What Is A Wall, After All? By Judy Allen

Weird book about walls. Could be interesting to use for science- linking to materials What Is A Wall, After All? This is a non-fiction book all about walls (although it's classified as JS, junior beginner reader, in our system). It contains a rhyming text which describes all different types and uses of walls. It also has a cast of cartoon characters who appear on each page, and whose speech balloons give further information and observations. What Is A Wall, After All? Really enjoyed the illustrations. Mr Baron creates clear, deep space that you feel you could walk into and around with the silly characters. A fun and friendly drawing style with skilful perspective underneath. Lots of things to find in the pictures. Very satisfying to look at. And I learned a thing or two about walls and bricks as well. What Is A Wall, After All?

Summary What Is A Wall, After All?

In rhythmical verse and hilarious illustrations filled with fascinating facts, Judy Allen and Alan Baron examine walls--how they're made, what they're for, how to climb one, and where they can be found. Full color. What Is A Wall, After All?