Two Steps Forward: Embracing life with a brain tumor By Claire Snyman

A captivating and intimate story on the journey of life's lessons. Embracing life with a brain tumor brings light to a vulnerable world and reminds us that our life is a miracle. Each step is a conscious choice to be grateful, have the courage to face uncertainty B010MNXPBK If you are easily distracted, this is not the book for you. A great easy read (despite some big medical words), that will immediately suck you in, leaving you rooting for its plucky heroine and too good to be true husband and wondering how her rare condition is finally B010MNXPBK This is a must read for anyone who has loved ones facing a difficult diagnosis of any kind or indeed for anyone reeling from any kind of life setback. Through her very personal story of a diagnosis of brain tumour and then the ordeal of brain surgery, And the long road to B010MNXPBK

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Claire Snyman, brain tumor and brain surgery survivor, releases her first book, Two Steps Forward Embracing life with a brain tumor about the often harrowing journey through life with a benign brain tumor, her misdiagnosis and consequent brain surgery and recovery Claire is a marketing and business development consultant, lover of life and nature, wife and mother and loves to explore new ways of achieving balance in life She is a member of the North Shore Writers Association NSWA to fuel her passion for writing Readabout her at clairesnyman or join the Two Steps Forward community at twosteps Two Steps Forward: Embracing life with a brain tumor

I highly recommend this book. I have a family member who has a brain tumour and some chronic conditions that impact her life on a daily basis. This book was a wonderful inspiration and motivator to persevere and keep researching options as well as trusting your own B010MNXPBK Excellent read, not only for people suffering from an illness, but for anyone who needs a reminder, that the only thing we have, is today. Resilience, positivity and the power of love resonate throughout the book. Highly recommended! B010MNXPBK For someone who has been dealing with the challenges of a non cancerous Brain Tumour for many years, it was nice to read a book that was written by another survivor of a non malignant tumour. Although my Tumour is of a different type, and my treatment not near as B010MNXPBK I, too, have had brain surgery. Actually I have had 4!Nothing beats reading about or talking to another survivor. 😀 B010MNXPBK Claire has written an amazingly honest account of her diagnosis, treatment and recovery from a non malignant brain tumor. We join her journey on the day that her life changed forever. Throughout we are given an inspiring view of the bravery involved and the day to day B010MNXPBK