Wherein Abigail Fields Recalls Her First Death and, Subsequently Her Best Life By Rebecca Roanhorse

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Extremely short but I liked what I heard. Fantasy, Science Fiction It feels unfinished. I'm left wondering what's next and not in a leave them wanting more kind of way, and more of a there's a loose thread kinda way. Fantasy, Science Fiction I liked the story but the ending was a little weak. Fantasy, Science Fiction *LeVar Burton Reads* Fantasy, Science Fiction I listened to this story on the podcast Levar Burton Reads. Fantasy, Science Fiction


4.0⭐ No. Lawmen won't fix this.”


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It’s LeVar Burton Reads season 7! Season of Surrender.

Not a moment too soon, eh?

Once in a while, I'll admit Tumblr raised me. It was a platform that didn’t behave like common social media because it was designed for listening more than it was for talking. I remember the world slowly being unmade and remade before my eyes between 2012-2015 when I retired it for the most part to be more productive. (Fun, but what a time suck.)

So what did I learn? Where to begin? Where to end? Here are multiple examples of transgenderism and gender fluidity expressed in various cultures across time. Here’s a photo compendium of American LGBTQ communities, CIRCA 1920. Did you know this thing that you use every day was invented by a brilliant, black philanthropist in the 1800s? Did you know that the criminalizing of Marijuana had a racist agenda?

Here’s the source, here’s the source, here’s the source.

Tumblr won my heart because it told the truth and it didn’t fuck around with narrative. It just showed me things that really were. Conventions or concepts in life that I was taught to consider phases or postmodern perversities, have actually been around for a long time. This history I was taught wasn’t an accident, it was a meticulously curated piece of nationalist propaganda.

Reread classic literature from the public library. All the queer references were taken out of the books they gave you in class. Many black authors were suppressed, watered down to cherry-picked chapters instead of unabridged readings. Receipt, Receipt, Receipt.

I’ll listen to anything, but I start believing in things that can be proven through source or demonstration.

This Monday, we’re gifted the story Wherein Abigail Fields Recalls Her First Death and, Subsequently, Her Best Life by Rebecca Roanhorse. And this story came with a really profound moment of personal introspection from LeVar.

The reason I bring up Tumblr is because I don’t think Rebecca Roanhorse’s story is offbeat or unbecoming of its own setting. I think it’s a belated recovery from years of erasure. Black queer women have been, and will always be. I want to thank the people who wrote long threads and brought the receipts. Thanks for showing me the truth.

This story was just great, easy listening. So charming and resonating on a modern and historical level. Fantasy and spaghetti western flavoring. The ending felt a little obvious to me, but in a good way. The story is unapologetically laced with hope. There are things we owe in life, dues we gotta pay, and there are things that cost more to pay than what we owed in the first place.

Some shit just isn’t worth our time, and I think that really hit home in Rebecca’s story. Fight your battles, but if you have something worth protecting, something that brings you peace or love or joy, drop your baggage and run towards that. No need to settle dead scores.

At the same time, I appreciate that Abigail still went forward to at least acknowledge her debt. Dropping your baggage is healthy, but running from it will leave the debt growing wider. She could’ve gotten on that train and tried to outrun her fate, but she showed up and met her promise in good faith.

Great story. Something I could recommend to anyone.

Whoever said LeVar is anti-white, I guess we all get opinions on a review thread, but now that it's out there, it’s no longer rhetorical. I think it's a deliberate misinterpretation of LeVar and the podcast. Being pro-black does not translate to anti-white.

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1 - Did not like it. Fantasy, Science Fiction My ratings:
1 star - Could barely finish it. Would not recommend.

2 stars - Finished it, that’s it. Would not recommend.

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5 stars - Absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend. Fantasy, Science Fiction Black women in the 1880's making death pacts with desert spirits...????
Definitely imaginative! Fantasy, Science Fiction The website ate my review.

But basically... I liked it. This was an enjoyable listen.

LeVar is an excellent orator as usual, I could listen to him for hours.

The story flowed nicely.

All in all, I enjoyed it. Fantasy, Science Fiction “Wherein Abigail....” Rebecca Roanhorse

Read by Mr. LeVar Burton. Only positive of the story for me. What I got out of the ending is that the MC didn’t uphold her end of the bargain. Not my fav, but I’m sure others will enjoy it. Fantasy, Science Fiction

Wherein Abigail Fields Recalls Her First Death and, Subsequently Her Best Life