Welcome to the Dark Side (The Fallen Men, #2) By Giana Darling

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2! Dark Side (stand-alone). Forbidden May-December: Destined to cross paths, cursed to never forget!

“She was done prayin’ at the altar of another man’s church, now she worshipped at my feet and made me feel like my namesake, God fuckin’ Olympus.”

Books in The Fallen Men series are stand-alones:
Book 1: Lessons in Corruption
Book 2: Welcome to the Dark Side
Book 3: Good Gone Bad

Welcome to the Dark Side (stand-alone) Yeah welcome! You have entered into forbidden territory!

He is 19 years her senior, a divorced father and the leader of an illegal motorcycle empire. She has gone to school with his kids, is the daughter of the mayor and the granddaughter of a preacher. They have nothing in common…

Except for a bullet that pierced their hearts in a church parking lot, on a sunny day long ago.

Their road ahead is long and traitorous. She is fighting an illness that has come to take her life. His life is on the other side of the law and he is in the midst of two battles for dominion. She is a virgin, he’s a manwhore. They should never cross paths…

But this is not a lovey-dovey story, this is a forbidden love that has crossed over on the dark side.

“His words in ink on paper were my bible, his attention my place of meditation and his hands on my skin? The same hands I’d dreamt of every day for a decade. That I’d prayed for with more fervency than any virtues I’d been told to worship at church.”

Nine words to describe Zeus Garro, Z, Guardian Monster: Focused, loyal, reckless, trusting, observant, forward-thinking, possessive, manwhore and ruthless.

Eight words to describe Louise Margaret Lafayette, Little Lou, Loulou aka Little warrior, Foxy: Brave, strong, feisty, stubborn, pliant, smart, secretive and determined.

Welcome to the Dark Side, told from dual POVs, is an ultra forbidden May-December in the violent world of bikers, traitors, greed, drugs, crime, power, lust, sex and betrayal. A love doomed before it begun yet destined to conquer against-all-odds!

Dark! Sexy! Scandalous! At times heart-wrenching!

“I felt cowed and unworthy of her goodness, moved to the point of reverence and devoted to the point of worship. I wanted her to be my religion, the reason the sun rose and fell each day. The reason for my entire fuckin’ existence.”

Hero: ★★★★1/2
Heroine: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★★1/2
Storytelling: ★★★★★
Sexual tension: ★★★★★
Sex scenes: ★★★★1/2
Story ending: ★★★★1/2
OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2
Angst: | HIGH FOCUS |
Darkness: | HIGH FOCUS |
Humor: | LOW FOCUS |
Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |
Sex frequency: | MEDIUM FOCUS |
Suspense: | HIGH FOCUS |

ARC provided to me by author Giana Darling in exchange for an honest review. Kindle Edition 1 star


The plot was so all over the place, we got everything the heart could wish for:

Forbidden predator biker falls for the illegal teenager with cancer whom he has shared bullets with when she was 7 before he went to jail and they became pen pals.

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...........🙌✨Giana Darling✨🙌

The best thing is the cancer was there for no reason at all. She got sick at 7 then again at 16 and we had ZERO memorable mentions of it the entire book. Almost as if she doesn't have it until she suddenly passes out and we get the cancer drama that added nothing to the plot, brought no awareness, squeezed no emotions out of me, and used up precious reading time I could've wasted on something more useful.

Anyways moving on.....I scrolled through some reviews and I am shocked that barely anyone talks about the very big and obvious pedophilic elephant in the room.

let's just all imagine for a second what would happen if Lou was not interested in Zeus. He would turn from a guardian monster to a guardian molester so quick.

The author really teetered on the edge of making this shit as taboo as possible without crossing any MAJOR lines huh😂

➥ Hero and heroine met when she was 7 and he 26 (he saved her life)
➥ They wrote letters to each other until she was 16. All very innocent of course (I think)
➥ Hero has TWO KIDS and one of them is OLDER than her😭 this was the thing that made me extremely uncomfy
➥ Hero started lusting after her when she was 17 and he 36 (also when their sexual relationship started)

Okay so maybe some people would consider this major lines but we all already established I'm going to hell. Initially those tropes spoke to me on a cellular level.

There were times when Zeus would say things that are undoubtedly really creepy but a GUILTY pleasure all the same😭

Wonderin’ what she tasted like had been drivin’ me crazy for months. In my dirtiest fantasies, she tasted like cherry lollipops, the kind she’d liked as a kid.

What did it matter that Lou was her age in number if not in fuckin’ maturity?

Yea. You know what other numbers don't matter Zeus?

Thing is I started reading this with positive vibes since I was more or less enjoying myself the first 50%. but it really went downhill for me once Zeus started waxing poetic musings about the heroine being the ONE and ONLY.

She was it.
My ex-wife had been a mistake, every other woman a blip and Louise Lafayette, the forbidden girl, the worst option, was the only one for me.

My question is why?

You have never known Lou as a grown adult, and I don't care how many times they kept repeating about her being a woman. You are SEVENTEEN, don't fool yourself. Cancer doesn't make a woman out of you, it simply makes you a little girl with thicker skin.

Back to the point, he has never had a meaningful adult conversation with her in order to fall in love.

Imagine being a 36 year old man with a girlfriend who still has to ask permission for sleepovers and throws tantrums with words like YoU cAn'T cOnTrol mE. She had an honest to god NANNY up until like 2 years ago. Might as well plan your romantic dates at daycare.

The only thing she has going for her is long blonde hair, big tits, nice ass & a tiny waist which we got to hear about a whole lot. Since apparently looking like a sex doll makes it less predatory n all🤸‍♀️. Personality-wise though? She still needs a pacifier and Zeus an ankle monitor.

At that point all I started to feel was guilt without the pleasure because Zeus, that sneaky little shit, started to play with fire💀

This was happenin’. Me and Lou. If I was bein’ honest, it had been happenin’ since I saw that pretty girl with her velvet bows and Mary Janes running at me from across a parking lot rainin’ bullets like I was Jesus come to save ’er. I knew in some freakish place deep inside the gut a me that Lou was made for me.

“You a teenage girl or the woman who’s all woman I took to my bed last night twice and again this mornin’?”

Em no I'm pretty sure she was a teenage girl in both situations my guy😀

“Ten years waitin’ for you to grow up so I could do this.” Then I slammed my mouth to hers.
My cock was so hard it ached like a motherfucker but I needed this, needed to see this girl I’d wanted since before it was legal beg for me

The author is fucking doing this on purpose I swear to god🤣🤣🤣 miss are you trying your best to make me uncomfortable??? Are you trying to outdo the king of all child groomers bestie?? don't try<3

But if I'm being honest, the fact that Zeus was a closeted pedo wasn't even my problem.

Jail to me, jail to my whole family, jail to my offspring for saying what I said^. I KNOW.

I would've given this book 3 stars if Lou matured better and their relationship development didn't solely depend on the fact that he knew her since her early childhood. That was the only thing binding them together. They kept talking about their matching scars from when he saved her life like it meant something. Well guess what, it didn't mean shit because you two idiots have NOTHING in common apart from two bullet holes. Congratulations.

Because of that, this didn't feel romantic at all. Even the darkest of books should feel romantic because THIS IS A GODDAMN ROMANCE. It felt more like cheap erotica, an extended little-girl fantasy which honestly pissed me off to no end......and it wasn't even because of the subject of the fantasy but more so the execution.

The way the author kept making pedophilic innuendos and then reverted back to Zeus calling the teenage heroine a woman. As if that will make it better. Was she trying to convey something like *oh Lou may be young and Zeus finds it hot enough to fetishize into fantasies but she is still a woman🤡*

Because like honey......no she isn't. Make up your mind, I don't like delusional groomers. Either make him a proud groomer or no groomer at all bby, it's that simple.

And now I just have two more completely random things that bothered the hell out of me:

MY 13TH REASON part 1

The moment I saw the words

I may have been a classically trained ballerina but I was a virgin about to do a strip-tease for the Lord of the Damned

I could not describe the feeling of my heart sinking straight to my asshole. THE WHOLE SCENE FELT SO EMBARRASSING EVEN THOUGH IT WASN'T MEANT TO BE. Like she was fully feeling herself up there meanwhile I was just...

As she was pole dancing half-naked NOT JUST FOR THE HERO, but a room filled with bikers she has become FRIENDS WITH, she kept saying shit like:

It was my moment to make a very serious point.
I wasn’t a little girl anymore.
I was a woman, one with dark thoughts and deviant desires.

All I kept thinking was who let this fetus on stage💀

How Lou greeted adulthood with a stripper pole:

MY 13TH REASON part 2

Not only was the hero a lil pedo-boo😏 but he was an ugly one too (in my active imagination). I found every other man in this book more physically attractive than him.

➥ For one, I can't stand heroes with long hair. My brain instantly travels to dark places full of tangles, grease and dandruff. I can't control it.

➥ The way he talked paired with the MC slang they all used, which was very accentuated in the spelling, had me imagining his voice. I know this will sound really stupid and senseless but to my ears he spoke like a toothless 60 year old. I'M SO SORRY😭😭😭.

➥ I just overall had a very dirty picture of a biker in my head. That can be sexy at times but today....

Today all those things put together looked like this:

Anywho this is entirely my brain and not this book's fault. Just an FYI.

In other news🧐 here is Zeus trying to convince the readers, the judge & the holy spirit that he is innocent
Kindle Edition 5 stars
“Little girl, I told you, I’ve seen it all. But until you, didn’t know if any of it was worth it.”

Ya’ll it’s been a while since a book has hooked me like this and I mean HOOKED ME. This was my first Giana Darling book and I was addicted. I read it in less than 2 days and I could not put it down. I’ve read some great books recently, but it’s been a while since I had a book with that addicting quality. At 35% I text my bestie You have to read this with me, and of course she picked it up too. I need to find time to binge the rest of this series and I’m so sad it’s not on audio, but I will find time because I’m so invested in this Fallen world.

Zeus and LouLou have an interesting start to their relationship. They start out as friends, penpals, and with much time, it becomes more. I know some people are going to have an issue with the nineteen year age gap, but it didn’t bother me at all. I mean, yeah in real life, but this is fiction and I’m totally here for it in my books.

I loved how much Lou and Zeus loved each other. I never ever questioned their love or loyalty. He was her monster and she was his angel and I loved them so much together. I also loved Zeus’s family and there were moments I cried buckets and others I was so happy- this one was an emotional rollercoaster and this review is really rambley… but all I really want to say is I loved this book so much and I highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for a great biker romance x Kindle Edition I have heard so much hype about this MC series and while I enjoyed the first book, I was SO EXCITED to finally read Zeus's story. I knew there was going to be an age gap, which is a trope I'm super picky about, but I couldn't wait to see if it was going to be as good of a book as I thought it was going to be.

Ever since he saved her life in a downpour of bullets, Lou has been writing letters to Zeus Garro through all of the trials throughout her life, including going through cancer. Now, Lou is 17 and she's tired of being the good girl who listens to her parents and does no wrong. And what better way to be bad than to finally make herself a part of Zeus's life? Zeus knows his attraction to Lou is wrong, especially considering she's his daughter's age, but he's drawn in by her light and her desire to get to know the dark side she knows he can offer...

Like I said, I am super picky about big age gaps in books, so I wasn't sure how this how going to go, especially since this was such a big age gap. The beginning of this book begins with Lou and Zeus meeting when Lou is a little girl and then continues through her childhood writing letters to Zeus. I really enjoyed this because it was just a friendship between a girl and her savior, with the romantic side not coming up until Lou is 17 and finally meets Zeus in real life again, which is well into this book. I appreciated how loyal Zeus was to his family and how he tried so hard not to like Lou in that way, but couldn't help himself when he saw how mature she was after having gone through cancer and fending for herself in life with a crappy family. And considering Lou wasn't going to take no for an answer, it was no surprise that Zeus eventually gave in to both of their desires.

While I wasn't satisfied with the action in book one, the action and suspense was spot on with this book. I fell in love with the characters Lou grew closer to, especially the MC members, and I was FREAKING OUT when danger came and they didn't know who they could trust in the club. I loved seeing Cress and King from book one and I am SO READY for Harleigh Rose's book! Like I said, this book had so many lovable characters, as well as a pretty hot romance, and it only made me want even more once I read the last page!

Every Motorcycle Romance fan NEEEEEDS to pick up this series! While I enjoyed book one, I devoured and was obsessed with this book. Everyone needs Daddy Zeus in their lives! Kindle Edition 4 Stars

So, I'll be frank (shocking, I know).

This is not the best thing I've ever read by any means.

There are issues with pacing.
There are issues with story flow.
There are issues with (as I said for book one) this being a blatant ripoff of KA style shit.

That said.

I am a sucker for MC romance books.
I am a sucker for ridiculous OTT alpha males.
But more than anything, I am a sucker for giant age gaps where the H is vastly older than the h.

Am I aware this is gross and disgusting to some people?


Do I care?

Yyyyyyyy...nope. Kindle Edition

I was a good girl.
I ate my vegetables, volunteered at the local autism centre and sat in the front pew of church every Sunday.
Then, I got cancer.
What the hell kind of reward was that for a boring life well lived?
I was a seventeen-year-old paradigm of virtue and I was tired of it.
So, when I finally ran into the man I'd been writing to since he saved my life as a little girl and he offered to show me the dark side of life before I left it for good, I said yes.
Only, I didn't know that Zeus Garro was the President of The Fallen MC and when you made a deal with a man who is worse than the devil, there was no going back...

This is Daddy Zeus Garro's story from Lessons In Corruption. A standalone in The Fallen Men series. Welcome to the Dark Side (The Fallen Men, #2)

Giana Darling ☆ 6 Summary


reread (aug 2020)3.5 stars

as i've said before, this book is based on where i live and with that in mind, if guys like Zeus actually existed here?? i- i would proudly ✨simp✨. no joke. i would give up reading (well, ok no) and go outside... and simply simp.


↳ MC romance, age gap (19 years), forbidden (heroine's dad is Hero's rival), sick heroine, star-crossed lovers (maybe?? idk).

anywho. the reason why i enjoyed rereading this is because of Zeus (H), of course, but also because of the cute penpal moments we got in the beginning. Lou (h) was soo cute as a 7 year old oh my god. i just wanted to adopt her.

now let's get into the SPOILER TALK

➪ there's a little bit of OM drama here where Lou was dating Reece after meeting Zeus for the first time after 10 years. they dated for at least 4 months but were never exclusive. they apparently did hand and mouth stuff and- wait sorry, forgot to say they did that a lot. and yes, she cheated on him because she was thirsting over Zeus and was in a full-on relationship with him before she even broke things off with Reece.

➪ as for OW drama, Zeus just makes out with someone in front of Lou the second time they meet again to let her know he's not there for romance or flowers because he's a monster blah blah blah.

➪ also!!! i wish we actually get to see the development of Lou's character from Louise Lafayette to Loulou Fox because that development happened with the OM (Reece) and, well, i wanted to see that change with Zeus. and also, this was told and not shown.

➪ and y'all know i love a good romantic development and honestly, i didn't really like it here because it felt kinda fast. i just wanted a little more push and pull between the two as i was craving more drama and angst especially since this has the age-gap, forbidden romance tropes. i don't know... i just get bored easily nowadays but ehh they got together fairly quick. i thought the reunion would also be mindblowing but ehh it wasn't.

➪ when that Mute scene came up? i...

yeah... let's not talk about that. it was depressing.


all in all, i think i enjoyed this more the first time i read this but again, they got together kinda fast so i got kinda bored after unfortunately. nevertheless, my mans Zeus? yeah he's mine sooo. i call dibs sorry.

also, i learned some interesting facts here as well like British Columbia has the best wEeD... hmm.. didn't know that. interesting. what to do with that kind of info..

* * *

original rating (aug 2019)4 stars

* * *

The Fallen Men series
#1: lessons in corruption ↠ 3.5 stars
#2: welcome to the dark side3.5 stars
#3: good gone bad ↠ 2.75 stars; currently reading
#4: after the fall ↠ tbr
#5: inked in lies ↠ tbr Kindle Edition

5 Cherry Lollipop stars!!!

She' an angel. He's a monster.
She's light. And he's darkness.
She's pure. He's tainted.
She's warm. But he's cold.

Lou, a sweet innocent girl. She was perfect in every way. Blond hair, blue eyes, a cheerleader, college sweetheart. Until.............she found out she's diagnosed with cancer, which finally made her see how boring her life really was. No laughter, no affection. Only perfection.
Her Guardian Monster and his letters are the only thing that keeps her from moving on.

Zeus Garro, president of Fallen MC, a single dad, a rough warrior. The Fallen and his brothers are his world. Until one day, a little blond angel came flying straight into his arms, his heart seeking safety. He is a monster, she should run away. But how can he let go when his heart is already wrapped around in her little arms and letters?

After many years later, Lou is cancer free and Zeus out of prison, fate gives them a chance to be together. But there are so many threatening obstacles ahead to overcome. Can they go through this together?

Absolutely LOVED IT!!!!! Age gap has always been my jam, so yuup I loved this! The whole Lou starting to care for Zeus from age 7 was a bit disturbing but I didn't have the heart to reduce stars.

Zeus will always be one of my fav book boyfriends. He is such a sweet, alpha biker. His love, understanding, care, kindness, strength had me tearing up. He is a great example for these vows For Better Or Worse, In Sickness Or Health I Will Love You Forever because he actually meant them and proved them with his actions. His never ending love and sacrifice for his little Loulou is beyond everything.

And as for Loulou, I love her strength, her quiet dignity, her honesty, her innocence, her kindness and the way she stood up for herself. She's an angel indeed. Her bravery and her faith in herself and Zeus was admirable.

I guess my favourite thing about this book was how this biker family sticked together. When all of them cut and shaved their hair for Lou, I couldn't help but cry because it was so sweet. They are one of the best book families I've come across. They might be cruel, fallen people but they will always be there for, stand up for their family. There's no greater thing in this world than family.

And omg Mute's death destroyed me. I was really hoping to read his HEA but unfortunately he had to die. Why do all my fav characters always die? *sniff. sniff*

A beautiful heartbreaking story on love, understanding, longing, pain and overcoming obstacles. This beautiful story of Zeus and Lou will leave you swooning and aching for more.


-Age Gap (19 years)
-Older single dad and younger woman
- Dark romance
-Biker Romance

Note: No cheating, HFN, violence and dark themes are included.


Kindle Edition
There are no sunsets for men like you and women like I am at the heart of me. Only inky night that clutches at you as you tear past, moving through the darkness like we own it, like we are only free inside the shadow vortex of it.

You want it, come get it, he dared me, eyes bright under his dark scowl.
I loved that he looked terrifying in his arousal, the devil that would kill you soon as fuck you. It gave an edge to the sex that made me feel wetter, dirtier, even more alive.

I brushed my lips against his, so silky smooth compared to the roughness of his beard. I love you, ya know?
He smiled under my questing mouth. Love you like it’s my religion, little Lou.

I loved Lou more than most grown men are capable of ever lovin’ anythin’. Loved her enough to kill and die for her ’cause only the finality of death could match the finality of my kinda love for that girl.

zeus garro : *does or says nothing, literally fucking nothing*

little ol' me :

My guardian monster’s arms came around me, his lips pressed to the clean side of my hair.
I got you, little girl, he said in a voice as rough and deep as any monsters, while he held me like a guardian angel. I got you.
Kindle Edition Spoilers ahead!

DNF 48%

The beginning was good, really really good. I was so excited to read on. This had so much potential. But then it wend downhill really fast.

Ten years waitin' for you to grow up so I could do this. Then I slammed my mouth to hers. => Said by the Hero who's 36 to the Heroin who's at the time 17. So ten years ago, she was 7 and he 26. This statement means for me, that the Hero waited for the Heroine to grow up since he knew her, since she was 7 years old. That he had such feelings at such a time. And that's just disgusting.
I know what the author wanted to do here, but the execution is just all wrong. At last for me. The whole story is filled with such creepy little things.

And I'm not a happy camper with her being 17 years old. I don't mind age difference. I absolutely love it. Even 25 years. Go for it! But I have need the Heroine to be at least in her mid twenties to take this whole thing seriously. And here she's not even 18 (and it's explained in the story that the age of consent is 16. That doesn't make it any better for me).

And the Hero has a 17 year old daughter. I found this to be creepy too.

Then there were some things happening that I'm just wondering about. Some not believable things. Like how a 7 or 10 year old girl writes very mature letters. Or how her good girl/bad girl personas aren't noticed. She's 17 and works in a titty-bar and no one knows about it? Come on!

This just didn't work for me at all. I was creeped out. And although the Hero was badass, sexy and so good, I lost all my interest and attraction when he needs to have a 17 year old girl as his old lady. Sometimes I'm wondering if I'm too old for such books (I'm way over 17) because I just cant' identify with 17/18 year old girls anymore? I don't know. What I know is that I'm finished with this series and with the author too. So not my thing.

Kindle Edition

WOWZA...so color me impressed by this book. It was very, very good. I knew just from reading the synopsis, and the fact that this had quite an age difference (19 years), that it was a pretty sure bet I would end up at the very least LIKING it. So I was pleasantly surprised by how much I DID end up enjoying it. It was close to being a 5-Star book. The writing was fantastic. I quite liked the back-and-forth letter writing style of the first part. It is told through dual POVs. I LOVED that it was set in Canada (my home country). The pace was OK <--- this is where I had most of my issues and why I went with 4-Stars instead of 5. For ME it was just a tad too long (it took me close to six hours to finish this one). Which made parts of the story drag a little. I think the author could have tightened the story up a bit and that would have improved the overall pace. That said, the plot was still very engaging, and heartbreaking. Oh my god...SO heartbreaking at one point I actually yelled NO out loud to my tablet (lol). Why Miz Darling? Why you have to go and do me that way...why?? Last, it was all wrapped up in a very sweet three years later epilogue.

ZEUS...I loved Zeus. Then I thought he was a bit of an a$$hole. Then I loved him again. He was 36 years old. He was smokin' hot. He was alpha. He was sweet. He was bada$$. He was an excellent leader. He was a good Dad. His love for Lou made my heart burst. He was a perfect monster guardian angel.

LOUISE...Lou was a great heroine. She was 17 years old. A virgin <--- I could have done without that...BUT, she did have some sexual experiences (just not intercourse), so the fact she was a virgin didn't bother as much as it usually would have. She was a fighter. She was feisty. She was sweet. She loved her monster guardian from the minute she ran to him at age 7. I liked her character a lot.


This book was packed with excellent secondary characters. King and Cress from book one. Zeus's daughter H.R (who my spidey scenes are telling me is going to be paired with a certain cop). Reese, Lou's boyfriend, who I actually thought was a really nice guy. Bea, Lou's sister. Lou's parents. A nice cast of baddies, and of course, a bunch of Zeus's MC brothers. Every single one of them added something extra to this story.

Medium. This was actually a pretty slow burn book (IMO). I am pretty sure it is after 50% before they even kiss. That said, when we do get to the sexy times they are suitably hot, and the frequency felt organic to the story. One thing I DID find a tiny bit disappointing, is I thought this was going to be a little more kinky in terms of DD/lg play, but other than Lou calling Zeus Daddy a couple times in fun, and Zeus calling Lou little girl, there really wasn't any kink to be found.

High. This was a pretty angsty read. Lou's sickness. The MC troubles. The circumstances surrounding the way these two meet at first are quite traumatic.  Then when they meet up again Zeus is a bit of an a$$hole and tries to push Lou away. Once he gets his head out of his a$$ it is pretty smooth sailing relationship wise. I think Zeus was a manwhore, but his past is only briefly touched upon. Like I mentioned above, Lou was a virgin, but she kissed and did oral with her boyfriend (Reece). There was a smidge of OW drama. Zeus lets a stripper rub up against him and he makes out with her briefly. He makes sure Lou sees this and winks her way. It was kind of an a$$hole move, but it didn't bother me too much. There really wasn't any OM drama other than Lou is still technically with Reece when she gets sexual with Zeus, but Reece and she were just casual. 

It was super super good. So much so, I ALMOST want to read book one and I HATE the whole older woman/younger man thing. I will for sure be keeping my eyes peeled for the next book (which I kind of hope is H.R and the cop). Like I said, the writing was great. The plot engaging. The characters likable. The sex hot. What more can you ask for? Therefore yours truly is going to give this one two solid thumbs up.

Kindle Edition