We, The Arcturians By Norma J. Milanovich


A great book and the first one I had read where beings from the other side were contacting us to guide us through these times. English This book is filled with spiritual knowledge and if applied in personal life can bring total transformation. Excellent read. English Fantastic book - I especially loved the details of the ship. It reminded me of when I worked in the Electric Power Plant as a welder... English A good review of conversation.
From my own personal perception, other galactic beings that promote one higher being/Jesus as being an ultimate saviour might just need their heads clanked together. But each to their own. Certainly there are very good points written about higher consciousness and all but the 'Arcturians' write so lovingly about their master and return of our saviour, use greek names and undermine our abilities at times that you must question who these ladies are actually conversing with... English Very thought provoking causing one to get outside their comfort zone. I especially found that it took days to read a chapter and then I was able to read several chapters as one normally reads a book. I usually did not understand anything I read and would say so to my husband. Then lo and behold days later I would be describing what I had read understanding what before was just meaningless words.

My husband read it when I was through and understood why I said I could not understand anything then to suddenly really know what was said.

Norma J. Milanovich Ñ 7 summary

Ma ikka loen omajagu esoteerilist kirjandust (ehkki suur osa neist raamatuist valmistab erinevatel põhjustel pettumuse) ning kanaldatud tekstide vastu pole mul ka iseenesest midagi, aga Meie, arktuuruslased käis küll natuke närvidele, arvatavasti tulenevalt minu madalast arengutasemest. Vähemalt on vist selge, kust see laialt levinud Valgustöötajate, Ülestõusnud Meistrite ja saabuva Uue Ajastu jutt oma alguse on saanud.
Ühelt poolt mõjusid arktuuruslased oma pidevast armastuse- ja abistamisjutust hoolimata kuidagi üleolevalt: ikka kui arenenud nemad on ja kui madal meil siin kõik on. Tore, et nad ei pea tavamõistes sööma ega midagi, aga meie paraku peame. Nad möönsid ise ka, et Maa energia on väga raske ja keeruline ning nad peavad end hoolikalt laadima ja taastama, kui siin viibivad. Eks proovigu siis pidevalt elada sellistes tingimustes nagu inimesed, ilma igasuguse telepaatilise infovahetuseta ja täieliku mälukaotuse tingimustes. On lausa ime, et suur osa inimkonnast pole ikkagi täielikult mustale negatiivsusele ja ahistavale materiaalsusele alla vandunud. Samuti mainisid nad mingit tasu, mis neid missiooni täideviimise eest ootavat, nii et päris omakasupüüdmatu nende võimalik tegevus siiski pole.
Kõige rohkem ajas mind aga närvi see kristlik maailmavaade, mis igalt poolt läbi kumas. Kas on päris juhus, et autoritest vähemalt kaks on usklikud ja tugeva katoliikliku taustaga. Retoorika on newage'ilik, aga mõte on sama mis keskajalgi: kui tollal sattusid patustajad põrgusse, siis uue sõnavara kohaselt ähvardatakse, et tõsta oma vibratsiooni või muidu pead endale elamiseks mõne teise koha otsima. Teemaks on ka Kristuse kui Ülestõusnud Meistri naasmine, misjärel siis terad sõkaldest eraldatakse. Kas pole tuttav jutt. Jutlustatakse jätkuvalt alandlikkust ja lausa isikukultust, aga minule pole selline maailmavaade omane, ka on mul raske seda tõeliselt vaimseks suhtumiseks pidada. Pole vaja mingeid gurusid järgida, et valgustatuseni jõuda- inimeses endas on kõik vajalik olemas. Kõik muu on ikkagi taas mingile inimlikule süsteemile allutamine, põhjuseks tavaliselt võimuiha või ükskõik millised muud varjatud motiivid, kõlagu see kui tahes üllalt ja altruistlikult. JP Sears on selle talumatu vaimlemise põhijooned väga teravmeelselt ära tabanud. English I can appreciate the overall message here. I can even agree with it, but I can’t help but be skeptical when we are supposedly ascending but the language describing the new world is full of hierarchy and harkens back to a sort of religious dogma. Maybe this language was used because better words don’t exist, but it rubs me the wrong way. There was talk of being “welcomed into the kingdom.” Well, I’m not interested in kings and kingdoms right now, thanks. I was also really bored in the middle when they were talking about the spacecraft. I found myself rolling my eyes a lot.

This seems like a really harsh review for a book I mostly enjoyed, but there you have it. English Norma ended up being nudged into becoming a (typing) channel for so-called Arcturians from the planet Arcturus.

In this book, there's a clear effort to express the channeled content as is.

I found the following chapters to be the most interesting: introducing who they are, their Elders' view of the cosmos, language, and their educational program.

They also functionally describe their spaceship as well as why they're here: to help us achieve a positive Singularity for as many humans as possible! And when one views life from a meta-incarnational lens, that apparently looks a bit different (the 'New Age'). It seems it's viewed in terms of consciousness shifts and development more than in terms of the tech, which reminds me of Ben's Tantralarity article as a sort of 'bridge' between perspectives (https://bengoertzel.substack.com/p/th...).

The view of language from entities claiming telepathy is amusing and apparently helps resolve questions such as, is my blue your blue? :- p

I found their claim that enlightenment is synonymous with intelligence to be interesting. And educationally, they focus on fostering personal development where one is compared to oneself and not others.

What we have here is the total reexamination of the purpose for using these powers of manifestation and the documentation of one’s judgment for their usage.

This seems to fit learning theory. Take an agent's experience and actions. Then ask:
1) What performance measure did you choose in this situation and why?
2) How effective were your actions at fulfilling the performance measure (and how do you regard additional consequences)?

It seems they went the 'human' augmentation route rather than the artificial general intelligence route with regard to tech. They report not needing symbolic language due to telepathy and cyborg support machines to assist with memory and cumbersome thinking. Likewise, information can be implanted into their brain structures as well as having tech to help sustain desired states of consciousness ('frequencies').

They put attaining enlightenment first on the educational curriculum and then further learning from this place. The Arcturians offer three ingredients:

1) Reversed friction means the removal of all blockages that stand in the way of energy flowing smoothly and easily through a life form. (Basically, just fucking be yourself already!)

2) An understanding and appreciation of God. (Where God is defined as all that is and the fundamental (electromagnetic) Force of the universe, or the Central Great Sun).

3) Oneness: learning how to channel unconditional love.

Lastly, I like this guarantee of their civilization and hope we can aspire to a similar dream:
Our civilization assures that over the course of a soul’s existence on Arcturus, it will have access to all of the systems and pleasures that it wishes. This may take several embodiments, but it is assured. English Interesting for those that don't mind kind bending ideas/concepta

Good read. Of you have read Dolores Canon's Convoluted Universe books this would make sense to you. I enjoyed it , and was able to connect some dots. English Very illuminating. For someone who's been absorbing the Law of One series (The Ra Material) slowly over several months' time, due to its complexity and density of information, We the Arcturians comes across more readily, more direct. I found the Arcturians' messages immediately humbling. They remind us we have never been alone in our own individual quests for Divine reconnection with The All, The Great Central Sun as they refer to it. Never in my experience (I admit I am still young) have I encountered a message so spiritually uplifting yet so well grounded in reality (I have fully accepted the idea of ETs in our midst), lending itself well to more practical interpretations. Beneficial practices, e.g. meditation, diet, etc. are given more meaningful context. I now see the greater purpose in those life-strengthening techniques and may now begin them anew in this brief time we have left in 3D. This book has been a much-needed recharge, as it has greatly piqued my curiosity of multidimensional Being. Tuning in now more acutely.

Four stars due to the nature of the questions made by the women. I felt they dwelled too much on generics rather than questioning a little deeper. Thankfully the Arcturians were allowed much room to elaborate! English

In 1984, Dr. Norma Milanovich, who resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was living a quiet, quite normal existence when she began experiencing a series of extraordinary events. These events began with strange paranormal and psychic experiences and have escalated to her receiving transmissions via her microcomputer from other life forms who have identified themselves as Beings from the star Arcturus. With the support and assistance of two friends, Betty Rice and Cynthia Plosky, a book, WE, THE ARCTURIANS, has been produced which contains numerous messages transmitted from these Beings.

The Arcturians, speaking through Norma, have sent Earthlings a gentle message regarding their purpose for being here. They claim they are here to assist Earth as it enters a New Age of spirituality. They cannot interfere with the free will or decision-making process of any Earthling, but are here to educate and help raise the vibrations of all who choose to journey to the new dimension the Earth is entering. They are also commissioned to help us understand the true nature of God, ourselves, and the universes.

Who are these Beings and why are they here? Are they friends, foes or merely observers? The answer to these questions may come from the words of the Arcturians themselves :

We wish only to be accepted on the Earth plane for the gifts and benefits that we bring. We try to do our jobs with total dedication to the Light and to the sisters and brothers of Earth, whom we serve.

We would like for this document to be read as the comparison of two different worlds.

We look for ways to belong. We do not wish to be considered separate in a universe that is only one.

We are talking about a transit of time, over the next several years, that will transform the energy of the beloved Earth to a Garden of Eden in the galaxy. We, The Arcturians