Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) By Daniel Schinhofen


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Cheers Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) Can't believe I missed this one, but let me review it now. I might be just a tiny bit biased, but I loved it. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) Still fun

Overall still a good story and I am looking forward to the next one. I wish the author would tone down some of the interactions between the main characters. At this point and time we get it. He loves them and they love him. We don’t have to be reminded in every conversation. It’s fine to do that stuff in stories but space it out some so it doesn’t feel like they are saying it just to keep convincing themselves. They were insecure at the beginning so that made sense but they should have grown as characters enough so they don’t have to keep forcefully reinforcing there love. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) Another solid book in this series, and I feel that they're getting better as it goes along. The relationships are a better-balanced part of the story than I found in some of the author's earlier works, and overall it's a good story that I continue to enjoy.

One thing I don't understand is why, with the thousands of tanks in the USA, Alvin and the don't have one yet. A Bradley is ok, but if you really want to put the hurt on big things a 120mm (or even a 105mm from an older M1 Abrams or M60A3) is a much better choice... Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) Well worth it!

I've read the other books and this one is a continuation of the story. It has answered questions from the others and contained many laughs and puns.
But alas more to come so now we must wait for the next in the saga. As with all his book, we the readers can't wait for out next fix. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7)

Alvin was happy to finally give Gothy one of the things she’d been begging for all along— a plane— so he was understandably upset when it died in its first, short-lived flight as they helped the Red River Army Depot fend off a horde of zombies from Dallas.

Gothy was happy to get a replacement for the plane, however, and the armored vehicle sporting a BIG gun pleased Alvin as well. With the Bradley Fighting Vehicle in their possession, he couldn’t help but wonder what could possibly be a real challenge in the future.

Alvin made the decision that they would all take a few days to learn what the Bradley was capable of before they ventured further east. Its Bushmaster gun delivered a hell of a kick to anything with armor, though Alvin wondered how they could acquire TOW missiles or high-explosive ammunition to boost their damage even more.

After Alvin and his group wiped a miniboss out without so much as breaking a sweat, Alvin should have been expecting more changes to the game he now inhabited. After all, he seemed to be a nexus of Dev-elopments as the game went on.

(This book contains adult situations, in all their horror and glory, including but not limited to: sex, abuse, drug use, and murder. It also contains graphic sex scenes, which portray elements of BDSM and harem. You’ve been warned.) Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7)

Expanded Dominance

Another great foray into a world demanding a strong hand, firm control, and a caring touch. New places, characters, events, growth, and changes. Notable changes. The crew seems to have come together well [heh], and established relations with important groups, so now it’s just a matter of surviving what the world throws at them. Gods know what that will be. (No, really.) Definitely recommended (20+) for adult readers. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) Hero & Co.

In Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Author's Cut Book 7) Daniel Schinhofen takes us back to the universe of Hero and his wives. Another great addition to the series, Daniel keeps the story going in true Schinhofen fashion. Fast moving and as packed with action as it is packed with action! Highest recommendation. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) I enjoy this newest installment of the series

I like how each character is developing off of each other in there little group. And it effects the other group in the world that know them. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) For the Team

What is there not to love about this series? Alvin, Gothy, Mousie, Desiree, and now Sammi... Every time I pick up a new Apocalypse Gates book, the only thing I find I'm wanting for is for them to last longer. Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7) Loved it

As usual from this Author. A fast paced page turner with interesting characters that you can instantly root for. I have enjoyed this series from book one and they just keep getting better. I like most of the books by this Author Unexpected Dev-elopments (Apocalypse Gates Authors Cut #7)

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