Weapons Fighting Arts of Indonesia (English Edition) eBook : Draeger,Donn F. By Donn F. Draeger

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As a student of the southeast asian arts since the 1970s, I have referred this book to my students over the years.. I bought the hard copy back in the early 90s and when I went stateside, I found that a lot of people where using this as a reference book for their students to research the indonesian arts.. I highly recommend this book if you have any interest in the southeast asian arts with a definitive interest in the arts of Indonesia. Format Kindle, Broché

Excellent Format Kindle, Broché very good books Format Kindle, Broché Great I introduction to the art of Silat. It's a little dated but still packed with useful information Format Kindle, Broché There isn't much authentic written information in the west on the arts of Pencak Silat. The information here is invaluable and authentic, I recommend it to anyone who is practising the art. Format Kindle, Broché Mr. Draeger deserves his reputation as one of the finest authors on the subject of martial arts and his works remain relevant today. This book describes the arts he encountered while researching them throughout Indonesia and is quite comprehensive. Because of the length of time that has past since its publication some of the facts he lays out here won't be relevant any , but his descriptions of these arts will remain valuable to martial artists, enthusiasts, lovers of Indonesian cultures, and anthropologists for decades to come. It will always remain an extremely accurate snapshot of that time from a westerner's perspective. His long experience as a martial artist lent a tremendous amount of perspective to the meaningful details of arts that would be lost on most observers. Format Kindle, Broché