What Goes on Tour Stays on Tour By Brian Moore

Have you ever wanted to know what really happens when teams go on tour Drawing on his extensive experience of touring former international and acclaimed pundit Brian Moore tells you all you need ever know with this in depth but light hearted exposé covering every level of the sport from junior club rugby right up to the British Lions With stories of bikini clad forwards and Moore's own escapades many of rugby's best known names of recent years are featured and no element of life on tour is left untouched What Goes on Tour Stays on Tour

Brian Moore ï 8 Free read

Well written account of his experiences touring the world through rugby and amusing insights into the rugby people he shared much of his life with English A bit boorish and long winded Inclusion of rugby song lyrics and description of drinking games was just pointless padding Disappointing as I really like Brian's journalistic offerings English Fast paced memoir of life on the rugby road from one of the sport's compelling and articulate characters Plenty of laughs eyebrow raising incidents and recommended for all fans of egg chasing English