Wild Obsession (Wild, #1) By Lietha Wards

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Tess was in love with a doctor. Her father's boss to be exact, only he didn't even know that she existed, or did he? Every time something unfortunate happened it was Jacob Hartley that was there to take care of her. Wild Obsession (Wild, #1)

This book was kind of angsty like the old Harlequin Presents books. This book did leave me a bit unsatisfied. A few examples are:

I can't believe I paid money for this book! 9781465910264 1 ALMOST A MAN STAR


(Please excuse my bad language, bad grammar, and general bad mood. Oh yeah, I should also warn you that there are spoilers ahead! Honestly, This book deserves to be spoiled. It's just bad. I mean way beyond its expired date).

Now, maybe It's because I've read so many good books lately. With alpha heroes and strong heroines, that this book was such an epic fail for me.

I mean, the hero knows her all his life, and get this he has been F*cking everything in a dress and she is some kind of stupid to want to get with him.
He literally just had a sexual relationship with OW right before her basically and she knows this she sees this and still....
Sex Without condoms!!!

Seriously, a man whore like that and you go bare back.

HOLY SH!T, some people are beyond stupid!
The pill doesn't protect from STDs and believe me testing should have been done in this case.
I mean a recent updated testing.
As the women he's been f*cking are one step short of prostitutes.

Also, the drama OH THE DRAMA!
Was, in a word STUPID!
How many times can one dumb c*nt get her as$ landed in the hospital!?

She lost her appendix, she gets hit by a car and almost dies, then she faint.
I know I am missing one here!
But I am not opening this book again,even to check this information out!
Take my word for it, it's bad!

And get this. He tells her that they have to get to know each other first before they can be together. Ahh excuse the hell out of me here but didn't you guys grow the hell up together here!?
Wow just many wows.
And yes she bought that crap!
Naive much!
Anyways, the only reason he wants her now is because others are starting to sniff around her. He is just marking his territory in case he wants a piece of that. All these years and now he wants some of that?

The evil other woman didn't even have to work over time here. The hero just went with her. Honestly how did he think it would look like to everyone if he went to a Party with one girl and left with another!?
Honestly, how stupid can you be?

This hero was such a fail and the heroine was not much better. The whole book was a mess and honestly, if I could give it negative stars I would.

Now, I could go on and on about how stupid she is and how ridiculously stupid he is but why waste the time, if you want to read this book it's all on.
You were warned by me to stay away.

Safety: YOU'RE JOKING RIGHT!? If you read my review you know it's far from safe...and not in the HOT way. THIS BOOK HAS IT ALL. From OW drama, the pushing away, the cheating (technically not), the no condoms cause apparently they are not required when you Know each other!
Good grief... I am done!

Now please don't send me messages about how I misunderstood the whole plot and the writers vision of the book. I don't have rose tinted glasses and I don't live in a this fairy land. This whole story SUCKED AND THAT IS MY TAKE ON IT! 9781465910264

Wild Series Book 1

****Goodreads Blurb is the wrong one!!****

Another great story by Ms. Wards. They never cease to amaze me! Once again we have a story with a strong hero and a young innocent heroine! I just love stories like that!

Jacob is a doctor who is 34 years old who has always been very protective of Tess, a family friend. She is 21 years old and what Jacob doesn’t know is that she has been in love with him for years but doesn’t know how to tell him. As the story would have it, Jacob begins to notice that she is not a child any more and falls in love with her although he does his damn best not to show it. This is where things get funny, HOT, cute, sweet, possessive and protective! LOL ;p

Jacob was just like Ms. Wards other alpha males and to simply state it....HE WAS YUMMY!! I really loved his protective streak with Tess and his jealousy moments were just hilarious! Tess is a very sweet and gentle person! She is also very very very innocent! She’s always blushing around Jacob and is always admitting [to herself LOL;p] that he is one fine piece of ass! Their interactions with each other are just hilarious and sexy and totally sweet! I loved them and both their characters!

The only regret I had was...I just wished that we had more insight to his past and his two other brothers...although Colton does get a book...so I am glad and hopefully we’ll learn more from his book!

Ms. Wards your books have completely won me heart and soul and I can’t wait to read more of your work! I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series Wild Rush. =) A very fun, light read that will have you hooked!
9781465910264 Interesting idea but the author needs to up her game in the use of English front. There were a lot of issues, things like verbs not matching their antecedents. Dialog was stilted and all voices read as the same. For example the only endearment anyone used was honey. All of them, every time. The hero was 34 but acted much younger. He was wishy washy and the thing he did at the end with the OW was just ludicrous. This author is not for me. 9781465910264 Tess and Jacob. Totally harlequin read, just like I like them!
Tess has been in love with Jacob for years, but their age difference and the connection between their families has proven to be the worst kind of wall. Jacob is a doc but he is a ladies man and doesn't want to ever settle down. Tess is the only daughter of the vet who works for his family ranch. Things look bleak for her unreturned love, until she gets sick and the good old sexy doc is there to help. He starts to realize that his feelings are more than brotherly. Jacob keeps up with the refrain in his head that she's too young, but circumstances intervene to change his mind eventually. I won't say there isn't angst, but it wasn't too much imho. The ending looks bleak but Jacob manages to redeem himself, even after he behaves like a super dumbass idiot. 9781465910264

Cute, short and sweet read. Tess is a little sweetheart with a big heart. Jacob… well he just needed to get his mind sorted and he did but poor Tess had to go through a lot of hell it seemed to get him to get his mind sorted. HMPH! But if Tess could forgive him then so can I… *Sighs* 9781465910264 annoying much ?? 9781465910264 If you like Diana Palmer books you will probably like this. I didn't care for it at all. Much older hero 13 year difference young naive heroine. I didn't like either of them too perfect Mary Sue and rough Marlboro man doctor/cowboy. Not my cup of tea. 9781465910264 It was definitely a sweet and innocent type novel. I quite enjoyed it. The only issue is I wish the heroine would have gotten revenge on the villain, in the end the heroine did get the hero but it wasn't enough for me. I'd of scrubbed the floor with that villain. 9781465910264 Jacob faught his feelings for Tess. 9781465910264