Velvet Glove: Volume I By Sean Michael

The Velvet Glove. An interplanetary exclusive club with every luxury available to its members, The Glove is also a place to explore the deepest levels of sex and love, a place where every member has a chance to find the one thing they really desire, leaving behind the mundane world and entering a fantastical land where rules are meant to be broken. Featuring four stories from Sean Michael's decadent and lush universe, this volume of Velvet Glove has something for everyone.

In Connor's Journey, Connor attends a friend's pre-commitment send-off at the Velvet Glove, and he knows he's out of place, but is determined to enjoy his one night among the rich. Then he meets Desmond, a regular member, who wants to show him everything about being a sub if he'll take a five year contract. It beats his old job, but can he do the things Desmond wants him to?

Peace Within The Quiet features Gloucester, a sub who's not getting any younger, and he's never found anyone to call his own. Then he meets Katashi, a quiet, serious Top, who's drawn to Gloucester, inviting him to a session. The two of them find they have more in common than they thought, and begin a journey of a thousand miles with a single step.

In Love and the Farmer, Love is the best, and brattiest, sub at the club. Punishments are fun for Love, as long as he's the center of attention. Then Freddie comes along. Freddie agrees to take Love on, and Love's furious at being taken in hand by this country bumpkin, but he learns soon enough that Freddie is far from a bumbling farmer.

Finally, in Soaring with Hawk, factory worker Jester lets supervisor Hawk convince him to visit the Velvet Glove. Hawk treats Jester with kindness, and soon enough, Hawkwants Jester to move in. Jester's family are less than thrilled, but when he thinks he has nowhere else to go, he finds out that he'll always have a place with Hawk. Hot, lush, and full of love and adventure, the Velvet Glove will take you places you've never dreamed of, and you'll want to visit again and again Velvet Glove: Volume I

Welcome to BDSM 101. Care for a drink? Something to eat? Something to whip?

In all seriousness, this volume does read like BDSM 101, introducing the club, the world and the concepts though the stories of two men who are new to the whole thing and have no idea what they're getting into. Compared to some later stories in the volumes (and some additional stories), these will seem tame, but it doesn't make their coming together any less sweet. I think this would be a great start for someone curious about BDSM romance but who doesn't think they'd be able to handle hardcore activities.

Romantic happy endings. Michael always gives us our happy ending and does so here. He creates a world which seems to work off the concept of everyone has their true love (um, loves), and while his stories could be repetitive if read in succession (as in, reading volumes 1, 2, and 4 in one weekend), they give what the reader wants.

Writing. While the writing didn't feel as strong as in Velvet Need, I was never disappointed. In fact, I started rereading the book the next day to try to stave off starting the next volume. It didn't work, but I tried.

Name abuse. This is really the only thing I can think of calling it. I understand when writing actions sometimes names are necessary to differentiate since the pronouns are the same, but that I can deal with. He tends to write dialogue with a lot of name dropping (Simon, I trust you. Thank you, Jack. You're welcome, Simon. Though maybe nothing quite so bad). I think a fair number could be cut, especially those outside of scenes (they seem fitting in a scene). It is never disruptive enough to rip me from my reading rhythm, but it was noticeable.
1603701745 The Velvet Glove. An interplanetary exclusive club with every luxury available to its members, The Glove is also a place to explore the deepest levels of sex and love, a place where every member has a chance to find the one thing they really desire, leaving behind the mundane world and entering a fantastical land where rules are meant to be broken. 1603701745 Really cute stories with very interesting characters. Lots of sweet stuff. 1603701745 I enjoyed this four story anthology very much. The Velvet Glove is a top of the line men's club and apartment complex where every need of the interplanetary BDSM crowd frequent. The stories are well written and very descriptive though not hardcore. Michael's writing style pulled me into each story where the characters were brought to life. I felt like I was right there in each love story. The detail and the commitment of the characters to their exclusive relationships moves through all four stories. I'd recommend a visit to the Glove for any reader new to BDSM stories or a veteran. 1603701745 I attempted to read all four stories, but have been forced, in all fairness, to DNF all of them. 1603701745


I love Sean Michael's books. I really like his voice when he tells a story. It's always simple, well-paced and he really gets to the heart of his characters...whether the story is 300 pages or 10! I get sucked into the world he weaves and I can't escape until I read the last page.

Velvet Glove: Volume 1 is an anthology of four different stories all written by Sean Michael. Since the Velvet Glove is a premier BDSM club set in the future, all the stories have a D/s storyline to them.
The BDSM written in this book is not hardcore. There are spankings, bondage, whippings, toys, voyeurism and blindfolding. There is NO menage scenes in this book. The couples are exclusive to one another, and honestly the stories are very romantic at times. Two different couples get collared which is the same as married in this book. All stories had a sweet quality to them, and one story itself didn't hardly have any BDSM moments at all. Just two people meeting and falling in love.

I loved all of the stories! If you enjoy M/M erotic romance, than this book is definately an option because it DOES have so many interesting characters, unique storylines, sweet moments, great heroes and STEAMY-HOT SEX (WHEW)! I can't wait to read the next one:)

1603701745 1.5

This book of short stories felt like it was never going to end. The stories were repetitive from the dialogue on down to the sex scenes. I'll review the book story by story because there were things original to each story that made this book a chore.

Connor's Journey
Connor is a working class man who doesn't have much money. He ends up in the high-end BDSM club the Velvet Glove for a celebration dinner with his friends. His friends leave him in favor of the dance floor and that's when Desmond, Mr. Money Bags, swoops in.

My problem with this story stems from the fact that Connor signs a contract to become Desmond's sub. He's already indulged in sex with Desmond, so is that what Connor is being paid for? Desmond even takes him out and buys him a bunch of expensive clothes. This seemed reminiscent of Pretty Woman but Connor's not a least, he's not a prostitute until he signs the contract where Desmond agrees to pay him for his company and submission and, well, sex. Sex may not be in the contract but it's understood that there will be sex. Did you get the part about paying for sex?

Peace Within The Quiet
This is Gloucester and Katashi's story. Gloucester is a lonely sub and Katashi is the stereotype...I mean the dom. Gloucester's character was fine if a bit boring. The character of Katashi was...stereotypical. Katashi is the wise, calm Asian who meditates and offers tea from the mountains while telling magical stories. Katashi is so spiritual that while he and Gloucester meditate they form some kind of energy and Katashi meditates Gloucester right into an orgasm.

Right now I wish that I could somehow illustrate the expression on my face when I read that. He meditated him into an orgasm! Ridiculous!

Love and The Farmer
This story has no point. Love is a beautiful and bratty sub. Freddie is a farmer. Freddie the dominant farmer. Love is being a bitch and then he gets punished by Freddie and then they have sex. The end. Oh wait. Love thinks lots of catty things about Freddie based on the fact that the man is a farmer. Nice way to judge a stranger and be conceited all at the same time, Love.

The sum of all of this story's parts? The bitch gets beat and then the farmer fucks him. Tah-dah!

Soaring With Hawk
This story is basically the same as the first. Make Desmond Native American and change his name to Hawk. Make Connor skinny and change his name to Jester.

Connor’s Journey (3 stars)

It’s interesting to revisit this after such a long time – with such different views of the subject matter.
These stories, they have a certain charm. Mostly it’s the writing style that bears resemblance to stream-of-consciousness in some ways, but also the resulting dreamlike quality and relentless emotion. As for what actually happens, well, that may at times go past what I am comfortable with, but I’ve found that I can read all of this as the fantasy it clearly is intended to be. The slightly futuristic setting does help with removing events and behaviours from reality. It’s like a fuzzy daydream. And sometimes that’s just right.

I liked this one. Even though the rush into occurs rather abruptly. Up until that point things progressed at a gentle pace. Then again, it's closing in on the end, so there might be a need to get things wrapped up.
I suppose one thing I (surprisingly) did not appreciate was the fast healing of the piercings and tattoo. Abbreviating and reducing the sacrifice kind of takes a lot of the meaning from it for me. Ah well.

It’s also become clear that I won’t be able to read these stories in any good chronological manner. At least I haven’t found any helpful list yet. I might just go via the collections. Doesn’t matter all that much.

Mm, yes. This definitely was a cuddly BDSM fantasy daydream.

Peace Within The Quiet (3 stars)

“They had not even kissed yet.” Except that’s precisely what they did a page or two before that statement. Hm.

This was a sweet fantasy of calmness. Quite appealing, although somewhat quickly over at the end.

Also, since I have two editions side by side and I read the newer one this time… I think the older one had a nicer flow. Apparently it featured more of those fragmented sentences that are no longer an intrinsic part of the author’s style but really help with the sensual/emotional haze.

Love And The Farmer (2-3 stars)

Another nice, tiny story. They can’t all end with happily-every-afters, of course, but the lack of a solid resolution does take away a little for me.

There’s some issue with dubious consent. Not sure how monetary coercion applies to a prostitute. (That’s for Mal threatening Love with loss of his job if he safewords.) Well, luckily this entire series is an all-out fantasy anyway, so I suppose the rules of reality do not apply.

Soaring With Hawk (3-4 stars)

Very sweet indeed. Next to no friction (aside from the obvious kind) between the protagonists. Or indeed anyone. As such this is a complete soothe-fest.

I think reception will depend a lot on the current mood of the recipient. I definitely liked this, but I also think it’ll be good to break this up with something else for a book or two. If I can get myself to do that. I kind of want to wallow in sweetness and lack of sorrow. I just don’t want to get bored, if I can help it.

I do remember, however, that some of the stories from the second anthology are a little more, uh, well… I guess you could call them extreme in nature. Ethics and morals might get twisted some in the fourth story.
Even in these first four stories there was plenty of childlike behaviour in the subs, but discipline and lack of choice were only really hinted at. Love’s story being the exception, but that was a mere quickie anyway.
Well. Maybe that shift in palatability will be enough to keep me from getting bored. 1603701745 WOW! I stayed up most of the night reading this gem! Most anthologies suck in my opinion, but I loved this one. The club Velvet Glove is a cool place to be if you liked that D/s play, that's for sure! I can honestly say I loved every story, and every character. I can't wait to read more about Kes and others mentioned in this book. I've ordered the entire series, and although my pocketbook is now a lot less, it will be so worth it!
Thanks, Shell-Daisiemae for the recommendation! ;D 1603701745 Can't wait to read the next book in this series. Every story in this book was fresh and had an interesting storyline and the characters chemistry together was HAWT! 1603701745

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