Why Men Are the Way They Are By Warren Farrell, Howard Roffman

Farrell has conducted role playing workshops with thousands of men and women for than 20 years. His ground breaking research is the basis for the book, which most experts agree may be one of the most extraordinary, eye opening books of our time. Why Men Are the Way They Are

Warren Farrell, Howard Roffman ´ 5 Read

Wish I had read this book when it was first published. Would have cleared the fog much better than other books I read way back when. English An excellent examination for anyone interested in actually understanding normal, everyday men (as opposed to the evil overlords of the patriarchy). If you want insight into how men feel and why they act the way they often do, this is a good resource. Farrell has been rather horribly misrepresented recently, but is calm, rational, thoughtful, and has a strong background in feminist organisations and therapy groups from the 70s, as well as extensive experience in actually counselling men and helping them through the issues associated with their gender roles.
Avoid this book if you want something which blames everything on 'the patriarchy'. Read if you want insight into how both genders create and maintain the roles of both genders. English Book is soiled and has water damage English This book was written over 20 years ago but is still valid in our American society. It is an eye opener. It is not anti feminist and is unbiased but tends to paint American women as shallow, petty and greedy. The author makes his points objectively. English I really like Warren Farrell. He is a good man. He is clear headed and wise and says important things. Unfortunately, this book is now rather old and the prose is the flippant airport read, long winded type so common back in the 80's. It would be a marvel if Farrell could just update this and pare it down without all the I'm Okay, You're Okay prose.
Much of this book , however, is still ahead of our times and manages to be a corrective on a historical deviation without being insulting. He talks about men's primary and secondary motivations and women's as well and they seem to be diametrically opposed, but are meant clearly to have been complementary. English

I have been a dating and relationship coach in Los Angeles, CA for the past 11 years and have worked with hundreds of men and women during that time. I have read many of the books about men, women and relationships on the market and I have to say that hands down Why Men Are the Way They Are is the most brilliant book I have encountered. No other book has given me such incredibly well researched and insightful information on what men go through. I consider this book a must read for all of my clients, male and female. My female clients have said that it was eye opening and that it really helped them see things from a male perspective. My male clients have said that it was a relief to finally have their feelings and thoughts put into words. What's so incredible is that Dr. Farrell started out on the side of women during the Feminist Movement and then went on to explore male female issues form the male perspective. He has also conducted hundreds of men and women's groups to gather this information. Of the thousands of relationship books I've read, this is the one I keep referring to over and over again in my session. I encourage everyone to read it with an open mind. English Lots of dynamics from the 80s are still present today. Great explanation on how it came about and factors the influence todays social dynamics between men and women English Gives some insight on male psychology. Many of the examples were a bit dated and stereotypical.
We may be technologically advanced species but our perspectives and emotions are often the hidden ice berg of primative programming. English With the possible exception of The Myth Of Male Power by Warren Farrell, I feel that Why Men Are The Way They Are by Warren Farrell is the very best book on relationships. Whether the male is a husband, boyfriend, father, friend, brother or son that the woman is wanting to understand , this book will help the woman understand him better. I agree with what one reviewer said when he said that Warren Farrell was psychologically years ahead of his time when he wrote the book. I greatly admire Warren Farrell for writing this book and his other books. Warren indicates that it is ironic that a a woman who commits to marriage and who becomes financially dependent is considered mature by some members of society than a man who does not commit to marriage but is financially independent. Many women should work past the society's barriers to initiate conversations with a man, ask for the man for his phone number, and ask the man out first for a date. Women should be willing to share the risks of rejection by asking men out first as much as men ask women out first. Many men are often afraid to commit because commitment by itself doesn't require intimacy. In fact, if a man doesn't know how to be intimate, Warren asks why would a woman want to commit to him? True intimacy requires revealing fears and vulnerabilities. When a woman reveals to a woman friend what a man privately revealed to her about his fears and vulnerability, she has committed a form of infidelity. I strongly agree with the contents of what Warren said in this book. I believe that every man and every woman should read this book in order to prevent a lot of misunderstandings between men and women. Please read this book. Thank you. At the present time, there is no Kindle version of this book. I wish there was a Kindle version of this book. I'm very thankful to Warren Farrell for writing this book. English Great book but my cover came damaged. It takes away from sharing with others because you would like to show people you take care of things you hold value to, that also provides good source of knowledge to refer back on. Low key I would like another copy. Sorry I’m just a book quality guy. English