Trollhunters: The book that inspired the Netflix series By Guillermo del Toro, Daniel Kraus

The book behind the Netflix series a funny and gruesome fantasy adventure for fans of Pans Labyrinth.

In San Bernardino, California, children are going missing.

The townspeople dont believe the rumours of trolls, but fifteen year old Jim Jnr knows that theyre a real threat.

At night, is anyone safe?

Now a Netflix original series, created by Dreamworks Animation. Trollhunters: The book that inspired the Netflix series

Watched the Netflix original. Wanted to read the book. I’m only halfway through so far. Lots of differences. Book seems a lot darker so far. I love both the book and the series so far. Interested in seeing how the rest of the book goes. Mannerpunk I love Guillermo del Toro, his movies are as gorgeous too watch as they are scripted. This book isn't that.

The YA book is fun, dark, and sometimes predictable. But i it was worth every minute of my pleasure. If you came looking for similarities with the Netflix show, I'm afraid there isn't much. Jim, Toby, Clair, aarrrgh!!!, and blinky are there. But different. Very different. Both are enjoyable in their own ways though.

I will recommend this, it was very fun and different. I just wish that there was a second of third book. Something to sate my appetite with the world that these two built. Mannerpunk I have never read anything like it! The idea of trolls has been around forever, but what the author does in this book is scare you with the zany antics of a group of unlikely heroes. The names he gives the trolls had me laughing aloud! If you are familiar with the work of Guillermo del Toro, you will appreciate how fiendishly clever he is. By all means, invest in this bookyou'll stay off of bridges but you will thoroughly enjoy this wonderful piece of writing! Mannerpunk A great story but nothing like the series. Set in a different town. All characters are named different. Jim lives with his dad not mum. If you are buying to get a bit info of the series then don't buy but if you want a good story then buy. Mannerpunk Litterly came in 2 to 3 days!!! So fast! The book is amazing and I can't wait to start reading it. Came in perfect condition, and if you love Trollhunters you should defenetly get your hands on this one. I heard that the book is a bit different from the show so I'm super excited to see how the story will play out! Hope this was helpful Mannerpunk

FOR FANS OF THE TV SHOW: The key word here is 'inspired'. Mostly names, some characterizations, and concepts were brought over to the show; you will find very little that's similar. That's not a bad thing! However, if you'd like of your favorite characters to tide you over until next season, this isn't the way to get it. I would still recommend reading it as it's amazing to see how much the idea has changed, especially in such a short time.

Now, as a book itself, I rather enjoyed it. I decided on the above disclaimer because I eagerly picked up the book after finishing the first season of the Netflix show. Initially, I was disappointed, but within the first couple of chapters I happily took the story for what it was and enjoyed every minute of it.

If you're purchasing this for your child, it depends on the child. There is a lot of cursing (at least as far as a book with illustrations in it goes, beautiful ones that that) and a great deal of violent imagery. Gorgeous, amazing, perfectly written gore. The final level for entry is the vocabulary, I'm reading this at twenty seven and a couple of times the word choices made me tip my head to the side, baffled how a middle schooler might know the language. I find this to be a good thing, get a kid enthralled in a book and they'll learn that new term and they'll be better for it.

Finally, as a story itself. From my point of view, it felt as if A LOT was pushed into one book rather than the two or three it needed. So many ideas and plot threads are thrown at you or resolved at odd moments or too quickly. All without the satisfying ebb and flow of action to let you come down and think about what you just read. For a younger reader, I doubt they'll mind. Having lots of action is key, but the lack of tact in some areas may grind on long time readers. It did to me, just a bit, but the detailed writing made up for the rushed exposition.

All in all, it was a fantastic read and I'm happy I picked it up; both as a reader and as a fan of the show. After this, I'm eager to get of del Toro's work. I highly suggest it for anyone who's an avid reader, no matter the age. Mannerpunk Book came faster than expected and came in wonderful condition. It even has that new book smell and crisp pages! I was going to get this book before but it was out of stock. Thankfully came quickly and I ordered immediately! I have only read a little so far and I am absolutely hooked!! I cannot wait to dive into this story. Yes its different than the t.v show, but that's why books will always be better than t.v. Now dont get me wrong i LOVE the Trollhunter series on Netflix, it's my favorite show and i have watched every part of the saga about 10 times through. Now that being said, I feel like reading the books will help add some background info and really immerse myself within the story. The book is so detailed and vivid, I can see it in my head! The t.v show was based off this and yes some details are different but that doesn't make it bad. Every single pages flows well, it has amazing imagery and personification. I cannot wait to dive in to this story.. I will be buying the other books as well!!
Give the book a chance I promise you will not regret it!! Mannerpunk Good story, nothing like the show. If you’re lokkkng for something like the show it’s only in the basic concept. My son and I are reading this for his bedtime story we’ve watched the series and now we’re learning a different story. Names and other things are changed. Also it’s of a teen book not 7yr old, he enjoys it but I have to change something as I read. Mannerpunk This book was awesome. I had watched the show first and thought it was good, but this is so much better. I wish Guillermo Del Toro had put this much detail and backstory into the show. Honestly, the element that I like the most is that while it’s a very gruesome book, nothing is sugarcoated. It’s all cold, hard, well in this world, fact. I also love all the attention to detail and character backstory and stuff. Claire is much better in the book than in the show. Overall if you’re squeamish this is probably not for you, but it’s an amazingly well written book and if you think you can take it, I would definitely suggest trying this book out. Mannerpunk I read a review on this book in The paper. My son has reading disabilities and finding the right books to keep him interested have been difficult. So we gave it a shot. He read this book every evening for two weeks, woke the next day and kept me updated on the progress. He loved the characters and the plot. The twists and turns. He asked me the night he finished it if this will be a series. I said I hope so. He replied I hope it's a really really long series. Mannerpunk

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