Wake A Sleeping Tiger (Breeds, #22; Feline Breeds, #18) By Lora Leigh

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The book is the standard fight the mating heat fare of the early books with a little bit extra. Nothing like the great storylines from the years when the series first went mainstream; but not nearly as convoluted and confusing as recent books. After all these years you would think there would be something more.

The angst comes from the long ago death of Cullen's wife, and what bit of action there is comes from the criminal blood queen who 'blames' Chelsea for the death of her daughter. Cassie makes a brief appearance; and if not for the mention of a handful of known Breed names and the mating heat bit, you'd never know you were reading a Breeds books.

This could be any sexed up CR, or an angsty, soapy/drama NA. The recessed gene subplot was interesting; but it soon gave way to the routine 'mine' of the mating heat. You definitely know you are reading LL. The sex scenes are the same as they were fifteen years ago - all the spasming, clenching, and juices weeping from books long past is still here intact.

It's time to end this series. The storyline isn't progressing, and Leigh's writing style (especially the sex scenes) is trapped in a time warp. Cullen is definitely nothing like the Breed of the old days. He's much more the in-touch-with-his-feelings NA dude with a recessed Bengal gene than he is the DNA enhanced Breed warrior. LL always said Cassie (Dog !! Dog !! Dog !!) would be the last book...it's time... 9781101612514 Overall a good addition to the series.
When book 31 of the breeds was finally announced, I was really excited- because it took me one step close to Cassie's book (after I realized it wasn't Cassie's book)!
The characters of this book are Judd and Chelsea.
Judd/Cullen is a recessed bengal breed, twin brother of Graeme/Gideon whom we met in the previous book.
Chelsea is Isabella's sister (Malachi's mate).
The pair has known each other for years. Judd was married to Chelsea's late cousin Lauren, and Chelsea has been working as his secretary in his Covert Law Enforcement agency.
After years of doing desk jobs, when Chelsea realizes he's never going to let her in the field- she resigns- and the threat of separation wakes the recessed primal breed.
The story reminds of earlier books in the series- a couple fighting attraction, strong breeding instincts, mating mark, loads and loads of barbed sex and emotion sensing.
There are also evil murderers and villians to push the buggy.
Graeme's journal entries were one of my favorite parts of the book and added to the chapters.
The main couple was just likable- there was occasional good chemistry between them but since I have read so much better in this series- that was purely average. Sometimes I really wanted to shake them saying FFS TALK!
What I did enjoy reading is tidbits about Cassie and her coyote and hints regarding the next book.
The BIG shocker in the end was not what I could have ever predicted- but it makes me even more excited for the next book!!!
Unsafe by definitions
Ps. Can we someday get Amber and Davids book please?! 9781101612514 4.5 stars...
31 books and counting.Who knew that when I picked up a copy of Tempting the Beast several years ago that I would still be reading this series.From the first introduction to this highly erotic series when they first appeared in the now defunct Elloras Cave to the more mainstream publishing houses,this series has held my attention,sometimes good,sometimes not so good a few years back when I could bearly finish the books.This one however was not the case.From beginning to end,I was engaged with the story and my oh my,that shocker of a cliffhanger ending! who would ever have guessed it!!!! I am now more that ever anxiously awaiting Cassie's book and the identity of her mate,is it someone we know,or is it someone else totally new,but always lingering in the background.I hope that her book will live up to my expectations as another Breed book ,Jonas's,I was disappointed in.LL did not disappoint with her trademark sex scenes,as usual,they were smoking!
One of the better additions to the series. 9781101612514 Chelsea Martinez has been Cullen Maverick's personal assistant for way too long. Filing, completing reports, and office politics is not what she signed up for when she joined the the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division. It's become increasing apparent the good 'ole boys club will never let her out of the office into the field so Chelsea makes the decision to cut her loses and move on.

Chelsea has become an integral part of Cullen's life which is why her resignation hits him deep. It's been said that a Breed's inner primal can be triggered by deep emotional stress which may explain the reason his inner Bengal has now decided to come out and play ... or so his evil brainiac mad scientist twin brother Graeme (Gideon) is happy to point out.

The situation becomes critical when it's found Chelsea has been targeted and has a contract out on her head. As if that's not enough, the couple begin to experience the onset of mating heat and find themselves unable to keep their hands off each other.

It's going to take the combined forces of family, friends, co-workers, and others to assure the couple survive the shit storm that's about to be unleashed. All while Chelsea questions if Cullen's sudden change of heart is a just a ploy to get her back in the office.

* * * *

This is the 31st installment in the Breeds series featuring Cullen & Chelsea. Fans of the series may remember Cullen as Graeme's twin brother who was featured in Bengal's Quest. To answer the obvious question ... Yup Graeme's as screwed up as he was but Cat's definitely mellowed him to some degree.

My take of this book is that it is VERY complex and filled to the brim with action/adventure, mystery/suspense, violence and romance to the point I went into information overload status that required me to take breaks to absorb what I had read before proceeding on. That isn't so much a complaint as a cautionary alert that there is a lot packed into the story that may get confusing. Pacing may be needed. On the plus side, the author has included a glossary of breed terms at the end of the book that I'd suggest any potential reader look at BEFORE reading the story if for no other reason than to re-familiarize yourself on key world building aspects necessary to understanding elements unique to the series/book.

While the content and story line took up the majority of the book, the romance between the main characters did flow to connect the two and their relationship. Any reservations as to why they hadn't mated prior were well explained and had a ring of truth for me the reader to understand. I totally appreciated the adult content scenes though I can't say I didn't want more. Selfish on my part but it is what it is. I like my smut and not shy in saying that.

The cast of secondary characters is huge. Characters from previous installments and new characters who I'm sure will be featured in the future create for way too many people to keep tract of and/or identify in a meaningful way. The one secondary character (well two if you include his mate Cat) who made the biggest impression was Graeme. Each chapter (and prologue) begins with his ongoing scientific documentation and analysis that suggests that his brother is just another of his ongoing experiments. Additionally, scenes that included his character were the ones with the most potential for bloodshed, craziness, and destruction. Call me a sucker but I loved how he would change up a scene and own it.

As for the problematic and/or negatives of this book. The price is definitely a factor but I'm not suggesting it's too pricey or out of the norm for this author's work. I'm simply addressing that the purchase price may give potential readers pause. End result. I do feel the story line is unique for the series though it has a degree of predictability in that the heroine is wanted by bad guy element with the hero needing to come to her rescue. Angst, mystery (who done it mystery to figure out), suspense, action/adventure, and a core romance sweeten the plot to round out the complete story which I feel was worth every penny I paid. I almost (ALMOST) did jump chapters about mid way through (which definitely would have changed my opinion) as there was just too much confusion and busyness to absorb. Luckily that's when I took one of my breaks and got back into it which I'm glad I did as the BEST parts of the story began to emerge.

This stand alone installment does have all the bells and whistles that fans of the series will enjoy. Personally, I felt 'some' of the secondary characters spoke to me and made the story much more meaningful (vague reference to tearjerker tag) though the overall story line definitely held my interest from cover to cover. Totally appreciated the epilogue and glimpses into the next installment which I definitely will be grabbing. 9781101612514 This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary
Cullen Maverick also once known as Judd became a recessed Bengal Breed, a very rare circumstance. A recessed breed is rare, but their breed gentetics are also hidden so deep that it takes something deep to bring out the breed instincts of the animal and once it roars to life there is no stopping it. Cullen is the commander of the Covert Law Enforcement for the Navajo's, but there is one talent under him, that he refuses to let in the field and be no more than a personal assistant, a woman who is a fighter and refuses to be put in the shadows. She knows that she can make a difference and when Cullen refuses to give her the chance despite her intense training and recommendations, she leaves not realizing the beast she has awakened in Cullen. But Chelsea's life is put in danger when there is a hit out on her life after attempting to save a little girl from the genetics council. But Chelsea and Cullen are about to step into a hornets nest of the past and present merging together and may not survive the storm.
I never asked you to save me, Cullen. I just wanted to fight beside you
Plot and Story Line
This story really packs a punch and might be one of the best of the series that I have read in a while. Of course I have really enjoyed the majority of the books of this series, however there was something just 'more' to this story than you would think. And man there is so much going on in this book. Of course, we get some fun moments from Cullen's brother and we do get some involvement with Cassie. And I have the strongest feeling we will be seeing her book very very soon. I love Cassie to pieces, but she became so mysterious in this book like we know nothing about her truly. The book sets off with a thrilling and dramatic scene of Chelsea trying to save a little girl's life from being tormented by hyena breeds that work for the council. And unfortunately it doesn't work out like Chelsea tried, and soon her life is in danger. At first, we seem to think it might be this girl's mother wanted revenge for her daughter's death. However, we start to slowly put the pieces of the puzzle together and figure that there is something more going on. Something that involves the past of Cullen and Chelsea. Cullen still bears the emotinal scars of being married but not mating, a woman who was dying and he couldn't save her. And wow the action and intrigue scenes that come into play, what a hot seat this book turns out to be. And Chelsea and Cullen have quite a few things emotionally to work through including the danger that is after them. Plus a bit of a slight cliffhanger to the actual plot that deals directly with Cassie and her secrets. What I truly liked about this book though was seeing that the danger plot line didn't take away from the romance. I felt that it enhanced it a bit, forcing Cullen and Chelse to be honest with each other and let go of the past.
Darlin', I don't just kiss you whenever I'm pissed off with you. If I did, I'd have been kissing you every day for the past four years because I think you live to piss me off
We see how they both realize how important it is to let go of past doubts that played a part in keeping them apart, and fighting to find a way to be together and make their 'mating' work. There is quite a bit of rich emotion included in this story that helps balance out all the physical smexiness you find in Leigh's writing.
Chelsea, I love you. That's why the mating heat flared when I knew you were leaving the Agency and me. That's why, when Graeme told me of your attack, there was no way I couldn't have come to you, and the Heat was stronger when I did. I was going crazy without your laughter, your smart-ass remarks and the warmth that is so much a part of you. I love you. I even loved you when you were a bratty twelve-year-old who winked at me and decided I was crazy for turning down her father's soup. Some part of my instincts demanded I give you a chance to mature, though, as you became older. to grow in who you were, not who I wanted you to be
The Cover
I really like this cover...it just grabs your attention. I mean really all that sexy muscle with some chains and a tiger in the background....pulls you in.
Overall View
Wake A Sleeping Tiger is a thrilling addition to an action packed series that steals your breath away...full of mystery, chills and thrills and an intense yet heart wrenching read that you won't forget.
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On a moonless Navajo night, the recessed Bengal Breed known only as Judd became Cullen Maverick, grandson to one of the Chiefs of the Six Tribes of the Native Americans.

Bengal genetics, usually so fierce as to be labeled primal, was recessed so deep inside Judd that no hint of it can be found. A phenomena so rare it’s been notated only a few times. And there’s no way, it’s believed, to force those genetics free once they’ve disappeared past the genetic level.

Now, as commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division in Window Rock, New Mexico, Cullen leads his six agents in protecting the treasures of the Navajo Tribes by ensuring they remain safely in Navajo possession.

Added to this mix is none other than the delicate Window Rock police detective determined to stick her pretty little nose in his business.

And once Cullen realized the animosity that keeps flaming between them is far more than he imagined, then the Primal Breed that’s lurked inside him comes out to play. And when that beast decides to make itself known, Cullen suddenly remembers all the reasons it was better off sleeping. Wake A Sleeping Tiger (Breeds, #22; Feline Breeds, #18)

3.5 Smut Scale Stars Screw It, 4 Smut Scale Stars

I have been a longtime reader of this series (pretty much since the beginning almost 20 years ago) and I just adore it. To be frank, at this point, I'm not really sure the above stars reflect how actually good the book was, or just my personal nostalgic love for this series. So keep that in mind...

That said, I really enjoyed this installment (which I read out of order...again...whoops).

I really loved Cullen (and of course, Graeme). Now...I can't say that I necessarily loved Chelsea. While I did respect her inner drive and her wish to be independent, I also have a low tolerance for stubbornness just for the sake of it. I get annoyed when characters constantly put themselves and others in danger for what sometimes feels like simple self-actualization. But anyway. I am a sucker for Leigh's Breed world and I really enjoyed this.

I need Rhyzan's book. Stat. 9781101612514 3.5 stars

This is more of note session for me than a review..

I have many conflicting emotions. I liked that we were finally back to the simplicity of the Mating Heat and didn't focus too much on the spiritual duality and substitution from the previous books. I really liked the Navajo addition and lore when it was first introduced but I didn't like how convoluted it all became with it. I also find it annoying that a ton of minor characters featured in novellas or audio only books keep popping up and adding to the narrative and I have no clue who they are. In my opinion novellas should be like a bonus top up to your book series addiction with side characters getting their HEA without disrupting or adding to the main story. When they keep popping up in the main books it just makes me confused and kinda annoyed.

Initially, I was hesitant to read this. But I loved being back in this world and I enjoyed Graeme/Gideon so much more in this one rather that his own book. The story did drag a bit more than it should but the connection, past and backstory of Cullen and Chelsea was sweet and hot. I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

I hope that the series continues after Cassie's book which is next as I really want poor Dane to find a mate. And Ashley!

Prior to reading

Cullen/Judd's book? And I'm over here STILL waiting for Cassies's book...

9781101612514 I just love it when I open a book and I get exactly what I have been expecting and hoping to get.

Oh, how much I have missed Breeds...

After Bengal's Quest, which was a complete mess, this one has a strong, nice story that reminded me of the good old Breeds' stories.

Cullen is the commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Division in Window Rock, New Mexico and he is a Bengal Breed. Unfortunately he likes things in order and he does not want to be a Breed. His denial results in recessed Breed traits. Consequently he lacks many of the Breeds characteristics (scent sensitivity, intuition and advanced strength etc.) and of course the Mating Heat.

When his brother Graeme appears again in his life some of his Breed’s characteristics start to surface and this trend is intensified when his personal assistant Chelsea gives him her resignation and leaves him.
The Recessed Primal Breed at exactly this point realizes that Chelsea is important to him and a chink appears in his armor. The Mating Heat kicks in.

The book has everything you can always find in a Breeds’ book:
1. Adventure
Enraged howls filled the night as Chelsea slammed the Runner into gear and the desert vehicle shot forward. The deep tread of the tires bit into dirt, sand and gravel, then all but picked up and flew through the night.

2. Funny moments
“Maybe it’s hungry,” she suggested, her voice low but definitely goading now. “Do you keep kitty kibble around?”

3. Betrayal
“I’ll be damned if I’ll even try to work with him knowing how easily he betrayed our friendship and tried to endanger you.”

4. A few tears here and there
“Come here, baby. I’m right here. Come on, let me take you to your momma...”

5. Passion
His arm went around her waist, his head lowered and before she could resist he let his tongue taste her lips, then pushed between the curves and claimed her mouth with a kiss he was craving.

6. Love
“I love you, wild woman”
“I love you, tiger man”

The next book is about CASSIE and I am really looking forward to it. Please, please I want so much Dog as her mate. But I guess I will accept anything, if it is well written.

Also, judging from the number of unmated characters that appear in the book and they have been already introduced to us in the previous books and the number of the new characters; I can only think there are many more books in process.
I could see at least one more book with a surprising new character that she appears towards the end of this book.

Background reading:
Obviously the book is not a standalone. Although the writer provides in the beginning of the book an introduction to “THE WORLD OF THE BREEDS” and in the end of the book a few “BREED TERMS”, you may still not be able to follow the story.
I can give you a few extra suggestions, so that you will not get totally lost.
1. Bengal's Quest, if you want to learn more about Graeme/Gideon (Cullen’s psycho brother) and his mate Cat.
2. An Inconvenient Mate, if you want to learn more about Isabelle (Chelsea’s playful sister) and her mate Malachi.
3. Elizabeth's Wolf, if you want to learn more about Cassie (How can you read Breeds and not know Cassie?)
4. Dawn's Awakening, if you want to know how Cassie and her obsessive mysterious stalker have started flirting. 9781101612514 31 books in and it's STILL not Cassie's book.

But I'm weak, and I need a smutty PNR fix, and so I'm caving...

ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest review

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9781101612514 Great one, with a spectacular cliffhanger!

This book was Cullen’s story. Cullen was formerly known as Judd when he was in the Labs and was Gideon’s identical twin but after escaping with Honor and Fawn and arriving at the Navajo Nation, he became Cullen and soon became the Commander of the Navajo Covert Law Enforcement Agency.

Chelsea has worked for him at the Agency for years as well as working for the “Unknown” and has been training to be a field operative since she was a teenager. However, Cullen wants her to stay protected so he refuses to let her do anything other than office work and filing. So she quits to go on secret assignment for Rule Breaker and Cassie.

When Cullen figures out Chelsea is not coming back and is working a dangerous Job where she is nearly killed, his recessed Genetics start coming forward and mating heat starts between the two of them. Cullen was previously married to a distant cousin of Chelsea’s and everyone thinks he has been pining for her since she died 10 years ago. So this causes issues for Chelsea.

The romance has ups and downs but is quite hot and the storyline is very good. Every scene with Graeme (formerly known as Gideon) is awesome. I had been looking forward to his book but was a bit disappointed by it, he seems to be so much more enjoyable as a secondary character, I guess. The book ends in a pretty monumental cliffhanger so I can’t wait to start the next book!

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