Up Close: Rachel Carson (Up Close) By Ellen Levine

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Rachel Carson combined her love of science and writing in her awardwinning and controversial book, Silent Spring. Revealing the dangers of pesticide use, it brought readers a new awareness of man’s contamination of the environment and ultimately led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Up Close: Rachel Carson (Up Close)

I actually really liked Rachel Carson by the end of this book! My only issue with the book is that I thought the author jumped to conclusions way too much. But, disregarding that I enjoyed the book and know a lot more about Rachel Carson (the author of Silent Spring) than I ever did before. She was quite the woman who cared for her family and nature and did what she could to help them both. This book shows how Rachel tried to look at both sides. She acknowledged the need for pesticides, but she also pointed out people need to look at the long term picture for not only nature, but themselves too. English A great biography of Rachel Carson -- I learned so much about what she faced and overcame. She loved writing and nature equally, and her decision to switch to a biology undergraduate degree from English was ridiculed. I appreciate that Ellen Levine also told her story through a feminist lens, in which the most heartbreaking detail is that twice doctors did not tell her she had a malignant lump removed because she was a woman.

On a personal note, Ellen Levine was one of my advisors at VCFA, and she too, like Rachel, was gone too young. English Geared to a teen or young adult reader, I nevertheless recommend it to anyone wanting to know about an amazing woman and the environmental movement she spawned.
English Rachel Carson is famous for her science nonfiction, THE SILENT SPRING. I had been aware of its immortality among the literati, notably on the list of the TIME as one of the best nonfictions of all time. In fact,I had turned my back on it many times whenever I saw it at my stomping ground. I just skimmed it since it is nonfiction,and I was borne upon the idea that it could no longer be realiable.

Had it been written in great detail or by Rachel Carson herself,for sure, I would have given 5 stars. Nevertheless, I still LIKED it a whole lot,because Rachel Carson was an amazing woman . She inspired not only people with scientific mentality, but even the laymen like me. She even caused me to regress to the delusional personality I tried to be- a trying -hard environmentalist. I believe that any books attempted to be written about her would be still worth reading just the like of this Ellen Levine's.

This book reflects in the other side of Rachel Carson,mostly her dedication to her field of studies, her determination to achieve her dreams, her sisterly and daughterly love for her family,and her viewpoints about religion and science -let alone the question about her being a spinster.

What I liked about Rachel Carson,according to the book, is her reverence for life. She humbled herself despite her superior intelligence. She preferred to use her god -send talent in writing in informing the public about how they should have loved the nature ,how they should have been aware of the dangers of artificial chemicals,particularly the pesticides. She used the literature as the instrument to catch their interest in natural sciences. She intended not to be technical ; she put her ideas into the language of the layman. This was how she may have been revolting against the greedy capitalists in 1960's. She was the antithesis of Harriet Beecher,the author behind the UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. Both were considered nothing in the eyes of the big time business men and politicians but they made a big difference.

In some cases, reading a biography could be apocryphal because of the credibility of the facts and information data gleaned by authors. They could pad their masterpieces with a pack of fairy tales to pan out in the market. So could autobiographers. On the other hand, Helen Levine's may be credible since all the information came primarily from Rachel Carson' s documents.But what I appreciated about H. Levine is the simplicity of how she narrated Rachel Carson's personal and professional life. Reading it was like as though I watched a documentary peppered with enough information- enough to inform a reader like me.
Had she written it in great detail combined with her writing skills , like an ambitious novel,for sure, I would have really given it 5 stars. But giving it 5 or 4 stars is neither here nor there. I care about the message of Rachel Carson,so when I go to the bookstore one of these days, I will not give a shadow of doubt about buying the SILENT SPRING more so I've got an idea of how she wrote it.


Rache Carson was an ailurophile. She had a confederation of cats which became her companions in writing her notable books. The last cat that became the instrument of her writing the SILENT SPRING was Jeffie. Hahaha! Cool, Rachel. ^^ English This book really shines when the subject's own writing is quoted, revealing a passionate observer and interpreter of the natural world. That Rachel Carson was able to write a number of best-selling books, one of which inspired the modern environmentalist movement, in spite of sexism, overwhelming family obligations and health problems only makes me admire her more. I am not afraid of being thouht a sentamentalist when I stand here tonight and tell you that I believe natural beauty has a necessary place in the spiritual development of any individual or any society. I couldn't agree more. I would like to have gone hiking or beach-combing with Carson. English

It described her life well, and I was interested. I read it for my history fair project. English An amazing 'real' woman whom more children and adults should know.

Every year children are assigned to read and write a paper on someone in history. For some reason Lincoln is the first to disappear off the library shelves. Perhaps it's because there are almost a billion books published about him. But, for the child who approaches my desk and says, I dunno who I want to write about, Rachel Carson will be the first name I exalt.
English Four stars for what it is, a short bio of a woman/scientist/poet I wanted to know more about. I want to know more because she was a really unique person. I felt really angry on her behalf for what she suffered health-wise and the discrimination she faced all her life.

This Up Close series was written for young adults. Quick, easy, and informative for everyone. English inspiring, a woman determined to do what was right. Creation vs. Evolution didn't stop her from appreciating God's beauty.
She was always listening, seeing,smelling and feeling the wind around her....
English I have learned so far that Rachel Carson is an amazing person and gives me hope!!!!!!!!!! English