Turning Selling Into Buying By Trevor Graeme Wilkins

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Turning Selling into Buying strips away the fear, uncertainty and doubt that has surrounded sales and selling for too long. This well-proven, practical approach moves business communication & influence into the 21st century - by delivering the skills, actions and words that allow everyone to be effective. Visit goo.gl/PNBhKn and goo.gl/jlnHYR to watch real readers and their reactions. Whether you want other people to buy your Ideas, Services or Products - anyone can benefit from the techniques, insights, and practical exercises in this book. Each of these is productive on its own - used together they become a powerful, sustainable process that is effective in any influence situation. This highly ethical approach focuses on Building a Willing Buyer, rather than 'forcing a sale'. It first answers the question What would truly motivate anyone to buy what I offer?, then delivers the linguistic tools and psychological insights needed to create a Willing Buyer. The job is completed by showing you how to turn that Willing Buyer into an Order or Decision. Entrepreneurs, sales & marketing teams, consultants, engineers, lawyers, accountants and many others have all saved time, reduced effort and stress, and delivered better results ... and enjoyed doing it! 1000s of successful students are proof. It doesn't matter whether you're a start-up team, a business unit manager or a CEO - this book is the real deal - a straightforward, repeatable process that you and your team can use the very next day to start achieving the success you all seek. Turning Selling Into Buying

Wilkins' book is broken into two halves: 1. The pre-work you (a salesperson) do to determining your value. 2. how to converse with buyers to find the gap they have and show how you fulfill it. It's meant those who are working in complex sales situations, such as B2B products & services. I found that Wilkins TSB methodology is different enough from others that it stands on its own.

He does provide probing strategies and even a bit of neuro-linguistic programming, but not for using in a mind-trick kind of way. Wilkins contends that buyers truly need help uncovering their internal motivations.

Wilkins throws practical exercises and anecdotes throughout both halves, to put plain-English wrappers around some of the psychological concepts he covers. For these reasons, I was left feeling very confident about having real-time face-to-face and phone conversations. If there were one unexplored area he could have covered, it would have been how to apply his strategies using email and social networks, with the rise of social selling and conversations that are completely virtual.

There is a companion book coming out in 2016 - I'm looking forward to devouring that one as well. 0991765907