Two-Part Harmony By Syndi Powell

The love that bindsFormer Nashville star Sam Etchason is slowly building a new life in peaceful Lake Mildred. But an unexpected inheritance makes him joint owner of a farmhouse with Kelly Sweet, a country singer driven by her own long-time ambitions.Kelly is only back in Michigan to settle her grandmother's estate. She hasn't expected such a powerful closeness between her and Sam. And now she's starting to reconnect with the sister she left behind. Everything's falling into place, until a stunning offer comes her way that threatens to destroy it all. The deal means instant stardom for Kelly, but would cost Sam what he holds most dear... Two-Part Harmony


Syndi Powell ↠ 3 read

I had to stop reading after the first few chapters. I am so over the “bloom where you’re planted don’t ever leave home” nastiness in books. Between Sam and Megs giving Kelly a hard time about leaving home I had to stop. Keeping in touch is a two way street and not everyone is meant to live in one place forever. Authors need to stop with this cliche. Two-Part Harmony