Troys Older Lover By Sam Crescent

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[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Older Hero Romance, M/M, HEA]

Troy Stone is in love with his boss. He knows he has no chance with Joshua. For one, Joshua Josh Hudson is not gay, and second, why the hell would the older man even look at him? He’s only a personal assistant.

However, a kiss soon leads to so much more.

Without thinking, Troy kisses his boss after an innocent night out. All too soon the kiss leads to much more than either man expected. When Troy has to leave to go back home, Josh goes with him for comfort. While he’s there he learns how much he feels about Troy and the happiness that can be gained.

But Troy pushes him away, and Josh has to decide if he’s willing to put both of their happiness to the test or to simply walk away from the unknown.

A Siren Erotic Romance Troys Older Lover

3.5 Kisses!!

Ever since Troy started working for Josh Hudson he’s been in love with him. He admires Josh’s confidence and go-to attitude when it comes to getting things done. Although Troy loves him, he knows that Josh will always be off limits to him because Josh is straight and has never acted like Troy is anything but his assistant. But when Troy kisses the unsuspecting Josh, things immediately change and Troy knows he must quit his job if he is to ever get over his feelings for him.

Josh couldn’t believe it when Troy kissed him. Confused by his attraction and budding feelings for Troy he doesn’t know how to handle these feelings, so he pushes Troy away. When Troy hands in his resignation, Josh is suddenly aware that he’s not only about to lose the best assistant he’s ever had, but the one person he’s come to care for and rely on, Josh becomes determined to do what it takes to keep Troy in his life. But when Troy must leave town to see his estranged, dying father, Josh finds himself willing to take him, so he can be there for him. Soon both men are faced with a life changing decision. Troy feels like he must stay home and help out his mother, while Josh has a life far away. Will Josh be able to sort through his attraction and feelings for Troy or will fear keep them apart forever? Will they be able to work through the obstacles between them so they might find a life together?

I really liked this May/December romance. I also enjoyed the gay-for-you/only-for-you plotline too. Even though these two men had several obstacles from allowing their relationship to grow and flourish smoothly, I liked watching them work through all of their fears and the hard decisions they had to both make to take a chance on having something special between them. Both Troy and Josh go through a lot of personal growth throughout the novel. I enjoyed watching Troy become a more confident man as well as being more comfortable within his own skin. Josh also works through a bunch of confusing feelings as well as the fear of coming out and giving up everything for Troy’s love.

Although there is some angst in the story, it is a pretty light read too. I do think it moved just a little too quickly at times. I would have liked to have seen how Troy and Josh really fit themselves into each others lives, so in some ways I wish the book had been longer. All in all I really enjoyed reading it and liked watching these two men fall in love.

Fast-paced, sexy and fun to read, Troy’s Older Lover is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon reading. This is the first book I’ve read by Sam Crescent and it definitely won’t be my last. I liked the author’s easy style of writing and look forward to reading more books written by Ms. Crescent in the future. Recommended.

Sam Crescent great little story

sweet and quick... Sam Crescent It was ok but I feel like I'm reading an MF book instead of an MM book.. Sam Crescent