Turkey: Fun Facts on Farm Animals for Kids #10 By Michelle Hawkins

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This is an amateur self publication full of skewed pictures. The creator doesn’t understand basic image formatting. This is similar to something I could print at home with pictures from the internet. Not worth $10. Not even worth $5. World of warcraft


Do you know that Turkeys can hear but they do not have ears?

And do you know that Turkey meat has tryptophan in it that causes sleepiness?

It is sometimes difficult to make our children understand the beauty of nature, to make them appreciate the small things, the beauty of a flower, the freshness of the air, the scent of grass. Many times, we are not fortunate to be in contact with nature, far from a meadow, closed in the cities. Still, so often, while looking out from our balcony in a beautiful country house, we know how to observe but do not appreciate creation's beauty.

Know the details and habits of farm animals as common as it is surprising, through a simple path, which fuels your child's interest and curiosity. That's the purpose of this book.

But beware, prepare for the challenge!

You will have to be able to answer the questions that your child will ask you by showing off their deep knowledge in the microworld of the Turkey: Mom, do you know how many feathers are on a Turkey? I do! Hey dad, do you know what color the feathers are on a male Turkey? I do! Grandpa, do you know what the throat area on a Turkey is called? I do! Grandma, do you know how far away you can hear a Turkey gobble? I do! Sarah, you're my big sister, and you've studied a lot, but I bet you dont know how many eggs a Turkey can lay at one time! I know that.You don't need anything else; just one click on Buy Now, and you will let your child live a magical new adventure with his new friend Turkey and the magic natural world of farm animals.
Turkey: Fun Facts on Farm Animals for Kids #10