Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) By Davis Bunn

I was expecting a great deal from this book. Being a huge, major fan of Davis Bunn, I was very disappointed. I thought this book would have depth to it, at least in the man and woman heading the story. Unfortunately, I thought Stella especially lacked strength of character, or involvement, in her feelings for the leading man. The angry sister, the stubborn niece, the other two daughters even, both came across stronger than the leading man and woman. Overall, not at all what I had hoped or expected from Davis Bunn. The book never totally grabbed my attention, though the theme could have been riveting. Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) Davis Bunn, you have done it again! An amazing story several amazing stories, actually. Tenuously braided together to the breaking point and then the story broke. Intelligent and brave teenagers trying to find their own story in life. Stella, the mother of a preteen and fearful accountant. Daniel, the wasted alcoholic who is returning to life during the fourth year of recovery. Daniel spoke my story. It has been 44 years, 2 months,1 week and one day since I accepted Jesus as my Savior and Lord. He delivered me from alcoholism and I walked in Recovery for a few years until I reached my Step 8, Wholeness. Thank you Davis Bunn for this great story. Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) I've not read the earlier book is this series so I don't know if the main character's story is told there or not. He's a recovering alcoholic, which provides a reason for him to be where he's living and explains his reluctance to get our of his shell. But people keep getting thrown into his life that need his help. And at some point, he must utilize past skills to help the woman he cares about and to step into his future. I liked the characters and the way each interacted with the others. Some clever twists and turns in the plot held my attention. And a fitting ending as well. Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) Davis Bunn always writes an excellent story. Characters and plot develop well within the parameters allotted. In this series I miss the development so far of a well defined spiritual journey which I have always seen. I do see that they are placed in the potential of becoming spiritually minded which is probably true of most people. I just hoped by this third book at least one of the main characters would have shown a yearning to know Christ . I know the characters left me wanting for them. To know Christ is the highest pinnacle in this life a person can have. Finding and Living the Overcoming Life is what I have come to expect from Davis Bunn. Hoping this occurs in this series but if not then soon. I was not able to read for enjoyment in a long time. I'm hoping to catch up in time. Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) Bunn is superb at his craft.

Daniel, a handsome financial analyst, became enad with the addictions of the high life as an anchor on the nightly news. That Daniel died in a tragic accident with his fiancee. He resurfaces in a quiet California seaside town, clean, sober, taking things a day at a time.

Daniel thinks he's loving his solitude when two women crash into his life his teenage niece, Nicole, who is at odds with her self centered mother; and pretty Jennifer, a single mother. As the three of them learn to trust each other, a strong bond is forged that changes all their lives in amazing ways.

This powerful story of second chances includes romance, crime busting, and adventure was a real page turner for me. Loved it, hated to see it end! Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4)

From the internationally bestselling author of Moondust Lake comes an emotional and enriching novel of family, forgiveness, self acceptance, and self discovery.

When the darkness seems too hard to bear, theres only one thing left to do.

Six years ago, Daniel was a Los Angeles financial analyst who was too handsome for his own good. Too smart for his anchor job on the nightly news. And too enad with the heady addictions of the high life. That man died in a tragic accident with his fiance. With grief and guilt battling for control, Daniel moved to the quiet California seaside town of Miramar Bay with his best frienda rescue Labradoodle who still sees him through rough times. Daniels a different man now. Clean, sober, and taking things one day at a time with no commitments to anyone except himself. And just as his solitude begins to chafe, two souls in need of fresh starts unexpectedly enter Daniels life.
Realize that its time to wake up.

Daniels self centered sister has dissolved several longtime relationships. Theirs included. The latest? Her restless teenage daughter, Nicole, whom shes dropped off in Miramar Bay without a backward glance. For Nicole, whos never felt at home in the world, it only confirms the disconnect shes always had with her mother. Now, left with an uncle she barely knows, Nicole is adrift than ever. Yet to Daniels surprise, playing surrogate father is forging a bond that he needs, too. More difficult for Daniel is the possibility of romance with lovely and fragile Stella Dalley. Struggling with a trauma of her own, the single mother is as cautious about love as Daniel isno matter how healing it could be. But for Daniel, Stella, and Nicole theres still hope for a tomorrow they can call their own. All they have do is to learn to trust in each other, and in themselves.

A powerful novel of new beginnings, chances taken, and hearts lost and found, Tranquility Falls is a timeless love story to treasure.
Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4)


At the end of each book in the Miramar Bay series I find myself want the story to go on. I enjoy the connections made to previous stories. I find comfort in heroes that don't let me down and hope in stories that right overcomes wrong. Keep them coming. I admit I have read and shared so many Bunn books I have lost count. I an never disappointed. Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) I've never really wanted to visit California, but reading this series by Davis Bunn makes me want to go see if the real city is anything like the one in the books! That's the best thing about a Bunn novel. The detail in the setting and the richness of the character development make you see the words come alive in your mind. That's what great fiction should do and this one doesn't disappoint. The story is compelling, the action is fast paced, and the ending is worth the lack of sleep once you start the book. I highly recommend it to everyone who loves good fiction! Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) I have been a fan of Mr. Bunn's for a very !omg time. This latest series have been a joy to read. Tranquility Falls has been an exceptional read. It seems as each book in this series is better than the one before and I really hope there will be in this series to look forward to! Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4) Love his style. He crafts a story extremely well. Impressed with the way Daniel treats people. He values, listens, supports, assists without taking away their dignity and the individuality. It is all about adding value and respect, never detracting. An outstanding tale of recovery, hope, and new life. Tranquility Falls (Miramar Bay Book 4)

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