Untethered (St. Judes #1) By M. Jameson

Untethered took us into the life of step siblings Flynn and Isa, who are thrown into a family unit and have epic battles to outdo and outlast each other. Some of these pranks are funny and some very mean, but it's the underlying emotion that has them pushing each other to the extreme.
This story was well written, with so much back story and hidden scenes and innuendos, that I could not stop reading it!
I look forward to more stories from M Jameson! English Dark romance - check
Spice - check
Stepbrother/forbidden love trope - check
Secret society - check

Just finished Untethered and i freaking loved, dark, pact with spice and a hot dirty stepbrother.

A Slow burn that made me devour this book and once the burn was over there was full flames - uffff

I need more please, yep i need book 2 now. English Dark, descriptive, and at times disturbing.

This was definitely an interesting read. It was darker and more taboo than anything I've ever read before.

With that being said, I'll start with the storyline and the pros. This story is about a step-brother and sister, who have a lot of animosity, as well as growing tension between them. She's a rich and smart princess-type and he is a monster, who's a part of a sex cult. There is a lot of dirty and depraved sex in this book, with a tiny bit of romance thrown in towards the end. The tension and scenes between the two MCs is good. Also, the mystery surrounding Flynn, the male MC is interesting.

Now, the cons. There is a massive 10 yr plot hole in the middle of the book, which almost made me DNF. The scenes also jump around right in the middle of chapters, at times there's not much flow. There's also some scenes, which are definitely rape and some scenes in which a child is abused. I understand that it was necessary for character development, but it didn't need to be so descriptive, it could have been alluded to. Most people who read these kinds of books have kids themselves, so its hard to stomach scenes like that.

Finally, on a technical level, there are a lot of grammatical errors that need to be addressed. Names were misspelled and entire pieces of sentences were missing, which made reading a bit difficult at times.

I would have given it 4 stars, if not for the plot holes and jumping in story lines in the middle of the chapter. I would have given 5 stars if the description of the child abuse was left out and only alluded to. English Minus a Million stars. — ⭐️ This book is NOT SAFE!It’s a STD breeding ground. Gross!! not romantic at all. Cheating, sharing multiple partners. 🤮 descriptive sex scenes with OM OW while hero and heroine get together not exclusive. It’s an orgie book with MFMF / MM / FF
Unlikable main characters. Won’t read this author again 🤢🤢🤢 English After reading Untethered all I can think is Holy taboo!

Welcome to the Order of St Judes, where they share their drinks and their women! As if this wasn't juicy enough it centers around a step-sibling enemies-to-lovers scenario that is deliciously wicked.

Flynn is your quintessential bad boy with a dark past who is incapable of emotions, Isabella is a straight-laced goodie-two-shoes who just wants to lose her V card before college.

Flynn was a complex character, being the outsider and the son of an abused prostitute, his past always weighs on his shoulders, reminding him he's tainted, that he's unworthy of love. Bella is his light against the darkness, but he lets her go before his darkness overwhelms her completely.

Bella was such a strong character, having gone through the wringer with Flynn and coming out what more than she could handle. Her strength and ability to stand strong despite her circumstances were commendable.

Now let's get down to the brass, this book was hot, I am talking hot in an uncomfortable Hrmm is that right? way. It features a gamut of forbidden tropes but M. Jameson has found an excellent balance between tasteful and erotic. Sure, there are orgies, LGBTQIA moments, and sexual tension dripping off the pages with consensual and non-consensual acts but the passion ignited between the characters was the real winner for me.

I am excited to read further into the St. Jude series and see what's in store for some of the other characters!

Thank you to the author, Entangled Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with an arc.

Trigger Warning: There are scenes depicting alcohol consumption, drug use, and overdose English

UNTETHERED is a forbidden taboo romance

I grew up in darkness, it's etched in my soul, so I have no right to touch anything as perfect as Isabella Serrano.
She hates me, I thought I hated her too until one taste of the forbidden makes me question that.
I'll try to break her, to take everything from her, but what she takes from me in the process, is more, so much more.

Flynn Drake is a monster, my tormentor, but the hate he gives, he gets right back, the last thing I expected was to fall for him, my step-brother. 
He tainted me, he used me, and I let him, but now I'm back, and not the woman I used to be. 
I'm not his little puppet anymore. 
But the harder I pull away, the harder he pushes. 
This book is for mature audiences 18 +
Triggers: noncon, dubcon, menage, group s*x, abuse, cheating 
Themes: enemies to lovers, dark romance, step-brother, second chance, secret society Untethered (St. Judes #1)


I am a firm believer that there is an audience for every book. Sadly, I am absolutely not the target audience for Untethered. Marketed as a taboo erotic romance, the blurb for this book was incredibly vague and so you have very little clue of what you are about to read. The two MCs, Flynn and Isabella are step-brother and sister, hence the taboo element, however that honestly felt incidental to the plot.

I want to start by saying that I had no particular issue with the writing style or quality. It's not a bad book, but the romance really let me down. There just isn't any. I understand that the author was trying to write a very sexual book, where everyone is sleeping with everyone else, including orgies, and I don't usually have a problem with that, but when your main characters spend 75-80% of the story sleeping with everybody other than each other, it really turns me off. There were also far too many scenes where the MCs would start a sexual encounter together and leave to finish off with a different partner. It's not precisely cheating, but it's definitely not my brand of romance.

Most of this book left me feeling cold, or at worst, rather queasy. It's less hate-to-love and more just hate. Even at the end, the HEA feels like it comes out of nowhere and if this is the character's idea of love, I want no part of it. There are so many tropes in this book that it does feel a bit jumbled, plus there's a 10 year time-jump that blew my mind! The book ends (for now) with a promise of book 2, but I can safely say you couldn't pay me to read that book. I have no doubt that some people will enjoy this book (as shown via other reviews) but I unfortunately was not one of them. English Can we stop calling shit like this romance? I'm so tired of this. Call it erotica and be done with it, but I don't see how this can be branded (and sold) as romance.

Check out this review for more details.
https://www.goodreads.com/review/show... English This book has a lot of sex in it. 😄 There's sex in almost every chapter and some sick, kinky stuff going on in some of the scenes which is fine by me and if you like it steamy and dirty and degrading, fucking go for it. Plot was okayish. It didn't pull me in much. I liked Flynn's (the male MC) backstory. Pretty sad and disturbing. For some reason, it didn't feel as taboo as I expected with the stepbrother thingy. They were too open with each other from the start so nothing felt surprising, no slow burn but some readers prefer that, I guess. Sweet ending. All in all, if you want lots of steamy scenes and kink in your romances that make you want to throw yourself at your partner and rip their clothes off or even rip your own clothes off if you don't have a partner🤷‍♀️, I would recommend this. 😁

ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. English I really wanted to dig this. Like every luscious drop of its depravity. The plot (the parts without sex) was the whole reason I was willing to join in the multi-partner orgy that was this book. It was outrageous, hot, and twisted as fuck. But the plot was really so surface it wasn’t even a second or third thought. It was a ribbon of text to hang between fucking. GRRR...

The “Now” part was so rushed, so max warp speed that it killed the book. Chapters are literally missing from this. Like, how did we get to the end without a fuck-ton more info??? There’s an epilogue so I’m guessing this couple is over and I feel cheated. I’ll read another but without more attention to detail, I’m out. This book was too potentially intriguing for the “just-here-for-the-smut” feel it gives off.

Please, Ms. Jameson, take some time, slow this shit down, give me some details. You’ll own this sub-genre if you do.

4 stars for the depravity
1.5 stars for execution
2 stars overall

I’m leaving a 4 star to combat the posse sure to come after this book when it hits their radar. The trigger warnings are so big, don’t read this if you’re squeamish. English The author includes a blunt content warning at the beginning of this book and also in the blurb and it was appreciated because it told me what I was in for and I was ready!

“This book is for mature audiences 18 +
Triggers: noncon, dubcon, menage, group s*x, abuse, cheating
Themes: enemies to lovers, dark romance, step-brother, second chance, secret society”

Don’t take that stuff lightly. It’s all in there and some of it is - whew, some of it is quite A LOT to take.

I don’t have to love or even like my characters to enjoy a book if the writing engages me. With that said, I didn’t love or like these two main characters but I could not put the thing down. They’re quite despicable much of the time and that includes both of them! This is more of a hate f*ck sort of book and sometimes that’s kind of what I want to read - as long as I know that’s what I’m getting and I did. Eventually the hate eases a bit and there is some tenderness and reluctant and unavoidable “feelings” but there’s an underlying feeling of self-hatred and self-destruction running throughout most of the story.

The story begins when the two main characters are young adults still living in the same home for a holiday (the summer? I can’t remember now because, ugh, my brain) but anyhow who cares because, yep, they’re step-siblings. Flynn spent a large part of his childhood with his drug addicted mom and he came to great harm because of it and he is filled with “darkness” and “dark urges” and is incredibly damaged. He’s also a high ranking member (the highest? I’m unsure here, shit brain, sorry) of a secret society that has sex orgies but also tries to take down monstrous people by getting dirt on them and their scummy activities and strong arming them in whatever way necessary. Isabella is his innocent step-sister who hates him for breathing and also for constantly causing her embarrassment and frustration. They both treat each other very badly but they’re tied to each other and also, well, very turned on by each other after a game of truth or dare and a forbidden kiss .

The book alternates between Flynn and Isabella’s POV so you get a good dose of both of their pissed off POV’s. There’s a lot of anger in this book and so much hurt. Prepare yourself because I do not exaggerate!

As I said, I had a hard time putting this one down. I was in the mood for a dark story with difficult characters and this one came through for me. Is it perfect? No, it’s not. I’m still not sure how I feel about the ten year jump or the secret society murdery/gangster style stuff especially in the earlier sections but only because it wasn’t as fleshed out as I wish it had been and I had SO many questions (because I’m nosy) but I *think* this story is book one of an ongoing series so I’ll read the next few and see what’s what. I also thought Flynn’s backstory was absolutely horrifying and I wish it had been revealed sooner because it would’ve made listening to him continually mention his “darkness” a bit easier to understand. I definitely DO NOT recommend it for everyone or for anyone looking for a romance because this isn’t one but I do recommend it for anyone in the mood for a very dark erotic novel because the sexual tension in this one was off the charts.

The more I “review” the more I dislike numeric ratings but I’m giving this a high three bumped up to four because it captured me and that’s why I read but please heed the warnings before jumping in!

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