Under Her Gaze By Jade Winters


What a Neat title for a book, but it felt a little rushed with all the characters that were telling their stories.
It was enjoyable, but I had a hard time reading it since I found it slow and in some places boring that caused my attention span to wander. I did finally finish and I am glad I did.
I think if some of the characters weren’t thinking so much in their own heads I would have wanted to finish the story faster.

I received an ARC copy and voluntarily leaving a review. Kindle Laurie, a deeply closeted actress landed a part that could launch her career. During her audition, Shona, the cinematographer for the movie caught her eye. Little did Laurie know that she caught Shona’s eye as well. Laurie had PTSD from an incident with her best friend in high school and due to the shame of that incident kept herself from truly embracing who she really was. This book, unlike a lot of Jade Winter’s books did have a whole lot of drama which was a plus for me. The story progressed quickly, the dialogue flowed naturally, and the steamy scenes were sexy. It’s an all around quick enjoyable read.

I received an ARC copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Kindle There was so much packed into this book. A great story. Great characters. Satisfying outcome. Jade Winters constantly brings us stories that show strength and compassion and a little crazy. Laurie struggling for a primo actress job lands one right smack in the middle of lesbian movie. If that alone wasn’t enough since she has been suppressing her sexuality for years, she finds herself attracted to Shona, the daughter of a famous cinematography. Shona, a known womanizer, not interested in a long time anything, sees Laura through her lens and is taken back. Not sure what about this woman has captured her but it is throwing her off her game. The camera loves her and she can’t help staring at her every chance she gets. This has ups and downs and surprises that keeps you glued to the story. Great Read! Kindle This was a fun read I got through in a single sitting. It's got a bit of angst, some miscommunication, the wrong place at the wrong time, and some sweetness. If you like a generally feel good lesfic story that travels a bit of a rough path, you will probably enjoy this. Kindle

I really enjoyed this story. The author does a good job of making you feel you really know the characters. Well done! Kindle Is this a coming out realization or realising you need to be who you are not what other people want you to be. It's your life not you family's life, it's not the 1950s it can take a while to know it's okay to be gay! And find your soulmate Kindle The characters Hafe Winter wrote were very well done and interesting. But I feel the two different romance storylines would have been much better if they each had their own book allowing the author to flesh out the characters interactions much . Kindle Laurie and Sophie were caught on Laurie's sixteen birthday sharing their love. That one embarrassed moment pushed Laurie so far in the closet ten years later she still can't be truthful to herself. She gets the acting part of a lifetime and must face her past to give 100% to this big break. She did not count on meeting Shona the cinematographer or how her heart might find life. This story is full of way too many women living in their head instead of speaking their truth. There is some character drama both main and strong support women. So many chapters trying to find the courage to share their heart. A very forgiving time between high school friends. So much drama I was not sure anyone would get together. The middle is so important to the last chapters in the book which just makes the story precious. A very easy read that touches the heart. Kindle Great read. I loved the secondary storyline with Grace to build into the story . I would have liked a draw out ending.

Spoiler alert kind I removed names..

I totally think she should have forgive her so they could be together but it just seemed like “I’ve been avoiding u for a year but ok forgive let’s duck” all so quickly. I loved this sorry that’s the only thing that got me down about it Kindle

Will Lauries big break finally force her to reopen the closet or will the skeletons inside make sure her secret stays hidden forever?Humiliated and betrayed when a teenage fling with her best friend is brutally exposed, Laurie slams the closet door for what she hopes is forever.But years later, after landing her breakout role, she realises that some skeletons just wont stay buried. On set, smooth talking cinematographer Shona eyes her new leading lady as her next notch on the bedpost, but the longer Laurie stays in focus, the thinner the line between want and need becomes. As the project reaches its climax, the pair are drawn together, but an unexpected old flame appears and soon its hard to determine who is a moth and who is the light. Under Her Gaze

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