. I was provided an ARC of this book by the author. The opinions expressed here are completely my own and without influence.

Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) Wired Secret continues the saga of heroine Sophie Ang, former FBI Agent specializing in computer surveillance, and now working for a private security company. In this novel, writer Toby Neal once again demonstrates her ability to weave a tale so compelling that the reader feels they are a part of the book. I read this book in three days, reading through meals and at every break I had in the day.
Neal’s strengths as a writer lie in her ability to create detail in her stories of place and culture, allowing the reader to enter a world that feels real. Characters are not just fully developed, they are imbued with distinct and multi-layered personalities which Neal continues to enhance and grow with each successive book. Readers feel transported in space and time to the world in which these characters reside, where we see, feel, and hear what they do.
Wired Secret has (as all the books in Neal’s series do) serious plot twists that leave the reader guessing until the end, although Neal never violates the reader’s trust, and these twists do not strain the boundaries of credibility. In Wired Secret, the plot twists are not just in terms of the crime arc, they involve Sophie’s personal relationships with her lovers and her mother. I was on the edge of my seat until the end of the book, and now am anxiously awaiting the next in the series.
Sophie is a highly complex character who has dark secrets in her past that drive her decisions, actions, and relationships, and throughout this series, Neal has stayed true to Sophie’s character while allowing her to grow. We clearly see Neal’s background as a therapist here, and her in-depth knowledge of human behavior, as Sophie struggles with clinical depression. If you’ve suffered with depression or lived with someone who has, this aspect of the story can be difficult to read, but is honest and true.
I loved this book, and I’ve said about earlier books that they were the best in the series so far. But the truth is, Toby Neal’s writing keeps getting better and better, even though it was excellent when she started. So as she continues to write, each novel exceeds its predecessors in the quality of the writing, and the plot and character development. Neal is one of my favorite authors, and her writing puts her in company of writers such as Louise Penny, Alan Bradley, Lee Child, and Michael Connelly. Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) Do not read this at bedtime. I put it down and woke up all night wondering what was going on next with Sophie. Terrific character development and storyline. Best yet in series. Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7) Ok so Sophie is so much more than a trouble magnet...lol Trouble finds Sophie at every corner and tries to not only kill her but everyone around her. Wired Secret was a brilliantly explosive read from beginning to end.

I really love Sophie even when she is in the depths of despair, I still love her. Sophie is such a strong character, she is fierce, loyal and truly lovable even if she doesn't always believe it.

Sophies penchant for bleak depressive moments are fascinating, they sometimes come from nowhere and sometimes there is a trigger but this time, this time they took Sophie to her darkest despair yet, that was a very well written scene.

I loved that she basically told Connor he was done that was a good ending for me I just couldn't see her ever forgetting even if she could forgive him for what he did.
Alika, Alika omg this guys get's shot down so often I'm not sure how he is still standing, honestly and while he is an amazing guy I just don't see Sophie as the right woman for him, Alika deserves someone sweet and nice, thats not how I would ever describe Sophie.

Jake is needed yep those were the words Jake is needed let's hope needing someone is enough for both of them.
Wired Secret (Paradise Crime #7)