Two Cases for the Czar By Gorg Huff


Holmes solves two more cases with the Czar's support and is now showing the regular authorities how it is done. Plus she now carries a gun. 200 Not Bad at All

I was not expecting much from this book, but it was well written and it kept me engaged from start to finish. A couple of mistakes, but not enough to distract me. 200

Detective Miroslava Holmes is working Two Cases in this addition to the Russian thread of the ROF. 200 Not stand-alone

If you liked the earlier Miroslave Holmes book, this is enjoyable. If not, it is just confusing. Doesn't grow the characters much. Nor does it shed light on post-ROF Russia. It just is 200 OK but

Small stories written in a small book. Only one interesting character, the high functioning autistic Miraslova. It's mildly interesting seeing her thinking differently than the other characters. 200 Another Hit

The team of Goodlett and Huff. Here we rejoin Miraslava Holmes on two more cases as she works as Consulting Detective for Tsar Michael in 1637. Set in the 1632 series of novels this novella continues to develop the situation in an alternate history Russia. The four books set in this sub-section
of the 1637 series so far are The Kremlin Games, The Volga Rules, A Holmes for the Tsar and now this novel. The first two novels focus on Bernie Zeppie and his impact in Russia starting not long after the Russian embassy arrives in Grantville and hires him. Zeppie's adventures lead to the introduction of a number of interesting characters the latest of whom has been the protagonist Miraslava Holmes beautiful savant detective who had a rough life until she met an influential friend of Zeppie. A must read for any fan of the 1632 setting novels and fans of Goodlett and Huff who now have a string of successful novel's under their partnership in three genres, Alternate History, Fantasy and Science Fiction. 200 The autistic detective solves two murders in an alternative 17th-century Russia. 200

Miroslava Holmes, the one and only licensed private detective in the United Sovereign States of Russia, has a new case. She's been called in on a locked room murder—and to make things worse, it's the locked room of an agent of the Embassy Bureau, a 17th century Russian James Bond. This is a political case, and the Embassy Bureau isn't talking to anyone. Solving the case is going to leave Miroslava at the crossroads where law and justice part ways.

But not everything is murders and spies. No, sometimes it's the theft of a piece of costume jewelry from a girl at the Happy Bottom Club. And this case leads Miroslava into the bailiwick of another detective. Detective Corporal Viktor Zuykov, who doesn't want her interference.

That, however, isn't going to stop Miroslava. When money is involved things can get dangerous, and to catch the actual culprit, Miroslava and her faithful friend, Vasilii Lyapunov, must chase him to Kazan. Two Cases for the Czar

Summary Two Cases for the Czar