WHAT IF? Golden State KillerZodiac SOLVED By Anne Penn

Garbage book full of no facts bad grammer mistakes and lies like all her books as well as her lying about her past don't pay for this nonsense you're hurting the victims and her family. All her books are rubbish and easily debunked
Trying to cash in Anne Penn This is a complete and utter rubbish! I would score minus five if I could.
I have never come across a book so poorly written and edited. It is full of mistakes, typos, needless gaps, it's very repetitive and the same articles, pictures and information appear again and again. In fact I can write a book about how bad this one is.Lisa Dickinson was abducted when she was 9, two pages later she's suddenly 12. Some names are not correct either. Some sentences are not even finished and there's just a gap.
Oh yes.. it was supposed to be about GSK being the Zodiac. It is barely mentioned. They both killed on 4th of July. WOW! Who could imagine that?! Must be the same person if the date matches!
Most of the time the author goes on about how police are useless and she knew the whole time where GSK was. She goes on like this was definitely him, who commited a crime, nevermind police doesn't think so, I KNOW!Then she chucks in some articles, says it has nothing to do with either GSK or the Zodiac, but why not.
Then some chapters about rape and how they were never investigated properly..

Basically it is full of irrelevant information, nonsense and hell knows what else.. Author is so unreliable, that even when you see something that could've been right, you don't want to trust it.
It was clearly bish boshed together (can't call it writing) to make a quick buck. Pages were added just to add volume.

I am not just disappointed, I am furious that books like that are being published and sold for this much! Anne Penn Nothing new. Too many suppositions. Repetitive

Information from others. Too much imagination. She can say Hack the ripper was the GSK. I did mot liked. Do not recommend Anne Penn

Golden State Killer, East Area Rapist, Original Night Stalker, Visalia Ransacker and more. The Story of The Golden State Killer’s Beginnings. Who else was he as he traveled through time? Was he, is he the Zodiac Killer who terrorized us in the 1960's and is that who else sits in the Sacramento County Jail awaiting trial? I present evidence of other monikers that belong to this man. Spanning almost 6 decades the killer roamed the state of California. The career and possible monikers for the same man 1960 - 2018. This is the true story of how such a man remained free all of these years. This is the true story of the man's pattern's and attacks from the beginning until the end. The story continues. The most prolific serial criminal in California History. He could be the most prolific serial killer ever. He could not be stopped until DNA and Genetic Genealogy found him. What if this is truly how the story goes? Anne has written about the possibilities and writes about things no one else has mentioned in the Zodiac story. After much research and investigation’s, the geography and timelines reveal the story about who the Zodiac Killer is. Follow the evidence with us.
WHAT IF? Golden State KillerZodiac SOLVED

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