Untamed Passion (Dynasties: Seven Sins #6) By Cat Schield

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Oliver and Sammi’s book was one of my favorites of this series! I love an accidental pregnancy storyline, and this one was just sooo good. I felt for Oliver, and what he was going through, but Sammi really stole the book! Plus, I got my theories about the central mystery validated! I can’t wait for the conclusion in the last book! 1488063176 4.25 Stars / 2 Steam Fans

The sixth book in the Seven Sins Dynasty series shows how the Black Cresent Scandal affected Sammie and Oliver. Oliver is the youngest Lowell son that deals with addiction in the wake of his father's scandal. Sammie is a model that Oliver has a one night stand with and ends up pregnant.

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For other video book reviews, check out my YouTube Channel: Steph's Romance Book Talk. 1488063176 Untamed Passion by Cat Schield is the sixth book in the multi-authored Dynasties: Seven Sins series and features a sexy one night stand and an ‘oops! unexpected pregnancy!’ romance.

Oliver Lowell has been paying for his mistakes for years, and frankly he’s getting tired of it. Yes, after his father fled from an embezzlement charge that ruined the reputation of Black Crescent Investment Firm and the lives of many of his victims, including his family, Oliver sunk into an abyss of drinking and partying. But those days are behind him now. When one fabulous night spent with Filipina model Sammy Guzman results in her becoming pregnant, he’s determined to live up to his obligations and be a better father than his ever was. But can he also convince Sammy that what they shared can be the start of something even better?

I’ve been enjoying this series and waiting for Oliver to get his turn! Each story can be read as a standalone and while there is a loose story arc throughout the series, the individual stories have complete couple romances and explain enough details about what’s been happening for the reader to catch up easily.

Oliver has had his share of troubles but has found himself a good career as a photographer, staying out of the investment firm run by his brother Joshua. He’s still close with his brothers, even if they don’t always see that he isn’t that angry young man he used to be. His night with Sammy and her subsequent pregnancy are a way for him to show everyone that he’s ready for real responsibility and commitment.

Sammy is ready to be independent. She’s lived with her mother for years, a woman who pushed her into the modeling career for multiple reasons, and who is afraid of what Sammy’s unexpected pregnancy will mean. Oliver is wealthy, handsome, and a perfect catch really – but Sammy has spent so many years under the control of her mother that she doesn’t want to trade in being under one thumb for being under another. She is reluctant to accept financial help from Oliver and stands up for herself and her independence, which Oliver admires. Their first night together was a sexy affair neither forgot, and now that she’s pregnant and going to be in his life more permanently for the sake of the baby, it’s easy to keep succumbing to their attraction.

Oliver has to deal with family issues when his father, thought dead, turns out to be alive and gets arrested and put into jail. Sammy is willing to listen to him and offer him advice on how to deal with that, understanding how it is to have a complicated relationship with a parent. This helps them bond, and eventually they are able to figure out how to make their individual wants and desires coalesce into a meaningful and long lasting relationship. Their happy ending is very satisfying, and I’m looking forward to the conclusion of this series!

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A copy of this story was provided by the publisher. 1488063176 I received an advanced ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review and I want to thank them for the opportunity.

Unfortunately this one had tropes that are not for me and I didn't expect to read in a Harlequin Desire book. 1488063176 My least favourite one to date. The characters felt stiff and it was hard to grow on me. This one is about the youngest brother of Joshua and him being a photographer who wants to forget his father abandoning them. He has a one night stand with a model and they have a surprise pregnancy and this is them falling in love and getting past their demons. 1488063176

We read about one of Oliver’s brothers Joshua the new CEO of Black Crescent financial investment firm. Oliver Lowell is one of the infamous sons of Vernon Lowell who was CEO of his financial investment firm Black Crescent, he’s also the man who ran away from his family and embezzled all of this client’s money. Vernon left a big burden on his clients. His wife and sons are left to deal with the downfall and it is not pretty. They are being blamed for what their father did.

Oliver is an artist/photographer and has battled addictions. Sammi is a model and her boyfriend is not a nice person and her mom is not that much better. Sammie is having it hard.

Oliver and Sammi meet at a bar and Oliver notices how Sammi’s boyfriend is treating her and when the boyfriend walks away and leaves Sammi with the bar tab Oliver steps in and invites her to join him at a table and takes care of the bar tab.

Oliver informs Sammi that he is a photographer and would love to take pictures of her because pictures reveal a lot about a person. Sammi agrees and goes with Oliver to his apartment and they have a one-night stand that results in a pregnancy.

Can Oliver and Sammi help each other mend and be loving parents and overcome their past.

I enjoyed this Oliver and Sammi’s road to recovery and looking forward to reading the final book in the series about Jake Lowell the 3rd sibling in the Lowell family.

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1488063176 Since I knew going in that this book was not a favorite trope, I mentally adjusted my expectations because I really want to complete this entire series. And I was excited to read about Oliver! I've been intrigued by the other Lowell brothers this entire series. But unfortunately for me, this installment just didn't work for me for reasons aside from the accidental pregnancy after a one night stand. Also unfortunately, a lot of what doesn't work for me is the end.

Oliver is a recovering addict who has been sober for eight years but still doesn't quite trust himself, especially as his dad is found and put in prison for his financial crimes of many years ago. Arguably, this is not the time to find out that the woman, Sammi, he slept with as a one-night stand is pregnant with his child. But he does. Sammi wants Oliver to do whatever he wants, but also if he keeps saying what he wants is her, he needs to pull it together and be emotionally available. For Sammi, that means he needs to forgive his father. And that... is about where things started breaking down for me. I should also mention that Sammi's mother is verbally abusive but has a redemption narrative, which was also discomfiting.

Without spoilers, what I can tell you is that the emphasis on forgiveness of bad actors in this book just rubbed me the wrong way. With spoilers, I will say that

Also, so far I've focused on Oliver, so let's talk about Sammi. She's a model, who had been considering how to leave the profession and the pregnancy has rapidly accelerated that plan. She likes making lists and at one point sits down to make a list of things she loves and struggles to come up with things. This could be a super compelling storyline about her reconnecting to who she is away from her toxic mother, but the book doesn't take the space to do that. I think both of these characters had really compelling back stories that would have made this book better suited for a full length novel as opposed to category length because there needed to be more development of each character's ARC than what was allotted.

Anyway, this was a solid installment in the series, but definitely not a new favorite. Thanks to Netgalley and Harlequin for the advanced copy! 1488063176 One of the trademarks of Harlequin Desire is the promise of scandal and sensuality. Cat Schield delivers this so well in her latest release of Untamed Passion.

A model, Sammi, becomes pregnant after a one night stand with Oliver who is a photographer. Of course when their paths cross again there is still chemistry between the two of them and his discovery of the pregnancy comes after a she winds up in the hospital after an accident.

As they start their journey together Oliver must reconcile his alpha male tendencies for her desire for independence. Her mother is her manager whose need for control over Sammi's life goes beyond her vision for her modeling career....and Sammi wants to do something other than model after modeling her whole life. I felt like Schield did an excellent job with the characters in this regard as she balances both of the characters desires in their journey together.

While a lot of the drama does rely on both of the characters backstories, Schield manages to keep the reader in the moment allowing for the dialogue and action in the present to propel the story forward. This is possibly where the genre comes off as ridiculous at times but one must note the mastery that the author has in making sure there is movement in the story while staying within the tight word count guidelines Harlequin has for their series romance.

There have been times in my quest to build my writing craft that a lot of more literary fiction fails to keep a plot structure and if it does have one it fails to entertain. This is where solid genre fiction writers have been my guide schield maintains to be a solidly entertaining writer who incorporates plot so well in every book she writes.

A few of the other things that I appreciated about Untamed Passion were the fact that the happily ever after had reconciliation with characters who were not love interests. But it still manages to live up to the promise of the title Untamed Passion with delightfully racy sex scenes!

I would definitely recommend this book to fans of Harlequin Desire or to anyone who wants an entertaining short scandalous read. I definitely had fun reading it!

Thank you to the author for my advanced reader copy of this book!

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http://glamorousbookgal.blogspot.com/... 1488063176 Oliver has always felt like he was never good enough, smart enough, successful enough, talented enough for the demanding father whose approval he craved. Sammie has let her mother run roughshod over her modelling career and her life. Will these two broken souls be the key to unlocking each other’s freedom from their pasts? I enjoyed this book and I really love how the overall story arc of the series is filling out. I liked seeing that the main focus of this story seems to be about growth and forgiveness, but to my way of thinking it all happens too fast in the eleventh hour of the book. Both Oliver and Sammie have years worth of anger and resentment to work through. And, while the first steps can be as quick as this book shows, true healing usually takes much longer. On the other hand, that this story shows their love for one another and their unborn child being the starting point to make those changes to be better people, is something I can applaud. I’m also wondering what the point was in making the heroine a Filipina? If it was for the sake of cultural diversity, then I would have expected to see some of the lush beauty of the Philippines, but Sammie admits she knows nothing about her people. So, I ask again, what was the point? Similarly, I still desperately want to know what the photo would have shown.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through Booksprout. 1488063176 Fifteen years ago, Vernon Lowell stole millions of dollars from his family and clients at Black Crescent Investments. He later disappeared without a trace, never to be seen or heard from again. The Dynasties: Seven Sins series shows the fallout of his actions and how they affected not just his heirs, but the heirs of the families he stole from as well.

Untamed Passion, written by Cat Schield, is the sixth book in the series. The story focuses on the youngest Lowell son Oliver and has a different feel than the other books in the series. The previous books have been about Black Crescent Investments and its search for new leadership. Untamed Passion is truly personal.

As the youngest of three kids, Oliver always felt unloved and overlooked by his parents and twin older brothers. When excelling at sports and school got him no attention, he stopped trying. With the scandal surrounding his family, Oliver turned to drugs and alcohol. After almost dying, Oliver gave up his addictions and became a sought after photographer.

Sammi Guzman is a twenty-six-year-old model who has been in the industry her entire life. She thinks it’s time for a change, but her manager/mother won’t allow it. After breaking up with her boyfriend, Sammi meets Oliver, who just happened to be her teenage crush. The two share a night of passion which results in Sammi becoming pregnant. Oliver is shocked and surprised to discover Sammi is carrying his child. While he doesn’t feel his past has taught him how to love, he knows he wants to take care of Sammi and his child, and have them both in his life.

I loved Untamed Passion because it was different. Yes, there are parts of the story that are predictable. But I genuinely loved Oliver and Sammi. They both carry baggage from their childhoods and adult lives. However, they truly complement and bring out the best in each other. The love they have for each other helps them heal and address the issues they have with themselves and their respective families. Untamed Passion was a story I didn’t want to end. I literally want to see Sammi and Oliver tomorrow, next week, next month, and years from now.

~ Favorite Quotes ~

“The only way I can stop letting my anger rule me is to let go of past resentment.”

**Received a copy from the author and voluntarily reviewed it.** 1488063176


Feel the drama and passion in the Dynasties: Seven Sins series!

One spectacular night… with an explosive aftermath!
Desire as volatile as theirs has consequences that could last a lifetime…

When a single rapturous night with Sammi Guzman leaves the intoxicating model pregnant, photographer Oliver Lowell is determined to embrace his responsibilities. But his wrath over his father’s numerous betrayals has haunted him for years and leaves Oliver feeling ill equipped for parenthood. Passion has never been his and Sammi’s problem, but will this black sheep tame his demons for good? Untamed Passion (Dynasties: Seven Sins #6)