Untitled (The Legion, #3) By Kami Garcia

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Non vedo l'ora di leggerlo, sono troppo curiosa! Ma quando cavolo esce?!? Hardcover REALLY REALLY NEED THIS BOOK!!!!! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE DECIDE WHEN THIS IS COMING OUT Hardcover finally the publication of the third book has been announced! kami garcia announced that she is finally working on the third book and other gifts for us too! I've been waiting for this book for seven years! ASSAFÀ Hardcover I really find this funny...
#1 Unbreakable
#2 Unmarked
#3 Untitled

I know... I know....

That's why it's funny, because it's a joke... Hardcover I don't mean to be rude but is this book ever going to come out? I mean really the 2nd book let us hanging and it is so nerve wracking not knowing what the solution is going to be. Hardcover


Why isn't there a synopsis or cover for this yet? It says it's supposed to be a 2015 publication. I don't mean to be impatient but I love this series so much now I need to know how it ends. Hardcover 2021 people where you at? I've waited for this book since 2016 Hardcover GUYS BOOK 3 IS COMING OUT IN DEC 2022!!! the reason why kami never published book 3 was because her publisher didn't buy it and the rights to the book belonged to the publisher. she recently got the rights back so she started working on book 3! if you have signed up for her newsletter you'll know. kami wasn't trying to disrespect/ignore the legion fans :) I've been waiting for this book since 2015/2016. you just gotta be patient
Hardcover NEW UPDATE 17/05/2017
Over two years and no update. I've given up because this is just disrespectful to us the readers and fans. I was really hoping for the conclusion of this story, but alas, the author has completely let us down. I'm very disappointed and just sad!

C'mon Kami, I think it's about time you at least revealed the cover. Hardcover Update: I'm officially giving up and decided that since I now barely remember what was going on in book 2 that I just don't care. I won't read anymore from her though because you never know when she'll just leave a series unfinished.

Ok so probably not going to come out at this point. Can't believe a professional such as Kami Garcia just gave up on book 3. It's been over a year since the last one and absolutely nothing on the third. My lesson to learn: do not start series until all books are published! Hardcover

See the author's response posted on December, 2017. Untitled (The Legion, #3)