This is a nice little starter book that feeds you chords slowly and gives you a much smoother learning curve than just jumping in and trying to play something you heard on the radio. People will say that the folk tunes are for kids but for an adult wanting to develop their ear for chords using simple music they already know, it's also a good thing. Don't expect it to teach you the theory behind why those chords were chosen though! I expect this book would work particularly well in a class lesson setup where the teacher knows what they are doing, and it does have a few pitfalls for those self teaching:

If you don't read music, the book gives you no further help to get the starting note of the tunes. Either learn to read music and how to pluck out a melody on the uke, or start strumming and hope you can guess the key well enough to start singing. If this book has a CD option, it might help to get that. I've seen other books give you a chord box showing the starting note and that would help a lot here.

This book is very much geared to strumming the ukelele to accompany singing, but the pitch of the arrangements is not always voice friendly. For example ten green bottles asks for the singer to sing a G3 which is lower than a child should be asked to sing, and she'll be coming round the mountain wants a G5 which is higher than many adult women are happy with. Paperback Forget the kids! For starting Uke players, this is a great primer. It introduces you slowly, and methodically, to some basic chords, note reading, strumming, and a nice DVD that can help you practice, over, and over again. Nothing can take the place of practice. It's slow enough to give you the basics, and get you off to a great start. Okay, don't foget the kids! It's an excellent book/DVD for them as well. Paperback Ordered this to teach my 5yr old grandson. He continually shows great interest. It looks well made and logical. It arrived quickly and in great condition. I won't use this with him until October when he has his 6th birthday and I give him this and his own ukulele. Paperback This book has learned me my beats and rythym. Something the aldult beginners books could not. I am 48 and have found the children's books are better and easier to understand. Paperback excellant Paperback

Ukulele From The Beginning is a great collection of favourite songs specially chosen for primary school age children starting to learn the instrument! No previous knowledge of music is necessary for pupils or the teacher! Just master the easy to play chord shapes and sing along! Ukulele from the beginning is an ideal introduction to this great little instrument and in no time at all the whole class will be playing and accompanying themselves! They'll soon want to learn ! UKULELE FROM THE BEGINNING


This is good but for a beginner book, it expects you to have memorised the chords shapes on the previous page before you try playing the song. Really needs the chord box diagrams alongside the letters like you'd get with most other songbooks!

Other than that, the songs are good for children, very traditional, and some that I didn't know, but they are singalongable. Paperback Nice intro to playing the ukulele for children. Any adult beginners might find the choice of tunes rather too focussed towards children. It would have been nice to see a few 'modern' songs that would appeal to adults, which would have made it ideal for all ages. Paperback Stayed up until midnight learning 'Ten Green Bottles' on a Ukulele that I've owned for several years and not really learned to play. I sounded quite good too. Ten green bottolles standin' on the wall Paperback